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What can I do if I can’t sleep at night

Because of trouble, or illness, or even for no reason, people may feel that sleep is not very good, and it is not easy to fall asleep at night. For this situation, many people are very upset. After all, if they sleep well, it has a great impact on health and mood. So, what can I do if I can’t sleep at night? First of all, if you feel that.. Read More

The dangers of going to bed late and getting up early

Everyone knows that a person ’s sleep is very important. If people usually stay up all night, it is easy to cause physical problems and affect daily work and study. But even so, there are still many people who choose to stay up all night to play games or watch TV series, so what is the harm of going to bed late and getting up early? 1. The dangers of.. Read More

Can you eat eggs with low fever?

Eggs are a kind of nutritious food, and have high nutrients, including protein, fatty acids and rich vitamins, etc. If the human body ingests an egg every day, Can enhance physical fitness, but also promote brain and development enhance memory. But some people say that people ca n’t eat eggs when they are uncomfortable. Can they eat eggs with low fever? 1. Try not to eat eggs when the human.. Read More

What’s wrong with calf cramps

Whenever it is summer and autumn, some friends will have some uncomfortable physical symptoms due to the cold weather, and calf cramps are one of them. Older people who do not go in are also prone to such symptoms. Some friends can’t find the cause of calf cramps, so there is always no good way to solve it. So what is going on with calf cramps? 1. There is a.. Read More

Can you eat persimmon cake on an empty stomach

Persimmon is a kind of blood pressure lowering fruit. Ripe persimmon is easy to rot, so people usually like to make persimmon into persimmon cake for storage. Although persimmons are rich in vitamins like ordinary fruits, persimmons and many other things are compatible. Before you need to eat persimmons, you need to know what foods are compatible with them. Can you eat persimmon cakes on an empty stomach? 1. It.. Read More

How to help digestion

Many people may not digest well because they do n’t pay attention to food or are unwell. If this situation persists, it is easy to hinder the absorption of nutrients, which is not beneficial to human health. Therefore, in normal times, if a digestive abnormality occurs, you need to pay attention to solve it. So, how can it help digestion? First of all, if you want better digestion, then do.. Read More

Can I eat sashimi?

Sashimi is a dish from Japan, most of which are made from fresh sea fish and other sea shells. The reason why it is called sashimi is because these seafood are eaten raw, cut into slices or strips with a special knife and then eaten with condiments, then can you eat sashimi? 1. Sashimi is equivalent to a dish, so you can eat sashimi. But it will not be eaten.. Read More

Can the radish leaves be eaten

Many green leaves are now eaten by people as vegetables, because most leaves are edible, but the taste will be a little different. Some farmers will pick up the seedlings when planting water radishes. The effect of water radishes has the effect of alleviating flatulence. According to the principle, the leaves of water radishes are also effective. 1. The biggest effect of water radish leaves is to treat the symptoms.. Read More

Can chocolate and longan be eaten

When eating daily, many foods may not be eaten together, which can easily cause bad effects on the body, that is, some foods have a compensatory effect. For example, chocolate and longan, many people do n’t know whether the two can be eaten together. So, can chocolate and longan be eaten? First of all, longan and chocolate can be eaten together without any bad effects, but be careful not to.. Read More

Can lotus root be green?

When people buy vegetables, they may buy some lotus roots to eat, but many people do n’t know much about lotus roots. For example, lotus roots have turned green, and many people do n’t know. Does this mean that the lotus roots are broken and can still be eaten? So, can lotus root hair green be eaten? First of all, if you see that the lotus root has turned green,.. Read More