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What does milk ringworm look like

The baby’s skin is very delicate and its resistance is relatively weak, so it is more prone to suffering Some skin diseases. Common skin diseases in babies include prickly heat, saliva rash and ringworm. Baby’s milk ringworm is divided into different types, so there will be some differences in symptoms. So, what does milk ringworm look like? If the child is suffering from seborrheic milk ringworm, it usually appears in.. Read More

What is uterine dysplasia

Many women have been infertile for many years after marriage. They went to the hospital for physical examination only to find that they had uterine dysplasia. Because the uterus is in the body, it is impossible to see it with the naked eye in daily life, and it is impossible to directly understand the development of the uterus, so many people do not understand it. So, what is uterine dysplasia?.. Read More

What is a naive uterus

In daily life, the probability of hearing the word naive uterus is relatively low, so many people don’t have a concept about it. The disease of the uterus, but as for what it is, many people don’t know exactly what is a naive uterus. So, what exactly is a naive uterus? The naive uterus means that as the age increases, all aspects of the female body are mature, but the.. Read More

What is early pregnancy

When wondering whether they are pregnant, most women choose to buy early pregnancy test strips to verify their ideas, that is to say, for early pregnancy tests, many people They all proceeded this way logically. After confirming the pregnancy and deciding to have a baby, they also took their natural steps to raise the fetus. I didn’t even think about it, and maybe I don’t know what early pregnancy is… Read More

The cervix can be divided into two parts

< /p> Many female friends are familiar with the word uterus, but they don’t know much about the uterus, except for knowing that the uterus can support embryos and give birth to illness. , Almost nothing else is known. The uterus is a very important organ in the female body, and the cervix is ​​also the same. So, which two parts can the cervix be divided into? The cervix is.. Read More

What to do with water retention before menstruation

Menstruation is actually an important way to help women judge whether the body is healthy. If you know enough about the normal patterns and phenomena of menstruation, you will be more sensitive to abnormal conditions before and after menstruation, and you can Find out that your body is abnormal in time. Therefore, women need to learn more about menstruation. So, what about water retention before menstruation? Premenstrual water retention can.. Read More

Is adenomyosis serious?

< /p> Women don’t know much about the various diseases that can occur in the uterus, because they are very worried and afraid if they do not know the severity of the disease when the disease is found, even because of the disease And there is a situation of not eating or drinking. Women should know more about the uterus, and timely detection of diseases for treatment is the key… Read More

Does the endometrium usually fall off?

Women’s endometrium normally has periodic shedding, which leads to women’s menstruation every month. Most women think that the endometrium is only in menstruation. There will be shedding during the period, some women want to know, will the endometrium usually fall off? On this issue, let’s discuss it together below. In addition to the natural shedding of women’s endometrium during menstruation, some women may also experience endometrial shedding during ovulation. This.. Read More

How many centimeters is the cervix

Women’s uterus, including the cervix, have a normal size. If there is a difference from the normal standard, attention should be paid to it. There may be a problem, and the cause should be found out as soon as possible. Symptomatic treatment can prevent adverse results. Some women asked, how many centimeters is the cervix? The normal size of the female uterus is 5.5 cm to 7.5 cm in length,.. Read More

What is a pregnant uterus

Recently, a woman went to the hospital for a physical examination. The result of the examination showed a pregnant uterus. If there is a problem in the uterus, the harm to women is great, so women want to know, what is a pregnant uterus? Regarding this issue, let me tell you female friends. Pregnant uterus refers to the condition of the uterus during pregnancy. This is a normal term. If.. Read More