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Can you drink milk after eating durian?

Durian is a very peculiar fruit. It smells bad, but people who like to eat it will feel very fragrant. Although many people do not like to eat durian, there are also many people who especially like to eat it, and some people also like to eat durian with milk, so can eat durian drink milk? From the perspective of compatibility, there is no very clear compatibility taboo between durian.. Read More

Can adults drink milk powder?

Baby can’t grow without the nutrition of milk powder, some babies with insufficient breast milk need to be fed according to the stage formula milk powder, the stage formula milk powder can be more targeted to supplement baby nutrition But, sometimes too much milk powder will make milk powder squeeze too much, then, can adults drink milk powder? Adults are advised not to drink milk powder, because milk powder contains.. Read More

What’s going on with uterine pain

The female uterus is a very important part of the reproductive system, and is also prone to some gynecological diseases. For example, some women often have a small abdomen with falling pain and discomfort in daily life. So what’s going on with uterine pain? Symptomatic symptoms such as swelling and falling in the uterus of women, the causes of which are often related to the following: 1. Some women during.. Read More

Obstetrics and gynecology are generally on several floors

After pregnancy, female friends need to pay attention to prenatal check-up, which can be done as soon as possible Found abnormal, so that timely treatment measures. Pregnant women need to go to the hospital for regular check-ups. If abnormal symptoms occur during pregnancy, they should also seek help from the doctor in time. So what are the layers of obstetrics and gynecology? In most hospitals, in order to facilitate the.. Read More

How to cook fresh milk

The nutritional value of milk is particularly high. Drinking milk regularly is not only good for the skin, but also helps sleep. Milk on the market is generally sold after being processed. Many people will feel that the processed milk will lose part of its nutritional value, so it prefers fresh milk. So how do you cook freshly squeezed milk? Do not add sugar when cooking milk first, and then.. Read More

Milkshake how to lose weight

Many women want to have a perfect body, so they hope that they don’t have the slightest weight, and when they are overweight, they will want to lose weight immediately. Recently, there are many ways to lose weight on the Internet, but weight loss cannot be achieved without effort. So, how does a milkshake do weight loss? According to experts, milkshake is a high-calorie food. The calories of a milkshake.. Read More

What are the sensory nerves

When many friends are in the hospital, they often hear doctors telling patients that the sensory nerve is a problem in the ward. Most people don’t know what this means and what it feels like nerve? What are the sensory nerves? The sensory nerve is also called the perceptual nerve. The better-understood term is the afferent nerve, which belongs to a branch of the peripheral nervous system. The sensory nerves.. Read More

Can I wash my teeth often

Teeth washing can remove the calculus and tartar on the teeth, which is a great guarantee for oral health. There are many people who smoke regularly or do not pay attention to dental hygiene, resulting in dark yellow teeth, which can be improved after washing the teeth. Can I wash my teeth often? Teeth washing is good for oral health, but it has both advantages and disadvantages. There are many.. Read More