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Musk: If the traditional chip for autonomous driving, then the trunk is a computer

At 9:30 am on July 9, the Cloud Summit of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference officially opened. SpaceX and Tesla founder Musk expressed their views on autonomous driving chips in a video speech. The shortcomings of traditional chips are low integration and high power consumption. “If the traditional chip used for autonomous driving needs to consume hundreds of watts of power, the entire car trunk will be occupied by.. Read More

The relentless scientific research machine is here: 8 days without stopping, nearly 700 experiments have been done

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My husband voted for my souvenirs, and I reported it to prison

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Beijing Infrastructure Investment Corporation was approved to transfer 1.06 billion shares of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank

Proportion is 4.32%, China Soft Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. holds 4.12%, Beijing Badachu Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. holds 4.12%, Beijing Xianglong Asset Management Co., Ltd. holds 3.37%, Beijing Ideal Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. holds 3.23%, and Zhongneng Development Industrial Co., Ltd. holds 2.72%. It is worth mentioning that, according to the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank’s 2019 Annual Report, the increase and decrease of shares during the reporting.. Read More

Canada’s federal budget deficit reaches 343 billion Canadian dollars, the highest level after World War II

According to CCTV news, the brief description of the 2020-2021 fiscal budget submitted by the Canadian Minister of Finance Bill Moneau to the Parliament on the afternoon of 8th local time shows that the federal budget deficit is as high as CAD 343 billion. The highest level after World War II. This deficit will push the total debt for the fiscal year ending March next year to 1.2 trillion Canadian.. Read More

Don’t be fooled by station B

h=”997″> (B station live page + anchor is dressed in a two-dimensional style Note: big voyage, captain, admiral “Fleet Collection” from one of the “Three ACG Cults”) Yes, the second-dimensional kernel is the biggest differentiated selling point of B station compared to Douyin Kuaishou, “Youai Teng” and Huya fighting fish. Correspondingly, Station B is also the highest purity video application for domestic secondary users. It is impossible for the management.. Read More

Huaqiangbei, a national celebrity supplier: 5 times the rent of the store, don’t want to open the store if there is no 1 million

Author: Junko, Editor: Fang Yuan Jing, Sun fact, the original title: “” Beauty Holy Land “Huaqiang North: Delivery nationwide network of red, rent 5 times, no one million don’t want to open a shop”, the first picture is from: Visual China Huaqiangbei bosses changed jobs. Starting in 2018, these sensitive South China businessmen found that mobile phones could no longer be sold. People with insufficient economic strength chose to evacuate,.. Read More

“Lame Beast” is popular this year

Tiger Sniff will launch a series of reports on “Unicorn Struggling to Survive” recently, focusing on a number of highly valued companies (using unicorns) Standard theory, that is, the status quo of survival within 10 years of entrepreneurship and valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars. This is the first in the series, and it is also an overview-“This year’s popular “lame beast””. Works of Tiger Sniffing Mobile Information.. Read More