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Dating in the cinema

She is hooked on him. The thing started when she was on a night shift at the hospital. That night, a movie ticket suddenly appeared in her pocket. She went to the appointment in a state of anxiety. Five minutes after the opening of the movie, a young man sat beside him. When she looked sideways, the profile of the man’s side face was slender and delicate, and the beauty.. Read More

Don’t answer the phone

I changed a mobile phone, Samsung’s, it looks pretty. Since last week, I have received a strange call, but every time I hung it up until that day… …… I came back from the company working overtime and walked home on the night road. This damn phone came again. I took out my phone and answered the phone , “Damn! Don’t call early! Don’t call late! Call from this ghost.. Read More

Dark carriage

Everyone has a dark side in their hearts. It is hidden in a corner of the heart. It is not very terrifying or very kind. It will burst out of a dream in one with hatred. There is a kind family living in a city, the city is not big, but this family is still very kind, the sons of the husband and wife are very kind, and once saved.. Read More

Shuangxing Goose

“You can’t do this, we are two generations of love!”The woman begged him hard while pulling off her coat, revealing the red goose-shaped birthmark on her left shoulder, “Two generations of love, Shuangyan for remember, did you forget?”He also has a goose-shaped birthmark on his right shoulder, exactly the same as her. When the two were deeply in love, they felt that their predecessors must be a pair of geese… Read More

telephone booth

Hearing that someone saw Big Brother, he immediately rushed over. The eldest brother was there, standing in a telephone booth, whispering while holding the phone, all smiles on his face. He felt a sudden pain in his heart, and he hadn’t seen his happy smile in a long time. Close to the phone booth quietly, he heard the name of the sister-in-law, and the elder brother shouted her name gently.. Read More

Road collapse and death

I want to call his grandfather, but the nicknames call him “two heads”. I don’t know how to get it. Their family kills pigs with four sons and a daughter, two grandpas and two brothers, and the eldest brother also kills pigs and sells meat, but only three sons. But there seems to be nothing between their two older brothers, but their son often fights because of business matters, and.. Read More

Four corners

The ghost of the snow mountain killed last time was told by my friend. The incident became famous because the news in Japan at the time also reported this strange thing, which caused a commotion in Japan. And this report caused schools in various parts of Japan at that time to also start a kind of activity called “square game”. This is a simple spirit-casting technique like a dish fairy… Read More

Strange dream

Aju had a car accident She became a vegetative She has been lying in a hospital bed for three years No one knows if she will wake up One day the doctor in the hospital recommended an instrument to Azhu’s parents > It is said that this device can force the brainwave ghost story into the brain Maybe in this kind of Stimulated by external forces Aju may wake.. Read More

Corpse Water Beer

He looked at the croquettes in his mirror who stood on his shoulders and smiled at him, and his consciousness slowly blurred…When he woke up again, he found himself already lying in the restaurant of a small restaurant. The restaurant is so small that the kitchen and dining room share the same room. A beautiful cutie was looking at him with wide eyes, and when he saw that he opened.. Read More

Scarlet Harbor

Thanks to the ghost friend Tian Qing for his contribution. Everyone who has a good manuscript can also send an email to: The webmaster will post it to you and share it with more ghost friends! The wind of the night dispersed and gathered, and gathered and dispersed. The smoke cloud cleared the sea. On the harbour, a melancholic young man was smoking in the smoke, walking in the.. Read More