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After the 60th old age admission, what new trends are there in the first-tier cities for new seniors to buy, buy and buy?

Focus on the focus, from family to self; social relationship, the fourth social circle is forming Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “AgeClub” (ID: AgeClub), author Chen Yu / Yin Yi. The original title “In-depth research on new seniors: 50+ new urban consumers in the first-tier cities] >> information, channels, links and scenarios In the past six months, the AgeClub New Senior Business Research Institute has continued.. Read More

How to be a good leader after 95?

Come! Learn what “all-round leadership” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Redwoods” (ID: Sequoiacap), author Hong Shan. In the past ten years, the era of corporate management has ushered in a huge transformation. Saying goodbye to command-control-disciplinary bureaucracy management, new flat organization and management methods are increasingly It is adopted by companies and is also popular with young people – it is rooted in truth, trust.. Read More

Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Uber have been laid off, the winter is coming?

Is it a business restructuring, or is it a cold winter signal? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Silicon Valley Insight” (ID: guigudiyixian ). Xiaoyan heard that Cisco China has laid off a large number of employees? (screenshot From the network) However, just when the news was swiped and the truth was unclear, the only thing that could be confirmed was that Cisco has filed a document.. Read More

2019 paid market semi-annual report: mobile games, game live broadcasts the most gold, online video scale benefits began to highlight

According to QuestMobile data, the pan-entertainment payment market exceeds 100 billion. The majority of pay-per-view users pay more attention to content quality. E-commerce members value money-saving rights most, and young users pay a higher willingness to pay. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “QuestMobile” (ID: QuestMobile) by Mr.QM. Mr.QM says Children’s shoes, what about the last period of growth in the dark horse? There are children’s shoes.. Read More

If you don’t want this trick, don’t think about doing new media monthly 3W.

The most important ability of new media recruitment is search. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), the author of the banana fifteen. “I will give the interviewer three hours to find information about me online.” “I have been more cautious about exposing personal information. But after writing for seven or eight years on the Internet, there are inevitably some fragmented Internet traces. If.. Read More

Starting | Providing location and decoration consulting services for enterprises, “New Manager” won millions of angel round financing

Popularize the concept of office engineering management and build a sound engineering management system. Author | FineFun Editing | Xiaogang Village Head It was learned that the new housekeeper recently received millions of angel rounds of financing, and the investors did not disclose it. Founder Chen Jinfeng said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the improvement of the service chain, team building and marketing. The new.. Read More

Think of your growth as an entrepreneur, high growth is the most important data indicator | Recruitment

If you learn how to run your own company and become bigger and stronger, then you should look at because you are exposed to a large number of high-quality startups every day at work, and I often come up with the idea: At the moment when information is flowing at a high speed, everyone is self-organizing, and “self-media”, you should consider your own growth as a business, that is, treat.. Read More

Acquired the motorcycle of ofo India, blew the horn of the second half of the car?

For the last few kilometers of travel in India, motorcycles are the most flexible way and more efficient. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “” (ID:passagegroup), author Andolini. Authorized to reprint. According to Indian media reports, many people familiar with the matter said that Japanese investment giant Softbank is currently paying close attention to India’s travel areas, including the assessment of the two-wheeler traffic field, the purpose.. Read More

Game or fake news vaccine: simulation experience false information production chain, poison attack

The task is fictional and the immunity is real. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media” (ID:quanmeipai), the author of Tencent Media. Fake news has always been a hot topic in the field of news communication. How to identify and resist fake news has attracted the attention of policy makers, technology companies, media reporters, scholars and think tanks. In this regard, the whole media has repeatedly.. Read More

Performance Express | Baidu 2019 Q2 Revenue reached 26.3 billion yuan, net profit fell 62% year-on-year

“These changes have brought phased pains and will have a positive and far-reaching impact.” Li Yanhong said in an internal letter after the release of the earnings report. After experiencing the “gray” financial performance of the previous quarter, Baidu ushered in the Q2 earnings report this year on August 20th, Beijing time (August 19th, US Eastern Time). First look at the market. In Baidu’s unannounced financial report of Q19 in.. Read More