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Can obstetrics and gynecology see the breast?

Breast health problems are also important to female friends. If a woman feels breast pain, soreness and other discomfort, she should go to the hospital for observation in time. However, some women do not I don’t know which department to go to for breast problems, so, can the obstetrics and gynecology department see the breast? The obstetrics and gynecology department can look at the breast. Breast problems may sometimes be.. Read More

Is red bean gas-producing food

Red beans are often consumed by people making porridge, and they can also be made into red bean rice. In fact, each food material has a different function, supplementing the different nutrients the body needs. There are many foods that can produce gas and cause discomfort in the stomach, so is red beans gas-producing food? Eating too much red beans is easy to produce gas, red beans can play a.. Read More

What to eat to supplement lactic acid bacteria

There are many kinds of bacteria in the human intestines and stomach. Most of these bacteria are healthy and beneficial to promote the human gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation and abdominal pain. If the beneficial flora in the human body is reduced, it will cause their intestinal diseases. The lactic acid bacteria is also a kind of beneficial bacteria. So, what can you eat to supplement lactic acid bacteria? Lactic.. Read More

What to eat more will produce melanin

Melanin is a biological pigment. It is caused by a series of chemical reactions of tyrosine. This pigment is found in animals, plants and protists. Melanin is the human body Indispensable, it is a dark-brown pigment that exists in the skin or hair. So, what will produce melanin if you eat more? You can eat more black buckwheat to produce melanin. Black buckwheat can not only help the human body.. Read More

How to reduce white hair

With the rapid development of society nowadays, people’s lives are under increasing pressure. Coupled with a lot of workload, many office workers have developed the habit of staying up late and working overtime. Therefore, there are more and more young people, who are obviously young but have a lot of white hair. So, how to reduce white hair? To reduce the appearance of white hair, we must first develop a.. Read More

Can I drink milk if I eat folic acid?

While women eat folic acid, in order to increase the body’s nutritional status, they often eat some other foods, among which many women choose to eat milk , Because the taste is better and can enhance nutrition, but some women are also worried that if the two substances are mixed together, will there be anything to pay attention to? Can I drink milk if I eat folic acid? In most.. Read More

Can I drink milk if I eat sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the most popular whole grains, and milk is also a commonly used drink. I believe many people know that foods interact with each other, and some cannot be matched. And eat each other. Sweet potatoes and milk are common foods. So, can I drink milk if I eat sweet potatoes? Yes, sweet potatoes are coarse grains that are rich in minerals, starch and dietary fiber… Read More

Will cervical resection age prematurely?

The cervix is ​​a part of a woman’s body and has a certain impact on women’s pregnancy. If a woman’s cervix has a problem, it will affect their fertility. Therefore, women should always protect their cervical health and do not ignore cervical problems. But some people want to know, will women age earlier after cervical resection? The problem of female body aging is actually controlled by the ovaries in the.. Read More

Is it serious that the cervix is ​​not smooth?

Women’s cervix is ​​very important. Many women avoid gynecological diseases for their health , Will go to the hospital for some gynecological care and examinations, so that we can understand the situation of the cervix in time, and the situation of the cervix is ​​not smooth in the gynecology department. Is the cervical irritation serious? When the estrogen secretion in the female body is excessive, it will cause the columnar.. Read More

Does the accessory breast need to be checked?

The breast is a representative organ for women, but some women have only one In addition to healthy breasts, accessory breasts may also appear. Accessory breasts are a common clinical symptom of accessory breasts. Many women have regular breast examinations for breast health. Do the accessory breast glands need to be checked? Accessory breast is the breast tissue that grows out in addition to the normal breast. It is usually.. Read More