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How egg white turns milky

With the continuous development of network technology, more and more people share their food and beverage production on the Internet. Eggs are a good cooking ingredient, and many female friends will separate egg whites and yolks. Beat egg whites to milky white for food or beauty products. So, how does egg white turn milky? First, make sure that the egg white and the yolk are completely separated. The egg white.. Read More

What to eat to keep drinking stomach

Regular drinking has a great impact on physical health, but many people cannot resist the temptation of drinking, and some people It is because of work that I have to drink alcohol, which will cause damage to my stomach in the long run. So many people want to know what to eat to keep their stomachs that drink often? The biggest damage to the stomach from drinking is the damage.. Read More

Does HPV cause cervical hypertrophy

Hyperplasia of the cervix of women is often caused by the stimulation of local tissue invasion after infection by certain pathogenic bacteria. Cervical HPV infection is also a serious gynecological disease, and it can cause a variety of adverse symptoms as the disease spreads. So, will HPV cause cervical hypertrophy? The abbreviation of human papillomavirus is hpv. After a person is infected with this virus, the symptoms will be different.. Read More

What is obstetrics and gynecology

Friends all know that there are many divisional departments in the hospital, among which the obstetrics and gynecology department is one of the most common main departments, but for some female friends, the body When there is a health problem, sometimes it is not known whether it belongs to the diagnosis and treatment of these departments. So, what does the hospital obstetrics and gynecology mainly do? 1. Obstetrics and gynecology.. Read More

Will you gain weight if you eat yogurt

Many people usually like to drink yogurt, this is a very nutritious food, Regular consumption is good for health. Now people attach great importance to body shape, especially those who are losing weight, will try to avoid eating foods that are easy to cause weight gain, such as cakes and drinks. So, does eating yogurt often gain weight? Everyone eats yogurt and does not gain weight, because yogurt is a.. Read More

Will a 14 year old girl get pregnant

Now the teenage girls are pregnant every year for tens of thousands of years. Some are pregnant at the age of 17 or 18, and some are pregnant at the age of 15 or 16. If you are pregnant, it will cause great harm to the girl’s body and uterus. Therefore, it must be disciplined for girls over 15 years old. Will a 14 year old girl become pregnant? Pregnancy.. Read More

Is adult milk powder on fire?

Some friends find that their bodies are thinner and poorer, and they are easy to get sick. They think this situation is caused by insufficient nutrition they have absorbed, so they want to drink adult milk powder To supplement nutrition, but they are worried that drinking adult milk powder will get angry. So, do adult milk powder get angry? Adult milk powder is likely to cause an upset situation, but.. Read More

How much is normal on the fifth day of menstruation

Menstrual period is an old friend of women who visits once a month. Usually in the first two days, when there is a lot of menstrual flow, thicker sanitary napkins are needed. In the next two days, the amount of menstruation is relatively small, and the change is more diligent. You need to use a thinner hygienic or pad. How much is normal on the fifth day of menstruation? The.. Read More

Why is there black blood in the leucorrhea

Leucorrhea can be said to be a barometer of the female body. With the color and texture of the leucorrhea, it can be seen whether the female private parts are healthy. Women’s leucorrhea is generally white, and the amount is small, no smell, but some people are different, so why is there black blood in the leucorrhea? Blackened blood in the leucorrhea may be related to miscarriage, it is also.. Read More

Is the second day of menstruation a safe period?

For people without fertility needs, contraception is required. There are many methods of contraception, some people like to wear condoms, some people put a birth control ring in the uterus, and some people like to use safe contraception for contraception. So is it safe for the next day after menstruation? For women with regular menstruation, the second day after menstruation is a safe period and will not be pregnant. Because.. Read More