In summer, the sun is like fire.

The whole city was like a huge oven, and people couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t until night fell that I went out of the house and ran to the rooftop to enjoy the cool. Occasionally, a small breeze came on the roof, sweeping away the trash-like heat and boredom during the day, which made me feel refreshed.

The crescent moon in the sky exudes a quiet and cold light, the stars blinked strange eyes, and the heat in my heart suddenly disappeared, as if I had fallen into a mysterious realm .

Suddenly, a soft, crisp sound “pop” alarmed me. I walked around and saw a person sitting on the edge of the roof. My head buzzed, could it be that he was going to jump off the building, this 14-story building would undoubtedly die. Holding my nervous heart, I quietly approached him with another “pop”, as if he was throwing something.

I took out my mobile phone and hesitated whether to call the police. If this person is just a bold rider and calls the police, wouldn’t he be rash? But if he is really world-weary, how can he stop him? My heart was up and down, and I stopped a few steps away from him, and coughed deliberately, fearing that it would suddenly appear and cause him to fall.

Under the moonlight, I carefully looked at the side of this man, and saw that he was breaking his fingers, with a “pop”, his fingers were broken by the sound, and then he was caught I lifted into the air and disappeared into the night silently…

For an instant, I stayed! I am definitely not a timid person, but this scene made my heart tremble and blurted out with a scream.

“Go away!” he said coldly. I didn’t go back and tried to grab his hand. Suddenly he sneered a few times, avoided me, and mechanically broke another finger. At a loss, I stretched out my hands to grab his arm, but my hand passed through his body.

Suddenly, I don’t know how many thoughts flashed through my mind. In the end, I decided I was hell. After taking a few steps back, he trembled and shouted: “Are you… a human or a ghost?”

The man slowly turned his neck and made a popping sound… It was especially crisp in the darkness. I was nervous and didn’t dare to move. Khan almost blurred my eyes. I tightly held the bodyguard Buddha hanging on my body with both hands, staring at him tightly.

The man’s neck turned slowly at an extremely slow speed, watching his head turn 180 degrees to the back, suddenly stopped, looking at me coldly . I want to run, but I don’t have any strength from the soft legs, and the sound seems to be stuck in my throat.

He looked at me with a non-smiling smile and said coldly, “Hush! Don’t shout! You will scare my girlfriend away.” After that, he turned his head quickly, speed So fast, intuition is a flower.

At that time, I was extremely frightened and wanted to sneak away while he was not paying attention. Just after taking a step, he just listened to him sneer and said: “You can’tGo, if you can see me, it means you can help me. “

I bit the bullet and asked: “What can I help you? You are not trying to harm me, right?” “

A rush of cold wind blew across my face. He was already standing behind me. I was so frightened that I turned around stiffly, but my body couldn’t bear such a speed. When I fell, there was a sharp pain in my right wrist, and I stood up while enduring the pain.

It happened to face his sad eyes. He was a handsome young man. He had wide black eyebrows. , Squeezed hard together, forming a long word on the forehead; the eyebrows stood up like a brush. The eyes flashed with a look of confusion and seeking, but the corners of the mouth were loyal and quiet. The face was white and full of writing. He was firm, honest and persistent. He said coldly: “I have died together with my girlfriend, and said that I will be together on the road between Yin and Yang, but I can’t find her, you…can you help me? “

“Help you?” How can I help? “I courageously swallowed a sip and continued: “At least, should I know the cause and effect?” …” Before I finished speaking, I saw his figure flashed, and his hands suddenly grabbed my shoulders. I felt like an electric shock, shaking my whole body, and there were some intermittent pictures in my mind. These pictures followed my emotions. The stability gradually becomes clearer.

I saw two children in the picture, a boy and a girl. The boy is called Lu Feng and the girl is called Meimei. They have childhood sweethearts and have fun together. Going to school together, when they were older, they fell in a silly love, but their parents did not agree to their love, and even furious, the flames of love between the two became more and more prosperous under the strong resistance of their parents.

Me The more I look at it, the more sad it becomes. It is simply a copy of Liang Shanbo Zhu Yingtai’s love. Finally, I saw them meet and die together. After each swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills, the picture suddenly disappeared.

He said frustratedly: “We took the medicine together, but after death I don’t know why I can’t find her, can you help me? “

I only mumbled: “I’m neither a wizard nor a clerk, and I can’t communicate with ghosts. How can I find it for you?” “

He begged: “But you are the only one who can see me and listen to me…”

Look at him poorly With the look in my eyes, I couldn’t help but move my compassion, thinking for a while and saying, “Okay! I will help you to inquire about it, and I can’t find it, I can’t guarantee it. “

He looked at me with hope in his eyes.

I was relieved and went downstairs. After entering the house, I turned around I found him following me, looking at me coldly, and my scared heart almost popped out.

I comforted my heart while looking at him. I saw him extremelyPain and sadness.

Standing face to face with him, I feel so stressed that I dare not speak or move. He looked at me nervously and smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, I just follow you when I have nowhere to go.” I smiled bitterly, “Can I go to sleep?” He spread his hands and said: “Please help yourself.”

“Then,” I said nervously, “I sleep, won’t you follow me too?”

He shook his head, “I don’t sleep, I just borrow your living room, don’t worry, it won’t disturb you.”

My nervous throat rang, and I fled into the bedroom. (Ghost Story of Uncle Ghost)

The next morning, I called to the company to ask for leave, and then I followed the address he gave me to find his lover, in order to take him When I went out, I went to the supermarket to buy a red umbrella and let him hide in it.

His girlfriend’s apartment is not far from my house, and it is only a few minutes’ walk. I took a breath and knocked on the door very nervously.

With a “squeak”, the door was pushed open by a girl. She was dressed in red makeup with a smile on her face. The smile on her face became stiff when she saw me, “Who are you?”< br>c2();

I guess this girl was the one who died with him. I glanced at the red umbrella, wondering if he would see his beloved girl alive.

In order to confirm my guess, I pretended to be surprised and said: “Oh my God! … Are you still alive?”

The girl was surprised, her face After sinking, I asked: “Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is do you remember Lu Feng?” After speaking, I carefully figured out her expression. .

The girl was surprised, and immediately closed the door. Lu Feng suddenly appeared and blocked the door with his body. The girl pulled the doorknob hard, but couldn’t close it. At this moment, I knew that my guess was correct. The girl in front of me was his girlfriend.

At this moment, a man put his arm around the girl’s shoulder and asked, “Who are you talking to, wife?”

The girl hurriedly Said: “I don’t know, I asked for directions.” After saying “touch”, he closed the door.

I walked into the dark and said to the red umbrella: “Come out!”

The land wind gradually recovered like a thin piece of paper The silhouette of a person, he stood in front of me with a look of despair!

Now that things are clear, the girl is not dead, and she is married, no wonder he can’t find her on the Yin-Yang Road, at this moment there was a very strange idea in my mind, Wouldn’t he take revenge on the girl because of love and hatred! Just like the desperate take away girl in a ghost movie.

“Hey! You wait…” The girl chased me and said coldly: “Miss! I don’t care who you are. Please don’t disturb my life again, I am living well now, and I have forgotten that person.”

“You…how can you forget Lu Feng, he died for you?” I was very angry.

She said coldly: “I also took the medicine, but at the last moment I regretted it. It was too uncomfortable. I spit out some medicine by pulling my throat with my hand. With my life, I never want to talk about it again in my entire life. Besides, he is dead. What good is it for me to remember him every day with tears?”

Time was too short of words, and I didn’t expect the woman to say these words calmly. Without a word, I turned my head and looked at Lu Feng. He stood still stupidly, his face as gray as paper, and the sadness in his eyes was heartbreaking.

The girl continued: “You go! Don’t let my family see you.”

I saw Lu Feng’s body move, and his eyes In an instant, full of hatred, my look changed drastically, and I yelled at him: “Forget it, love her, don’t make trouble for her.”

He shook his body after hearing my words. There was a shock, and a look of anger suddenly appeared on his face, yelling and shouting: “But what should I do? Are you on the road alone like this?”

He was extremely angry The hand turned into a grasp, digging into the girl’s heart. For an instant, I stayed for a while, and suddenly rushed to the girl. When I saw the girl’s panicked expression, I felt a tingling pain in the back at the same time, and I subconsciously reached out and touched it, it was the blood of a hand!

Lu Feng’s sharp hand almost passed through my chest.

The girl stayed for a while, twisted her body abruptly, and ran away, but my eyes went dark and fainted.

The first thing I saw when I woke up in the hospital was Lu Feng. He looked at me with a sad expression and asked, “Why are you blocking me to kill her?”

“I don’t know!” I blurted out. I really didn’t think about anything at the time, but I was stupid thinking about myself now.

“Give it up!” I said anxiously: “Why should she be with you? She had chosen to betray when she was dying.”

“Hey!” He let out a soft sigh for a long time. “Thank you! I…I think, hurry back to Yin Yang Road and drink Meng Po Tang and you won’t be in pain anymore.”

I looked at his sad face and felt shocked. However, his heart is moved, and he is reluctant to give up. How can anyone not know how to cherish such an infatuated man?

Suddenly, behind him became white, like smoke and fog, he walked slowly inside, vaguelyOn a bridge, standing on the bridge, he slowly waved his hands at me…

Ah, the Yin-Yang Road is very short, but it can test the authenticity of love; but the bridge is not long. , But it is the love field of lovers holding hands!