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Iceland will excavate the world’s first volcanic magma well: study the composition of magma and improve early warning capabilities

Eleven years after the last accident, Icelandic volcanologists are finally ready to open the door to “hell”. “Science” website recently reported that the Iceland Geothermal Research Center is planning to drill a deep well from the edge of the Víti (“Hell” in Icelandic) volcanic crater. Ottó Elíasson, scientific director of the Icelandic Geothermal Research Center, believes that this place may become the center of global volcanology in ten years. Iceland.. Read More

Eight housing leasing companies in Shanghai promised: no rent increase for listings before the end of this year

On September 20, News ( learned from the official WeChat account of the Shanghai Real Estate Brokers Association that the Shanghai Real Estate Brokers Association organized 12 large-scale housing leasing companies and real estate brokerage agencies on September 18 to develop the industry. Self-discipline and commitment activities, maintain the order of the housing rental market, and maintain the stability of the housing rental market. It is reported that under the.. Read More

Roundtable|Develop green finance under the dual-carbon goal, and be alert to potential financial risks and green washing risks

Green finance is vital to promoting the realization of carbon neutrality goals, and is an important part of the policy framework of China’s “dual carbon” goals. However, China’s current green financial system still has many problems in accordance with the requirements of the “dual carbon” target, and it will face new challenges in the process of carbon reduction transformation. At the Tsinghua Wudaokou “Carbon Neutral Economy” Forum held in Beijing.. Read More

Evergrande: “Notice on Holding the National Evergrande Wealth Investor Conference” is forged online

On the evening of September 19, Evergrande Group announced that “Recently, the “Notice on Convening the National Evergrande Wealth Investor Conference” has been circulating on the Internet. After verification, the notice is forged and not owned by Evergrande Financial Wealth Management (Shenzhen), a subsidiary of our group. The official announcement of the limited company, please do not believe the rumors credulously, all information is subject to the official announcement. The.. Read More

Economic Daily: The anti-monopoly sword hits the pain points of market entities directly, and monopoly has no chance of luck

Recently, many netizens who love to listen to songs have found that there are more songs in the music app that they could not listen to in the past; consumers who love online shopping find that they can directly open Taobao links in WeChat, and entrepreneurs have begun to excitedly explore how to use the traffic opened by the Internet to find The next tuyere. This is a big step.. Read More

80 listed real estate companies hold cash decline for the first time in five years, and the scale of interest-bearing debt exceeds 7 trillion

On September 19, a report on the solvency of real estate companies in the first half of 2021 released by the Crane Research Center showed that 80 key listed real estate companies monitored by Crane had five cash holdings in the first half of 2021. For the first time this year, the growth rate of total interest-bearing liabilities has also continued to decline, and the scale is basically the same.. Read More

The world’s first miniaturized quantum satellite ground station is here! From 12 tons to 100 kg

HKUST National Shield Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Shield Quantum”, 688027) officially released the world’s first miniaturized quantum satellite ground station at the 2021 Quantum Industry Conference held in Hefei, Anhui on September 18. The previous 12 tons has been reduced to below 100 kg, making deployment more convenient and flexible. National Shield Quantum originated from the University of Science and Technology of China. The leader.. Read More

The 1st Anniversary of the Comprehensive Reform of Auto Insurance丨Hengqiang, the strongest in the industry, where will small and medium property insurance companies go in the second half?

Under the main theme of “cutting prices, increasing insurance, and improving quality”, the comprehensive auto insurance reforms implemented on September 19 last year have reached their first anniversary. What changes and adjustments have been made to the auto insurance industry in one year? Reduce consumer spending by over 170 billion yuan The data released recently by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission show that since the start of the.. Read More

SpaceX successfully returned to Earth for its first civilian space tour, and the Dragon spacecraft splashed down on the sea

The successful 3-day SpaceX first civil, purely commercial space flight Return to earth. At 19:06 on September 18th, US Eastern Time, the Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying four passengers splashed and landed on the coast of Florida. “Inspiration 4, on behalf of SpaceX, welcome back to Earth.” Then, SpaceX Operations Director Kris Young said in the Mission Control Center, “Your mission shows that space belongs to For all of us, ordinary.. Read More

Railway Shanghai Station: The first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival is expected to send 410,000 passengers

On September 19, the news reporter learned from the Shanghai Railway Station that on the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, the Shanghai Railway Station (under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Station, Shanghai South Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Shanghai West Station, Nanxiang North Station, Anting) North Station and Anting West Station) are expected to send 410,000 passengers, of which Shanghai Station will send 126,000 passengers, Shanghai South Station will send.. Read More