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Paper doll for little girl

If you see a very ugly baby face painted on a paper ball, don’t say that it is ugly, because… Xiang painted a face of each doll on a paper ball on the table, exactly Say it was just a baby face with two curved blue eyes and a curved red mouth without even a small nose, that face smiled evilly at you, making you shudder. After the painting of.. Read More

Cursed Internet Cafe

  The university I am studying at has a small restaurant opposite the door. There are only two people, an old man and an old woman, both the boss and the buddy. Their business is not good, because the old man is fierce and often collects more money from others. Although the old woman is not bad, she will still help if her old man has done the right thing… Read More

Haze over the town

One day at the end of autumn, a girl named Qing Qing suddenly disappeared inexplicably in Chaokou Town. People searched everywhere and did not find her. Later, some people suspected that it might have been eaten by monsters in the nearby mountains. But, how could a healthy girl of seventeen or eight be so easily taken away, besides sleeping in her own house at night, no one was in the.. Read More


This is from the book, I think it’s not bad, and share it with everyone! The story happened in Japan! A Xia is a junior girl, the members of his family are very simple, only three: father, mother and A Xia. Asya lives in a traditional Japanese house, all made of wood. She needs to take off her shoes after going to the entrance. On that day, my dad told.. Read More

Perfume magic (non-ghost accident)

If you already have someone you like, but just have no chance to express it, or your love relationship with him has been slow to make progress, try to see the following perfume magic spells, they will make you an unexpected victory! Magic water that can make friends with him/her 1. Choose one night, hold the perfume you like in your hand, and when you see the first star, stare.. Read More

Mine Catastrophe

I lived in Keelung Mountain when I was a kid. I believe readers who often travel to North Taiwan should have heard of Warm Winter Canyon. I grew up in the warmth. As the name suggests, the weather there is generally warmer than that of all parts of North Taiwan, just like Taiwan. The gray weather unique to winter gives people the feeling that it is cold and wet. Keelung.. Read More

Purple envelope secret

The first letter Zhou Jing sat at the window writing a diary, occasionally looking up at the window. “Everything is calm and normal. This year passed quickly, and Xiaolei and I could still talk,” just writing here, Zhou Jing suddenly saw Xiaolei coming out of the window and approaching the door, she closed quickly. Diary, locked in the drawer. As soon as she came in, she said, “Sister Zhou, your.. Read More

Mona Lisa’s hand

Mona Lisa’s hand 1 I changed a good new job a few days ago, the salary and salary are much better than the previous company, the interpersonal relationship of colleagues is not complicated, I am fortunate in my heart, You should know that there are various companies and enterprises everywhere in this big city, but there are really few formal companies like this! Because the company is far away from.. Read More

Descendants of Vampires (Part 1)

Author: moonflower this cause and effect in the world I did not believe, look at those as a single branch * guilty, bullying wicked live impunity comfortable, you will feel there is no such word axiom, or why wronged, premature death are It’s a good person, and those wicked people are eating chubby ears. God must have glaucoma or Alzheimer’s disease to make this world a mess.    The endless.. Read More

Red heart

Why is the heart red? Because immersed in blood.   From birth, I knew that I was destined to be incompatible with those around me. Because my entire life is immersed in blood.                    continually appears in the dream, the eyes that promised my future in that life, wandering sadly and earnestly. And I always turned around indifferently, leaving only my back reflected in the eyes that were so desperate… Read More