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How to make ribs soup

Spare ribs are foods that we often eat in our lives, especially the ribs soup is a soup delicacy on the table. The ribs have high nutritional value and contain high calcium. Drinking ribs soup can provide the protein needed by the body, especially pregnant women can drink ribs soup, which can promote fetal development, and can also supplement the nutrition that pregnant women need. You may wish to drink.. Read More

Diabetes recipes

Diabetes is more harmful to patients, and the incidence of this disease is getting higher and higher. When diabetes occurs, it should be treated in time and pay attention to the patient’s diet. Through a reasonable diet, the treatment of diseases can also bring a good effect, so what are the diabetes recipes? 1. Ribs stewed with peas Soy foods contain very low blood sugar. No matter what kind of.. Read More

Mouth tasteless

Everything you eat will feel no taste in your mouth. I believe this is something that many people have experienced. This situation will have a serious impact on people’s normal appetite , It can also cause many problems in the body, so when there is no taste in the mouth, the cause should be found and treated in time. So what are the reasons for the tasteless mouth? First of.. Read More

What are iron-containing foods

Iron is an essential nutrient in the human body. If the body lacks iron, it is easy to cause anemia. Therefore, you should usually eat more iron-containing foods. The iron content in food is very high, so that the symptoms of anemia can be avoided. So what are the iron-containing foods? First of all, meat foods are high in iron, especially lean meat. You can usually choose some chicken, pig.. Read More

How to eat DHA

Many mothers will supplement their babies with DHA. DHA has a very good effect on baby’s intellectual development and vision development. However, when you give your baby DHA, you should also decide based on your baby’s age and actual situation. When you eat DHA, you should also master the correct way to take it, so that it can bring better results. So how to eat DHA? DHA is divided into.. Read More

Can oranges be eaten

Oranges are rich in nutrition, with a sweet taste and golden color, which is very attractive. I believe many friends like to eat oranges. Oranges also contain a lot of vitamins. Regular consumption of oranges is good for the body, but not all people are suitable for eating oranges. So can children eat oranges? Can children eat oranges Although the taste of oranges is relatively sweet, many people like to.. Read More

What to eat for iron deficiency

The iron element plays a vital role in the human body. Iron is an essential element in the physiological process of the human body and one of the main raw materials of hemoglobin. It can make blood, transport, and carry nutrients. If a person lacks iron, it is likely to have dizziness, fatigue, pale complexion, unsmooth nails, shrinkage, hair loss easily, dry skin, shortness of breath and heart palpitations during.. Read More

Can roast duck be eaten

Women during pregnancy will compare their usual dietary tastes with those in daily life Great changes have taken place. Many foods that you don’t like at ordinary times may become extremely delicious during pregnancy. However, it should also be noted that many charcoal grilled foods are not recommended for pregnant women to eat during pregnancy. For pregnant women, roast duck can Can’t eat it? It is recommended that pregnant women.. Read More

Can you eat hot and sour noodles?

Hot and sour noodles are not unfamiliar to everyone. Hot and sour noodles are traditional snacks spread in the rural areas of Chongqing and Sichuan, and we are also accustomed to them. Can pregnant women eat hot and sour noodles during this special period of pregnancy? Women during pregnancy can eat. But it should be noted that hot and sour noodles are clean, safe, and green. But don’t overdo it… Read More

Can you eat sushi?

Sushi, a food that has spread from Japan to the country, has a unique taste and pleasing method that has been loved by a considerable number of people. Can you still eat sushi overnight? To be precise, it is not recommended to eat overnight sushi. Because under normal circumstances, sushi is made of many materials, such as meat, vegetables, seafood, etc., various ingredients, and some ingredients may undergo qualitative changes.. Read More