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After buying 3080, I shouted a loss, AMD’s new graphics card smashed everyone with the price.

This article is from WeChat official account:bad review (ID: chaping321), author: Tony head Figure from: AMD AMD’s latest graphics card conference is going against the sky! Some friends may not know what this sentence means. Tony will give you a brief summary: As a technology company that develops both CPU and graphics cards, AMD has been suppressed by two giants in the industry for many years: The CPU performance is.. Read More

What is the mystery behind the Israeli agents stealing Chinese vaccines?

◆Whoever develops successfully first will win the greatest initiative. Produced by Zhengjie Bureau Vaccines are human beings’ last weapon against the virus epidemic. There is a very interesting news in these two days: Mossad, known as the world’s “four major intelligence organizations”, recently sneaked back to Israel the new crown vaccine developed by China. What’s the mystery behind this? 01 The news is short, but it’s worth playing with In.. Read More

Untouchable news restricted area

In November 2017, Chen Jie, the chief reporter of The Beijing News, gave a public speech in a meeting, recalling his career as a frontline reporter over the past ten years . To this day, since joining the “Beijing News” in 2003 and becoming its subordinate visual reporter in 2005, he has been performing his duties for 17 years. Listen to him talk about what is professionalism and the perseverance.. Read More

The young manga focuses on the secrets of husband and wife. Is this a sustainable content?

This article is from WeChat official account:Animation Academic Party (ID: babblers), author: Ji thinking, editor: other side, the original title: “young comics focus couple secret words, this” exciting ideas “can go far? “, the head picture comes from: “Anyway, it’s very cute” stills “Anyway, It’s Very Cute”. This title sounds like sand sculpture and brainwashing work. It is one of the most popular works in the October new show. Interestingly,.. Read More

I think your bones are wonderful, you are the only fund leek

Hello everyone, I’m Bobo. In the last issue, the video on the green cover was the one that was not popular. I talked about some common misunderstandings in stock operations. Today we are going to talk about funds. As a derivative product in the secondary market, the fund is loved by many friends because of its foolish operation. Sometimes we are taken advantage of and lose a lot of money… Read More

Cao Cao travels and grows wildly

After years of development, the domestic online car-hailing market has become a dominant player in Didi, and other online car-hailing platforms are in Shunfeng, special car, car rental, etc. The situation of competing for share in different segments. And Cao Cao’s special car, that is, “special car” as the main focus. But Cao Cao’s travel has many problems. For example, the drivers charge more for detours, the driver cancels orders.. Read More

Shenzhen shared-rental love: in order to save rent, I dare not say breaking up

This article is from WeChat official account:Shenzhen Weishiguang (ID: szdays), author: Jesse, head Figure from: vision China How to defeat a Shenzhener in a short time? There is no need for him to make things difficult for his hairline, and he does not need to use distant relatives to push for marriage. It is enough to let him change rent once. I wanted to take advantage of the expiration of.. Read More

The hepatitis C virus was also discovered. Why did the two Chinese scholars miss the Nobel Prize?″ data-w=”550″ data-h=”412″ > Transmission electron micrograph of hepatitis C virus particles. Source: Cavallini James/BSIP/SPL On October 5 this year, Michael Houghton, the person in charge of Zhu Guilin on the project, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of hepatitis C virus. Zhu Guilin and Guo Jinhong were not among the three winners. The other two winners were Charles Rice of Rockefeller University in.. Read More

How about the cheapest iPad? Take it to Sichuan and Tibet for 15 days

An iPad, an Apple Pencil, you can start your travel plan. Taking Sichuan-Tibet self-driving for 15 days as an example, a total of five steps are required—— The first step is to open the map, mark the places that need to travel in detail, and judge the general travel plan through the distance; The second step is to inquire a lot of other people’s travel strategies, “cloud” travel all over.. Read More

Persuading to retire the junior three has also become a business

This article is from WeChat official account:Microscopic Story (ID: xianweigushi), author: Lee do not chase, editor: Zhao Minwen, the original title: “third party investigation, evidence collection derailment, discouraging the third, we are a million a year” Little three discouraging division “,” topic map From: “Thirty Only” Persuading to quit the junior third has become a business. A survey showed that among 68,119 valid respondents, 60.2% of men and 38.1% of.. Read More