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Midnight taxi

Peach, dressed as a ghost, stood on the same side of the road, again suffering from insufficient cash. Then she covered most of her face with her long black hair and waved sullenly. After a while, a red taxi stopped and the driver was a middle-aged man. , Wearing rimless glasses…

Messengers Author: Gong Ji away

When Xiaoyu woke up, she was still on the road. But it’s still dark. Just after he died, he was inexplicably assigned to this city to be a ghost. Ngau Tau Ma Mian is the foreman and takes him for internship. When he died, he was hit by a car on the road, the fucking drunk driver. When I woke up, I was still on the road, but I changed.. Read More


Xiaoqian woke up from a nightmare, breathing a little hard, a drop of sweat slid down her cheek. There is a wall mirror in front of the bed. In the darkness, Xiaoqian’s face is a little haggard, and her eyes are full of dark circles. This is the third month after her boyfriend’s car accident, and I have nightmares almost every night. At that time, he was by her side,.. Read More

Sadako of the Grudge

Fujiki stood in front of the door, and the night was a bit cold. The other courtyard looked gloomy and heavy under the night. The black hole-like windows seemed to be a pair of empty and deep eye sockets. He stretched his shirt and looked behind him. Several men and women hid in the corner and waved their hands at Fujiki, “Go in! Don’t be foolish!” The taller boy named.. Read More

Soul of Suohuan

Editor’s note: Zhiming’s pursuit of Yingying failed. He drunk Yingying with wine, and then took pornographic photos. The pornographic photos spread all over the Internet. Yingying couldn’t stand the blow of rumors. She committed suicide by jumping off the building. My sister knew the truth. After bumping into walls, she used her own way to seek revenge on Zhiming, which is also a punishment for Zhiming. If you do bad.. Read More

Ghost thief

Wow… a ghost? Had ghosts started thief too? The location of the ghost stealing incident: Fengshan, Weiwuying District. Time of occurrence: April 1971. Witnesses: Zhang Hongda; Chen Jinlong. Related notes: According to reports, weapons and weapons in military camps around the world are often stolen. The results of the investigation also show that most of them are caused by internal or “internal magical powers and external ghosts”. . However, there.. Read More

Woman in black raincoat

1. Black raincoat It is rainy in Jiangnan, and the rainy days in March and April are not interrupted. No wonder it was raining again this day of Qingming. When I drove to the gate of Xunshan Cemetery on the outskirts of the city, the clouds were already dense, and the rain was getting more and more torrential. The people who had finished sweeping the tomb hurriedly descended from the.. Read More


Staring at him without blinking. The driver rushed from left to right, but couldn’t escape Kai’s resentful stare. “Ah!” As the driver screamed, the big red truck rushed out of the road and fell into a ditch several meters deep. Kay thought, it’s time to go home. But before he could take a step, the inexplicable divine power that had just been injected into his body suddenly pulled away, and.. Read More

Inn Zombie

Editor’s note: A zombie appeared in the inn living with the guest. After waking up, there were scratches on his neck. There were a few odd separations. How the scratches appeared has become a puzzle. One year I traveled alone to a scenic spot in the south. I was originally scheduled to be able to come back on the same day, but because of fun, I missed the last bus.. Read More

Hell thing

The person passed away, joined in the fun, and I saw Wang Auntie that I saw last night. No, it was so late yesterday, and I was still doing it, and I passed away today. It’s okay to think about it again, now some acute illnesses are quick. After a while, I said, doesn’t he like singing very much? It’s still the same. When I came back late, when I.. Read More