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The hidden information 30 years ago revealed the dark side of the gaming industry in the workplace

This article is from WeChat official account:Game Research Club (ID: yysaag), author: nostalgia game home SIR, title figure from: YouTu be @ 4ST Now when you talk about the game industry 30 years ago, most people may be feeling the passion of that initial period. As long as a few developers, a few months of development time, one million masterpieces may be achieved. It seems that the working environment at.. Read More

Material Laboratory from Southeast Asia “New Impromptu Building”

This article is from WeChat official account:AssBook Design Canteen (ID: AssBookGroup) , author: Hong Renjie, Kulthida Songkittipakdee (HAS design and research auspices architect), from the head of FIG: supply of FIG. Deep into the city of Bangkok, you will find small street scales, charming street vendors, and borderless illegal buildings, which form a unique artificial landscape in Thailand and even the entire Asian city.(MANufAcTURE). And these covered canopies, messy food.. Read More

Experience the efforts of the Japanese “Family Committee”, “It takes a village to cultivate a child”

Escort the children to and from school, organize the children to do gymnastics together in summer vacation, hold parental tasting meetings, and even parent’s decision can finally change the school building The plan… Xu Ying, who lives in Tokyo, has personally experienced the surprise and moving Japanese elementary school “Family Committee”. This article is from the WeChat official account:Mother Chuban Mama (ID: tongshuchubanmama), author: Xu Ying, editor: Xiao Li, the.. Read More

The new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga takes office, how will China-Japan relations be written?

On September 14, in the election of the new president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Yoshihide Suga won 70.6% of the votes and became the current president of the Liberal Democratic Party. No suspense, Yoshihide Suga will officially become the new prime minister of Japan in the interim parliament tomorrow (because Japan implements a parliamentary cabinet system and the leader of the ruling party becomes the head of government). Japan’s.. Read More

Kazakh pig industry needs China

This article is from WeChat official account: Earth knowledge Bureau (ID: diqiuzhishiju) , author: Dmitry, cartography: Sun green, proofreading: cat Stewart, editor: Yakult, head picture from: Visual China At the end of last year, when the African swine fever epidemic caused the price of pork in our country to soar, my country’s northwestern neighboring country and non-affected country Kazakhstan signed a trade agreement with my country and it is expected.. Read More

There is starlight on the head

In this impetuous society, look for opportunities to look at the stars and calm down. We can think about the future better and keep our feet on the ground. This article is from the WeChat official account: CC pulpit (ID: ccjt2014) , author: Daijian Feng (astronomy enthusiasts, starry photographers, members of the World TWAN project under the night sky), head picture from: Vision China Hello everyone, I’m Dai Jianfeng, an.. Read More

Why is that “stitching monster” that plagiarizes dozens of games such as Dongsen, “really fragrant”

This article is from WeChat official account: Game Research Society (ID: yysaag) , Author: Tropic of Capricorn, original title: “Why did that “Ultimate Stitching Monster Game” become “extraordinary praise”? 》Source of head picture: B station UP Master Yu Tianmengming In June this year, a two-minute game promotion video refreshed many people’s understanding of the word “game”. Your device currently does not support playback This game is called “Craftopia”, which was.. Read More

Apple iOS 14 officially launched, is it worth upgrading?

This article is from the official account: AppSo (ID: appsolution) , Author: A king, from FIG title: CNET “Reshaping the iPhone experience” is Apple’s understanding and definition of the new iOS 14 system this year. Since WWDC released the first developer preview, we have been constantly receiving update reminders throughout the summer. After all the calls came out, after 3 months of waiting, the full iOS 14 was finally ushered.. Read More

How to destroy the sun and then wander around with the earth

This article is from WeChat official account:The elementary school monk at the foot of the Laohe Mountain (ID: gh_586564bb7b66)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: old school and mountain monk, from the title figure: the movie “wandering the Earth” Today is the last part of the space travel trilogy. In 2019, the professional journal “Journal of Astronautics” published a conception of pushing the sun into the universe. It is quite rigorous,.. Read More

Cantonese cuisine war triggered by a woman

This article is from WeChat official account:Futaojiufenbao (ID: futaojiufenbao), author: full brother, the original title: “a woman caused Beijing Cantonese war”, the first map from: vision China Beijing people love the most out-of-town cuisine, it must be Cantonese cuisine. In the 90s Beijing Life Book “I Love My Home”, the second uncle Jia Zhixin opened a leather bag company and made a small fortune, and he became a “Hong Kong.. Read More