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How can I turn white and eat something

It is not difficult to find that there are many people in their lives whose skin is not particularly ideal, especially the skin color is mostly blackish to yellowish, which is still some for the image Affecting, especially girls want to become whiter, so how can whitening be eaten? Many people ’s skin is not particularly ideal. In this case, you can strengthen the sunscreen for whitening, such as applying.. Read More

Can I eat ice cream after tooth extraction

Many people in their lives suffer from dental diseases. If the pain is unbearable and the treatment is not effective, the patient needs to extract the painful teeth There are many taboos after tooth extraction, so can you eat ice cream after tooth extraction? After tooth extraction, you also need to pay special attention to eating and drinking like other operations, because the food you eat will also stay in.. Read More

Can you eat egg custard at night?

Many friends love egg custard, and the method of making egg custard is also very simple, so this kind of food is very common on the table. For those who love egg custard, they want to eat egg custard at night, but don’t know if this is correct. So, can they eat egg custard at night? Ca n’t eat egg custard at night. Because the cholesterol content in egg yolk.. Read More

What can not be eaten after eating bird’s nest

Now everyone ’s life is better, many people also pay attention to health, and take care of their bodies by eating bird ’s nest. The price of bird’s nest is very expensive, and the nutritional value is very good, very popular with women. Eat bird’s nest is also reasonable to eat, after eating can not eat anything casually, otherwise it will nourish the effect of bird’s nest. So, what can’t.. Read More

Can fried vegetables be eaten overnight

The habit of eating overnight dishes is believed to have many friends, especially older friends, who often like to cook a lot of dishes at night, and then let them eat the next day. However, many overnight dishes are not recommended to eat, otherwise it is harmful to health, then, can fried vegetables be eaten overnight? Stir-fried vegetables cannot be eaten overnight, because overnight vegetables are not only nutritious, but.. Read More

Can I eat vitamin c after drinking

< / p> Now people always like to drink some wine when it ’s okay, especially for some male friends who need to be entertained by work. It is okay to drink softly, drink heavily and injure one’s body. It is possible to drink some wine properly in life, but there are more things to pay attention to after drinking. So, can you eat vitamin C after drinking? Drinking vitamin.. Read More

Can the high-speed rail eat instant noodles

Everyone who rides a long-distance bus knows that it takes up to several hours to ride a car, and some even takes tens of hours. If you do n’t prepare some food in the car, you will Can only be hungry. For many people who have taken the long distance train, eat instant noodles in the car There are some experiences, so, can you eat instant noodles on the high-speed.. Read More

Can you eat scrambled eggs overnight?

A lot of friends often eat overnight dishes, because the previous night is likely to be too much to eat, so they can only eat the next day. However, many dishes are not recommended to eat overnight, otherwise it is not conducive to health, then, can scrambled eggs eat overnight? Scrambled eggs can be eaten overnight, but only if the scrambled eggs are fully cooked. If the scrambled eggs are.. Read More

How to reduce body odor

Body odor is a disease. For people with body odor, if they sweat a lot in summer, the smell will be particularly unpleasant. Moreover, body odor has a greater impact on the daily life of patients. In severe cases, patients with body odor will become less confident and afraid to cause trouble to people close to them. So, how to reduce body odor? Be careful about cleaning. Cleaning is an.. Read More

How to judge myopia

Many people feel blurred by looking at food in the distance to determine myopia. In fact, myopia has true myopia and pseudo myopia, so myopic patients must also determine the severity of myopia before buying glasses. So, from which aspects should we judge whether my eyes are short-sighted, and how to judge my short-sightedness? 1, simple discrimination You can use a visual acuity chart for visual acuity testing, and then.. Read More