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Will normal people produce HIV?

AIDSThere are three Communication method: Sexual contact,Mother-to-child transmissionandblood spread. People who are infected withAIDS, althoughtableface and ordinary peoplesame, butinfected person Semen,Blood ,vaginal dischargeandskinMucous membraneetc, all existA large number of AIDS ofvirus,and this virus isinfectious< span style="text-indent: 2em;">Strong. So,Can normal people produce HIV?? Under normal circumstances, the AIDS virus is not produced in the body of a normal person. If a person is found to be infected with the virus of.. Read More

How long does a normal person’s hair grow in a month

< /p> Everyone wants to have black and shiny hair, but some people find that their hair grows slowly in life, and it takes a long time to get a haircut. Can grow to the original level. This makes him have a doubt, this doubt is how long does a normal person’s hair grow in a month? The growth rate of normal people’s hair is 0.8-1.2cm a month, and how.. Read More

How to reduce wrinkles

In the face of different environments, the skin will also be tested. After women are twenty-five years old, the aging rate of their skin will gradually accelerate, which brings troubles to many women. If you want to keep the facial skin soft and delicate and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, you must do some related care. So, how can we reduce wrinkles? The common ways to reduce wrinkles in life.. Read More

How does nuclear radiation harm people

Radiation is harmful to the human body. This is a truth that everyone knows. After a nuclear leak, nuclear radiation will cause irreversible effects and damage to the local area, which makes many people feel more afraid of nuclear radiation, and some people think that nuclear radiation is not as serious as it is said. How does nuclear radiation harm people? The harm of nuclear radiation should not be underestimated… Read More

How old are women to enter menopause

For menopause, I believe many women are familiar with it. Women will enter menopause when they reach a certain age. During this period, women’s physical and psychological changes will occur. There will be many abnormal symptoms in the body, and women’s emotions will become very anxious. Then how old are women to enter menopause? Menopause can be said to be a stage that every woman has to go through. This.. Read More

How to solve the hiccups for more than a month

Hiccups are a physiological phenomenon and have a certain relationship with daily diet. If you eat too full, too hot or too cold, you may hiccup. Some people have hiccups for a long time, so they don’t know what to do. So how do you solve the hiccups after more than a month? Drink water and bend over to solve hiccups. The specific method is to drink a small amount.. Read More

The peak period of hand, foot and mouth disease is a few months

< /p> Hand, foot and mouth disease is an acute infectious disease caused by intestinal virus infection. This disease is highly contagious and can be used by children with weaker body resistance , Is undoubtedly a high-risk group of hand, foot and mouth disease, so parents should actively prevent the occurrence of this disease to their children in order to avoid harm to their children’s health. However, when is the.. Read More

Can the warm baby stick to the knee

Warm babies can keep people out of the cold and keep warm, and can promote blood circulation in the human body. In the cold winter, many people like to stick warm babies to keep warm, and warm babies can be used on the body Many parts, but can the warm baby stick to the knee? The warm baby can be attached to the knee. When the warm baby is attached.. Read More

The difference between coronary cta and angiography

The most effective way for a patient to diagnose his condition is to get an examination. According to the patient’s description of the symptoms of the condition, different examinations are needed to diagnose. The two examinations, cta and angiography, are both for the examination of the heart and blood vessels. You can see the stenosis of the heart and blood vessels. Some patients want to know about this. What is.. Read More

How long does the hepatitis B vaccine produce antibodies?

Hepatitis B is a serious liver disease, which is very harmful to the human body. After suffering from hepatitis B, there is no special medicine, and it can only be controlled by taking medicine. If you want to avoid the harm of hepatitis B, the best way is to get hepatitis B vaccine. So, how long does it take to produce antibodies after the hepatitis B vaccine? After the human.. Read More