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Aventure in Urban Liao Zhai

Tired of work, mediocre appearance, living under the rebuke of the leader every day, he has long been tired of this kind of life, the same academic qualifications do nothing to earn high-level income. When I got home, I thought I could relax and be quiet for a while, but when I saw his baby son, his slightly bloated wife, and his crying wife shouting loudly, he felt Suddenly vented.. Read More

Detective story of the island

The silent night sky mixed with the dark sea. At this moment, a helicopter glided past the distant sky, breaking the silence of the night sky. “What is a kilometer away?” On the helicopter, a thin man about forty years old asked with interest. “Nothing, no, wait a minute, now a fish just jumped out of the water.” “Is it clear?” “Very clear!” “What is three kilometers away?” “Captain, I.. Read More

Mom won’t let me sleep

If I remember correctly, it was a beautiful night, with wind and moonlight, like silver spreading on the ground, with a faint fragrance of flowers, coming from far away, and a faint smile in the light. I walked alone, shaking the little bell that I was going to give my puppy, ding ding dong dong, and walking crisply in the cool night. Just at the corner of the street, the.. Read More

Curious Mountain Ghost

The action just now. I thought it would not come to me, but I was wrong, and it came. I looked at its hollow eyes with cold sweat, and didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere. It seemed to be interested in my reaction, and took a breath at me. I just felt cold on my face. After a while it went away and disappeared without a trace. It took.. Read More

Please give me an empty hand

1 He has an uncommon name, Zhang Youcai. He has an uncommon face, which is unobtrusive among the crowd. He also has a pair of ordinary hands, with stubby fingers. Both his name and his face have been praised by Master, but these slightly clumsy hands do not know how much he has suffered from Master. Because he is a professional pickpocket. The master said that if he diverted to.. Read More

Dry cleaners

A new dry cleaner was opened downstairs and I decided to patronize. A very simple black counter, but not full of clothes behind the counter like other dry cleaners. It may be the reason why it just opened. The boss was not behind the counter, so I shouted: “Is the boss there?” After a while, a middle-aged black woman walked out of the room, “Here!” I raised the bag in.. Read More

Ugly bear doll

As long as Cheng Hao can remember, there was a bear doll sitting there by the river near his house. It looks very ugly, with a black face and a black body, but the limbs are blood red. The button-sewn eyes are also intact and the other is hollowed out. It is very dilapidated and has several lines open, revealing beige. cotton. Cheng Hao and his friends especially like to.. Read More

The side of the thriller

The man in the restaurant has three faces, all of which are exactly the same, but with very different expressions. Xiaojie has been paying attention to him for a long time, and finally plucked up the courage to get in touch with him. “Sir, may I have the latest version of LX7, right?” “Yes, just released this year.” The middle one Natural face smiled and answered. “Uh, how does it.. Read More

The Scarecrow

It was a night in midsummer, about 11 o’clock in the evening. I walked back alone from my relative’s house in the village next door. I had to pass a river on the road. There were tracts of rice fields by the river and there were scarecrows used to scare birds. My relatives said a lot of words to stay and let me stay at their home. But I am.. Read More

Beware of ghosts around

——I don’t do anything wrong in my life, and I am not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Once you do bad things, these things are like a huge net that captures your soul everywhere and makes you feel uneasy. Liu Qian is a mistress, commonly known as Xiaosan. Her lover is Lin Shen. Almost every Sunday, they meet in a villa in.. Read More