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“Blood Mushroom” continued

I have already suspected that A Sheng’s death was not an accident. Could he already suspect me? And how did those villagers become so evil? All only has to wait for Li Qiye to wake up… Just as Feng Feng was concentrating on thinking, another thunderstorm broke through the dark night sky, resounding through the world. “A Sheng, don’t!” Li Li suddenly woke up, bounced off the bed, startled Feng.. Read More

Five Thunder Tomb

1. Strange sound in the water ditch In the past few days, Zhu Yujing has been entangled by her grandmother who has passed away 20 years. Whenever she fell asleep, grandma would say: “Xiao Jing, if you don’t move my grave, something will happen, you have to move my grave.” Grandma’s grave On the hill behind her school. She chose to visit the mountain at noon, and there was no.. Read More

Scarlet bra

Due to frequent thefts in the city recently, Xia Mingshu, the owner of Xinglong Jewelry Firm, ordered Fan Chen, Director of the Security Department, and Zong Yuanlang, Director of the Business Department, to be on duty in the business hall every night in order to strengthen prevention. As a precaution, at the same time, he appointed the host accountant Le Zhongsheng to open shop and vigil in the warehouse. This.. Read More

The white-haired old lady in life

Zhang Miao was always frail and sickly when he was a child, so he was thin and a little weak. Grandma often called her: “Miao Miao.” Speaking of her running toward the hospital in three days, a basket of money was spent. It’s because the name is not good, what is the name is not good, it must be called “Miao Miao” “Zhang Miao Miao” can not grow like Miao.. Read More

Fierce eye

Psychological formation, he picked up the phone and called his best buddy. After speaking, the buddy gave a smirk on the phone and hung up. He didn’t drive home directly, but wandered around the street for nearly four hours. When it was basically dark, he suddenly increased the throttle and went straight to the house. When he got home, he quickly rushed into the bedroom and saw a good friend.. Read More

Kill yourself

The old guy deliberately pretended to be confused! Wu Ruodong stretched out his hand and grabbed the old man’s collarline: “Did you have committed your old problem again and stole my BMW parked at the door?”< br/> “What?” The old man suddenly became angry when he heard it, and reached out his hand to grab Wu Ruodong’s collar, “What a bastard, if you want to blackmail, you can’t find a.. Read More

Virgin Street Abandonment Case

The incident happened on Red Lantern Street An unnamed female body was found in the weeds of the Virgin Street garbage dump. The deceased was wearing a purple dress with emerald flowers. The time of death was around 11 o’clock last night. He was between 16 and 18 years old. Except for a blood mark on the root of his left thigh, he had no more injuries on his body.. Read More

Death Note

Liu Ming is doing an internship in a hospital and he sees terminally ill patients die every day. His parents also died prematurely because of illness. Seeing this, his heart is very painful. Is there really no way to overcome terminal illness? In order to relieve mental stress, Liu Ming found several movies on the Internet to watch. One of the Japanese movies “Death Note” attracted him. There is a.. Read More

horror movie

In the staff dormitory of the Red Star Machinery Factory, Xiao Zhang and A Ming eagerly turned on the TV after dinner. Put a disc into the DVD neatly. Both of them are full movie fans, and there is no other entertainment in the factory. They simply pooled the money to buy a TV and DVD player in the old appliance market to kill the night. time. On this day,.. Read More

Blood mushroom

The small village where Li Li lives is beautiful. Especially in the evening, the afterglow of the sunset glows over the entire fishing village, and even the green crops have changed their appearance. Li Li always likes to stay by the river for a while at this time. She glanced over the small wooden bridge and landed on a thick willow tree on the opposite bank. Li Li remembered hearing.. Read More