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The fierce house of terror: after 90 bachelor

I am in love, and my world is grey. I couldn’t face everything around me. I chose to escape and took my simple luggage and shut down my phone to go wandering alone. For a long time, I have always had a wish in my heart to travel with my first love, so that our love footprint can be found all over the country. But this beautiful desire turned into.. Read More

Recipe author: Guagua

The girl cherishes her face the most. If you don’t believe it, ask, which girl wouldn’t be nervous about her face? Xiaoqi admits that she is unfortunate, and she has a face that is “no one is close to me”. A big red birthmark stretches her teeth and claws on her face. It’s nothing short of that. Xiaoqi was worried and worried about this birthmark for a while, because this.. Read More

Bloodied of toilet paper: Buddies

Recently, because of insomnia, Wen Li has been lackluster recently, and her dark circles have become more and more obvious. When a colleague asked her if something happened, Wen Li always sighed helplessly, and finally remained silent. After work that day, Wen Li returned to her home as usual and cooked her meals. After eating, she didn’t wash the bowls, so she lay on the sofa with her tired body.. Read More

Mountain god bless Grandma Author: Buddies

Management department. For the first time, I saw the resume of the teacher in that school and asked my colleague, “Do you know him?” The colleague said, “You don’t know? He has been a model teacher in our province, but he has been very sick for one year. Seriously, after staying in the hospital for more than half a year, we almost thought we were in danger of life. I.. Read More

Guimu thoughts Author: Fifi

He has been muddled in the past few days. Three days ago, his mother died of cancer rescue. On this day, his family of three sat at the only small dining table at home and drank without the joy and laughter of the past. Suddenly, there was a strange wind in the house, and then there were three strange shadows outside the door. The two sides can be seen indistinctly,.. Read More

Forget to drink Meng Po soup and be an infatuated ghost

It was a night not long ago, I was bored, turned on the computer, and was ready to chat with my friends to pass the time. While browsing the information of friends, I inexplicably found a strange name called “To the river splashing soup” I was wondering, “Pour soup into the river” and I started a conversation, “Shall we not go to Yanlin’s party tonight?”, Yanlin? Oops, I said why.. Read More

Scarlet | Fragrance Author: telekinesis

“Euthanasia” refers to dying without pain and sorrow under the stimulation of drugs-inscription “It is said that the highest state of “euthanasia” was developed by a court doctor in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It is a “dark fragrance” olfactory drug. It can make people lose their hearing and vision, but at the same time they can produce hallucinations-seeing things they did not know before they died and want.. Read More

Domestic cat Author: Pillows people

Shi Huai hasn’t seen Li Sheng in a long time. It’s been 2 years since I last saw him. Receiving Li Sheng’s invitation this time, Shi Huai couldn’t help but feel excited. He thought about how Li Sheng was different from before. Li Sheng said to him on the phone that he now rents a small bungalow cheaply outside the company. He is usually lonely and adopts a big black.. Read More

Leading off the mountains Author: supernatural scarecrow

Laoliangtou was a medicine collector on the mountain. He went to the mountains to collect medicine as usual. Walking in a place without sunlight, he saw two diagonally red objects not far away. He walked over and looked at it, picked up the hoe carefully and dug it up, and it slowly appeared. Lao Liangtou muttered, “What is this? I have stayed here for most of my life and haven’t.. Read More

Whose children ran out to play

I have two uncles, both years younger than me. It feels good to be called brother-in-law, huh, huh. My uncle, when he was 10 years old, was also more playful. Wherever there is excitement, he should go wherever he is, and the adults can’t help it. There was a violent death in their village. After his death, his family was uneasy, so he invited a Taoist to do it. When.. Read More