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What to do if you get old fast after amenorrhea

After amenorrhea, women’s ovarian function gradually declines, and menopause is about to come, the appearance will decline, physical strength will decline, and insomnia will be easy. The aging rate will be faster after amenorrhea, so women are not willing to come to amenorrhea. So what should I do if I grow old quickly after amenorrhea? Amenorrhea is something that every woman needs to experience. After amenorrhea, there are actually some.. Read More

What does cervix too tight mean

As everyone knows, a lot of examinations are required during labor, and then the doctor will determine whether the pregnant woman has a normal delivery or a C-section based on the results of the examination. I believe that many women will be a little confused when they are told that the cervix is ​​tight, so what does it mean that the cervix is ​​too tight? If the cervix is ​​too.. Read More

How to produce fine lines

When reaching a certain age, some symptoms of aging often appear, such as a lot of wrinkles in the corner of the eye. This is a natural growth process, which is irreversible to some extent. After wrinkles, the whole person looks much older. So how do fine lines at the corners of the eyes produce? In general, there are three main causes of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes… Read More

What is the feeling of accessory breast

In life, some women are often troubled by accessory breasts. Accessory breasts are excess breasts, which are distributed under the armpits or pre-axillary areas. Some have nipples and breast tissues, and some do not have nipples but breast tissues. What is the feeling of accessory breasts? Accessory breast is a kind of underdeveloped tissue. Like normal breasts, after being affected by sex hormones, premenstrual pain will also occur Circumstance, but.. Read More

Is menstruation normal at 11 years old?

Menstruation is a unique feature of women’s physiology, and it is also very important. If a woman has menarche at a certain age, it means that her reproductive system has begun to develop and she has fertility. But some girls start menstruating at the age of 11. Is menstruation normal after 11 years of age? Under normal circumstances, a girl’s menstruation at the age of 11 is normal. A girl’s.. Read More

What to do if static electricity occurs in winter

I believe that many friends have encountered static electricity in winter. For example, when they touch other people, or touch some metal objects, they will be suddenly electrocuted. After electricity, it will produce a slight tingling sensation. It is fine once or twice occasionally. If it is often charged by static electricity, it is not a good taste. Then why is there static electricity in winter and what to do.. Read More

Are people with cold palace ectopic pregnancy easy?

Many women suffer from backaches, cold hands and feet, and fatigue, especially during menstrual periods. In fact, most women suffer from dysmenorrhea. As a result, we must pay attention. Cold palace causes great harm to the body, so is it easy for people with cold palace to get ectopic pregnancy? Cold uterus does not cause infertility, it is not the cause of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is caused by inflammation… Read More

Is there no pain in the cervix?

The cervix is ​​a very important part of the female body. If uterine problems are found, it may affect the women’s menstruation and fertility. Many young women do not take good care of their bodies and cause cervical diseases appear. Everyone knows that there is no obvious pain when touching the cervix, so is there no pain in the cervix? There is no pain in the cervix, because there is.. Read More

Why don’t girls have a beard

Nowadays, some young people prefer to dress more neutrally in their daily life. Therefore, some people are used to distinguishing these young people by beard when judging their gender. Think of this as the most obvious difference between boys and girls. In fact, some people are very puzzled about the issue of beards. Why don’t girls have beards? The growth mechanism of human hair is mainly regulated by the nerve.. Read More

Stomach contraction often exercise, OK?

People’s stomachs are very prone to fat accumulation, which is very Great influence, so everyone wants to lose belly fat. Some people think that exercising through abdominal contraction will help to reduce fat, so they will contract the abdomen frequently. So, how about regular stomach contraction exercise? It’s not good to exercise with stomach contractions, which can easily damage your health. People who often contract their abdomen may affect their.. Read More