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Woman in the grave

Sometimes I always think, will people become ghosts or zombies when they die? Will it exist in another form? Although I have not seen it with my own eyes, sometimes I cannot deny it. There seems to be such a thing in my life. I’m not alarmist. The “Frightening” written in front is just an adaptation of a story, and today I’m going to tell more than a story… 1,.. Read More


The three guys robbed and murdered, and after sharing the money, two of them killed the other dumbest fellow, and after sharing the share he deserved, each went to the future~ Zhang San walked to the south, he walked for more than a year, and finally spent all his robbed money outside. Deceived, so he came back with a heart of mercy, and as soon as he came home, he.. Read More

Tangjia Bridge at night

Well, Wang Hua, who was staying at a friend’s house for a while, had a few glasses of wine and fell asleep. The night is very late, the sky and the sky are white, the road in the distance is shrouded in thin mist, the empty field is silent, only the leaves of the poplar on the road are There was a rustling noise in the breeze. Walking about 100.. Read More

Erratic head

One summer morning, I went to visit an friend in an apartment near the school. As soon as I entered my friend’s room, I saw that all the windows were covered with newspaper. Friends stood blankly in the middle of this strange room. In the corner of the room were two female students of the same year. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Asking him nothing, he just tilted his head. The two.. Read More

The story of hide and seek

As a kid, I often played hide-and-seek at a friend’s house. The friend’s house has many rooms, and the house is large and spacious. It is a good place to play. At that time, when A was a ghost, everyone “Wow!” hid in the spacious house. When I ran across the corridor and was about to hide in the kitchen, I just ran into Y to open the door of.. Read More

Tanabe Kanban

When I was in college, I usually got off the bus at Xizhi Station of the Kintetsu Railway and then took the school bus for about ten minutes to the school. But once you miss the school bus, you can only walk for thirty minutes with your feet. It was an autumn evening. I missed the school bus and had to walk back to Xizhi Station from the school. In.. Read More


Zhao Hua is a famous rogue in our village, and few people will go to Tali for him! When he was 65 years old, he found a Feng Shui master, took the Feng Shui master to the place he was looking at and asked, “Master, help me see how this place is. “! The Feng Shui master replied: “This place is very good, I am afraid that someone has been.. Read More


Congratulations, the B-ultrasound test is twins,” the nurse looked at the test report and said with a smile. “This is the first time in three months? “ “Well, for the first time, thank you nurse, it’s so nice, haha, wife, come, kiss one. “Hao hugged Qian tightly and her lips were deeply imprinted on her face. “No, this is outside” Qian’s face filled with happiness, gently Pushed Hao to the.. Read More

White Snake Dream

In the summer of the third grade of my elementary school, two teachers told us some strange stories. I tried to recall the tone of the teacher at that time and retold one of the stories that still feels incredible. When the teacher’s brother’s new residence was completed, the teacher once visited to congratulate and stayed in his brother’s new house that night. That night, even the teacher’s brother stayed.. Read More

Not married

“If you are married, don’t marry someone, you must marry me…” A bride named Yi Lin sang “The Girl in the Durban” quietly in front of me, she Suspected of killing his husband, Mr. Yang, on the night of the candle burning in the cave. “He likes to sing this song for me. Although his classmates laughed at him, he still sang to me, and he sang to me in.. Read More