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Why is the bride price getting more and more expensive?

The level of the bride price in a place does not reflect economic strength, but depends on whether there is a shortage of women, whether women can be retained, and parents Do you regard “begging for a woman for your son” as your life mission. Elephant Association (ID: idxgh2013) : This article from the micro-channel public number , Author: Zhu does not change, the head Picture source: Visual China In.. Read More

She made a 6-ton Buddha statue, which is breathtakingly beautiful

This article is from WeChat official account:One ​​(ID: yitiaotv), author: Chen rice paddy, Editor: Chen Zaiwen, the original title: “she made the one weighs about six tons of statues, beautiful and thrilling, but also attracted the Japanese master,” the head of the respondents from the map In 2019, the artist Hu Junjun began to use dead branches to create Nirvana Buddha. Last year, she was invited to create a 16.8.. Read More

Attention defense battle: the next second, the user is about to quit

> Users’ attention may shift at any time, and what can be seen is that this trend will continue to strengthen. For any product, it means that the active time that can be used to persuade users is getting shorter and shorter after contacting, refreshing, and promoting. 03 Fragmented information, fragmented habit For the market, fragmentation is an inevitable result of the increasing number of attention competitors and the increasingly.. Read More

Boston Dynamics robot dog took to the streets to enforce the law. Has the “black mirror” come true?

Look around you! With robot dogs patrolling law enforcement, Boston Dynamics is walking out of the laboratory, restoring a world like a “black mirror” to us. This article is from WeChat official account:Xinzhiyuan (ID: AI_era), source: BBC, editor: Xiaoyun, LRS, original title: “Hei Jing” is here! Boston Dynamics Robot Dog is on duty at the New York Police Department, jumping out of the street to enforce the law”, head picture.. Read More

“Attracting eyes” and “attracting gold”, how can food make money through creative packaging?

This article is from WeChat official account:FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation (ID: FoodInnovation) , author: Riri, edit: Tutu, the original title: “” compelling “and” suck money “, the original food packaging is a” gold salesman “! 》 Would you like to buy this milk in the picture? “MILK” milk, picture source: Hongkiat This packaging is very creative, with the “MILK” font as the packaging, which bluntly indicates that the product.. Read More

The fierce battle of offline stores in 2020, this article makes it clear

This article is from WeChat official account:Yingshang Cloud Think Tank (ID: sydcxy2014) , author: Chu Liang Tong, editor: Fuqing Rong, the original title: “a year off nearly 78,000 stores, 1000+ mall who fill empty shops? 丨WIN DATA Insights, title picture from Visual China The curve of brand opening and closing always affects the heartbeat index of the mall. As the black swan flopped, the amplitude became more obvious. Yingshang Cloud.. Read More

Suning sells for thirty

Suning, as an extremely large offline retail giant, has been trapped in the duality of “selling equity” and “revenue falling sharply” in recent years In trouble, according to the latest news: “Suning Appliance negotiated the sale of Suning shares with the state holding company REDD. The success of the sale may help Suning repay a total of 17.2 billion yuan (2.7 billion US dollars) of bond debt this year.” This.. Read More

This most isolated island has witnessed the collapse of human civilization

This article is from WeChat official account:Ring planetary ball (ID: huanxingxingqiu)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Liang Yi Su, Reviewer: Sun green, make: Wenqi, Susie, head diagrams and unlabeled sources photo: © beam a millet, the original title: “human society collapse case: resurrection How Jiedao sits and eats the sky” Thousands of stone statues stay in the dust, The civilization of the islands has passed away. Success or failure, rise.. Read More

In the post-epidemic era, the jobs college students want are no longer the same

This article is from WeChat official account:Cultural aspect (ID: whzh_21bcr)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Li Xiumei (School of Social development East China University of Political Science), the olive leaf (Master of Sociology Department of Fudan University), Gui Yong (Professor of Sociology Department of Fudan University), formerly entitled ” Between Materialism and Post-Materialism—The Change of College Students’ Employment Attitudes in the Post-epidemic Era”, head picture from: Visual China Guide to.. Read More

Grid collapse and casualties caused by a disaster

This article is from WeChat official account:International Financial News (ID: gjjrb777) ,Reporter: Zhou Zimo, editor: Cheng Hui, responsible editor: Bi Dandan, head picture From: Visual China In the past two weeks, extreme cold waves hit the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Missouri, causing a large number of casualties. According to the National Weather Service, the cold wave originated from the transit of the “Arctic Cold Front”.. Read More