Afraid of walking at night

I am naturally timid and afraid of walking at night. Walking alone on the night road, I often feel that something is following behind me. Be bold and look back, there is nothing.

At noon that day, my hometown called and said that my mother was sick, so I had time to go back. In the afternoon, I was busy getting some goods, so I threw the shop to my wife, and I took the last bus back to my hometown.

Before leaving, my wife told me that she would go home and find your cousin who couldn’t beat her by eight, and ask us for the two hundred dollars she borrowed. It’s been almost three years since I’ve been looking at it. It’s a matter of not mentioning it in black and white.

Speaking of my cousin, I really don’t touch any relatives. The villagers call this a relative of “Laoye Temple”.

His family name is Qian, and he has a name.

A good name with a good surname deserves a lifetime of wealth. Do you have money? If you have “money”, you still worry about having a good life? But the days of money have been tight. Then again, the name of a farmer who eats in the soil does not seem to work well. It was also pregnant in October, but someone was born on the “Simmons” in a western-style building, or in the delivery room of a large hospital. When they were born, there were “angels” in white coats waiting for them, and they would eat “imperial food” with their mouth open, even if they were laid off. There is also a minimum living guarantee. But as for the farmers, even if they were born, they dare not call birth. They are called “falling grass”, just like a melon egg falling on the corn grass of the hut, and the registration of an earth repairman is fate. No matter how strong a person is, no one can fight for his life.

Qianyou is a strong person, he would rather suffer physically than a red-faced man with a hot face. The year before the first year, he took his wife to the county town to see a doctor, let the money go to my house to borrow money. The word “borrow” was not spoken, and his face flushed. When he borrowed two hundred yuan to go out, he kept repeating that he would send the money after the autumn. Even inadvertently caused the threshold to stumble, and squatted on the stepped stone platform, still talking, waiting for the autumn to send the money. But two autumns have passed so far, the money has not been sent, and there is not even a word. For this, my wife complained about me.

If you walk too much at night, you will meet ghosts sooner or later.

The shuttle bus only goes to the village, and there are still seven or eight miles away from home on the mountain road. I came from a peasant family and grew up in the mountains, so I don’t have to worry about walking, but it’s dark now, and I’m a little guilty when I walk the night alone. Ordinarily, I’m already a forty-forty-forty-five person, and I’m past “not confused”, and I’m almost “knowing the destiny”, but I can’t get rid of the strange and suspicious problem. As I walked, I felt like I was being followed by something. If you go quickly, it will chase after you; if you go slowly, it will follow too quickly…I have to stop and stay steady. But the sound of footsteps behind me approached, I turned my head instinctively and shouted, “Who.”

The footsteps stopped immediately. Through the faint starlight, I saw a vague face. Fuzzy face called out my cousin, and my heart thumped and realized. After a closer look, he recognized the money, and called his cousin.

Qian You said that he made a special trip here to wait for my payment. Without talking, the money came to the front and passed the money. I made a slight rebuff, and he hurriedly pushed the money into my pocket. I kept saying, “It’s been almost three years, and it’s not awkward if I don’t return it. I sent it off after I finished talking, and I didn’t want to delay it due to some changes. Then I wanted to go, but it was inconvenient to visit. This time I’ve finally settled my thoughts.”

I said more polite words such as “no hurry” and “what’s going on”, so I went with the money. The two of them chatted with each other as they walked, feeling very kind.

The moon came up and frosted the ground. Seven or eight miles of the mountain road, I have walked most of it without knowing it. There was a bark or two from the lights in the distance. Just remind me that I have reached Shanghangling, which is only three miles away from home.

Shanghangling is a fierce place taboo.

There is a crooked-neck tree on the ridge, and people have been hanged from it. But this is all in the early years, or the angry daughter-in-law is fed up with anger, or the man who has made life squeeze out of the way, come here to find a short sight. A hemp rope drew on this crooked neck tree, and I don’t know how many lonely ghosts were hung. Nowadays, the daughters-in-law have not been angry anymore, and the life of the peasants is getting better and better. People are still not living enough, who would go to death and hang themselves in idleness. But the name “Shanghangling” has been followed. As for the crooked-neck tree on the ridge, during the “Cultural Revolution”, someone tried to get rid of it under the name of the “Four Olds”. Unexpectedly, once the axe saw it on the body, blood samples flowed out, and they had to give up. Because of this, people still feel that the Yin Qi here is too heavy until now. Passing here at night, I always feel hairy in my heart.

Fortunately, tonight is the bright moon, with money and company, my heart is still at ease.

When I approached the crooked neck tree, I deliberately slowed down and waited for the money behind me to catch up. I don’t want money to be there yet. A tall paper hat suddenly appeared under the tree with a crooked neck. Under the paper hat is a big gray face. The eyebrows and noses on the face are blurred, but the mouth is open. , The blood-red long tongue is straight to the chest-ghost! I instinctively feel that I have met a ghost!

A gust of mountain wind blew by, and I couldn’t help but fight a cold war. Then I heard a trembling voice: “Listen to those who pass by, I am money…Yes. If you want to survive, you can leave your money…”

The voice was intermittent, lacking in confidence, like a hairspring, but the sound invaded my bone marrow, making me shudder. At this moment, Qian took a few steps forward and grabbed it.”The Hanged Ghost” shouted on the chest: “Who did you just say you were? Dare to say it again?”

“The Hanged Ghost” slumped to the ground and kowtowed to Qianyou. It wasn’t until Qian You yelled “roll” in anger that he “rolled” like an amnesty.

A good man with money, he scared the ghost away.

I almost clapped my hands and applauded, but found that Qian had a gloomy face, and said anxiously: “Let’s go.”

Moon I don’t know when I got into the clouds, and the mountain road under my feet and my heart were both confused.

When approaching the entrance of the village, Qian You stopped and said that he is no longer living in the village. It is inconvenient to accompany me into the village, so he said goodbye to me.

Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts calling the door

The sound of footsteps through the streets caused a sound of dog barking. First, one or two dogs barked, and then all the dogs in the village clamored together. When I came into the house with the barking of the dog, my mother happened to be standing at the door looking out. My mother scolded “Dreamish Ghost” and started complaining that I was greedy, and she didn’t know how to write a letter to my family to ask my brother to pick him up, which made people worry.

Speaking empty, my brother and sister-in-law who live in the west courtyard came over. Mother and younger sister-in-law were busy cooking for me, while younger brother accompany me chatting about some parents. After talking about things, I deliberately led the conversation to Qianyou. Unexpectedly, without waiting for my brother to join in, my mother snatched the conversation in the kitchen: “You two have nothing to do with him.”

I said, I came back with Qian You tonight. …

Before I could say anything, the blood on my brother’s face disappeared, and he heard his mother say: “Don’t talk nonsense, you must be the wrong person. Qian has It disappeared two years ago. It was hanged on the crooked neck tree in Shanghangling.”

This time it was my turn to be surprised. But I didn’t realize how scared I was, I just couldn’t turn around for a while.

The meal is done, and I am still stunned and stunned. While my mother urged me to eat, she said, “It’s okay, as long as it is broken, it will be fine.” Besides, if you are kind to money, he is not the kind of person who will avenge revenge and don’t know what is good or bad. When Qian is alive, it’s good to talk about you in front of me. Said that when his wife went to see a doctor in the county, thanks to the two hundred dollars you lent him, it was a big deal. Qian has a benevolent child, and his wife is sensible and can live a life, but God doesn’t have eyesight, so she got a disease of money. In order to treat her daughter-in-law, Qian You has worked hard to get home. It doesn’t count when I ran out of family resources, and I got a famine, but when I arrived, I couldn’t get people out. There was money left, and he was a father and a mother, but the house leaked and suffered continuous rain. Finally, he accumulated a little money and let the one who suffered a thousand dollars stole it. Qian has this child’s heart is narrow, just because of thisI found my short-term vision. A big man, why this is not promising. The sky is longer than the leaves, and the bamboo board is turned up and down. He is relieved when he walks away, but throws down three children who have no family…

This night, I lost sleep. . It wasn’t until the rooster cried three times that sleepiness was brewing, but as soon as the eyelids felt heavy, they were awakened by a cry from someone’s house. It seems that someone died in the village. I was in a trance to hear someone whispering, saying that there are five big black handprints on the chest of the dead person, which were caused by ghosts… At breakfast, my brother told me that it was money that died. Some older sons. My heart sank.

I returned to the county seat with a heavy heart, and with a heavy heart I went to take out the two hundred dollars in my pocket and returned to my life with my wife. But after a long time, I only took out a handful of paper dust…