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Stop bus

Feeling cold in this strange place. Just after jumping off a dangerous bus, this almost dark wilderness is even more dangerous and terrifying. Huang Liang is convinced that something happened today, this way may not be the way to go home at all. Standing in place, fear began to attack in turn. Huang Liang simply walked forward, although he did not know where it was ahead, whether it was flat.. Read More

Long tunnel

A Wei looks very cartoonish, with big watery eyes, thin lips, slightly curly long hair, petite and cute. Yesterday, Awei and netizens made an appointment to go to the Forest Zoo. Since the zoo was relocated, she has never been there again. It is almost 10 years old. The impressions are all memories of her childhood. Netizen Acheng drove to pick Awei out. The two of them talked and laughed,.. Read More

Lost track

In the morning, the sunlight was softly sprayed through the mist on the Dongguan Vegetable Market, the 2-storey brick building with a dappled wall. The Kanto food market has just opened, and the black crowds have poured into the gate like a dark tide. Due to the unusual weather recently, the transportation is not smooth, and the prices of vegetables are all the way up. Everyone chooses to get up.. Read More

Human head balloon

Open the door, open the door! It’s me, Reiko! No, I can’t open the door. Reiko fell into extreme fear. That was clearly my voice, they were waiting for me outside, they were going to kill me… The story happened a week ago… Reiko’s friend Nami is a student star, and her name is heard everywhere in the campus. But on a quiet morning, a horrible thing happened-Nami hanged and.. Read More

Scary carport

This is a story that happened in the carport. Yes, it is a carport, a parking shed with Chinese characteristics for parking bicycles. This is something I personally experienced, of course, believe it or not. I am an ordinary working-class and can’t afford a four-wheeled car. I can only ride a two-wheeled bike. Early this year, I moved. The parking shed of the new home is at the deepest part.. Read More

Midnight ghost

Donor, the poor monk is not a result of this apocalypse, Yunyou passed by here, seeing that the house is surrounded by anger, the donor will fear the bloody disaster! “Erbao heard this, and it was quite unpleasant in his heart. He thought to himself, you monk, you don’t need to go to a meal. Why did you say this unreasonable thing?” Erbao thought, but didn’t say anything in his.. Read More

Granny Zhang

I was born in Beijing. The reason why I didn’t say that I am from Beijing is because I don’t feel like Beijingers at all. My grandma and grandpa are from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and I was brought up by them. So I like to eat southern cuisine and listen to the accent of the south. My grandfather is almost 90 years old. He is a very knowledgeable person. It.. Read More


Fang Mu’s husband became a vegetative in a car accident. At the moment, he closed his eyes and lay quietly on the floor, his chest slightly undulating. The warm sun of winter shines softly into the room. Fang Mu grabbed a handful of soil, carefully covered her husband, and then sprinkled water carefully. Fang Mu’s husband was covered in mud except his head was exposed. From a distance, he looked.. Read More


On the first day of work, Kobayashi felt very excited, not because of the very high salary of the job and how well the welfare is, but because he was rejected and despised countless times for the job search, and he could finally stabilize. The place to go to work is a residential area called Chuangjing Garden. The transportation is very convenient. After having breakfast in the morning, I took.. Read More

Who scared who

When the driver recovered, he slammed into the door of the car, rolled and fled, and ran away all the way and disappeared into the night. The man in black still held the posture of handing over money until a few minutes later, a laugh burst out. As soon as he spread his hand, a straight hand skeleton fell off, and from his sleeve was a fresh and intact hand,.. Read More