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When to eat cod liver oil

Many mothers start to consider the health of their babies after they are pregnant. They want to supplement the vitamin A and vitamin D needed by the body. These foods can promote the baby’s vision Development can also promote the absorption of calcium in the body. So, when is the best time to eat cod liver oil? The cod liver oil should be taken every morning, because the cod liver.. Read More

Fruits low in sugar

Many expectant mothers are afraid and love fruits after pregnancy. They are afraid that eating too much fruit contains too much sugar, which is harmful to the health of the fetus. What I love is the sweet and sour fruit, which is very suitable for the taste of pregnant women. In fact, there are many low-sugar fruits on the market suitable for pregnant women. So, what are the low-sugar fruits.. Read More

Can horseshoe be eaten

The taste of horseshoe is very sweet and crisp. It is very popular with the masses. It can be used as fillings for dumplings, fried dices, soups, etc., but not all Everyone is suitable for eating horseshoes, so for Huayun women, can horseshoes be eaten during pregnancy? Pregnant women can eat horseshoes during pregnancy. Pregnant women are prone to get angry, constipation, and indigestion during pregnancy. Horseshoes have diuretic and.. Read More

What are the coarse grains

Pregnant women should pay great attention to life and diet during this special period. What foods are beneficial to pregnant women. These are the issues that pregnant women are more concerned about. Whole grains are good for human health, but for pregnant women, eating has certain taboos. What are the whole grains that pregnant women can eat? Pregnant women can eat sorghum, sweet potatoes, oats, corn, buckwheat, etc. Sweet potatoes.. Read More

Hungry in the middle of the night

During pregnancy, you must pay attention to all kinds of situations that occur in yourself, whether it is diet or living environment. If you are not careful, it will have various effects on the fetus, and women will have various physical functions after pregnancy. The changes in the patient’s life often lead to hunger or loss of appetite, so what if a pregnant woman is hungry in the middle of.. Read More

When to eat goose eggs

Goose eggs are rich in nutrients, rich in protein, lecithin, and trace elements, which can effectively supplement the nutrition needed during pregnancy and also have a great effect on the growth and development of the baby Good, but for pregnant women, you need to be extra cautious and careful when eating any food. So when is the best time for pregnant women to eat goose eggs? Pregnant women don’t have.. Read More

High blood sugar recipes

Gestational diabetes is more common during pregnancy and is also a serious disease during pregnancy. However, after most pregnant women give birth, their blood sugar will return to the normal range . However, the phenomenon of high blood sugar during pregnancy has a relatively large impact on pregnant women and fetuses, so pay attention to controlling blood sugar during pregnancy. So how to arrange high blood sugar recipes? 1. Eat.. Read More

Can the beans be eaten?

Carob is a particularly delicious food. Not only can it be braised or fried, but it is also very nutritious. It is a favorite food for many people, but it is special together. During this period, many people worry that eating will have an impact. For example, during pregnancy, can beans be eaten during pregnancy? Can pregnant women eat beans? Carob is edible, and pregnant women can also eat it,.. Read More

Rock sugar Sydney practice

During pregnancy, the mouth will become more sloppy, so the requirements for diet have been improved, but the diet during pregnancy must not be the same as before, it is spicy and cold Yes, food with warm sex is the best choice at this time. Rock Sugar Sydney is an example, but there are many prospective fathers who don’t know how to make Rock Sugar Sydney, so let’s take a.. Read More

Belly growling

During pregnancy, many women will always pay attention to their physical health. They are always worried that if they do not pay attention to them, they will affect the health of the fetus. When they find that they have abnormal symptoms, they will worry It is because the fetus is abnormal, so you can understand that the body has some symptoms, and you can take countermeasures in life. So, what’s.. Read More