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Bamboo Zen for Cixi Portrait

   In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a Buddhist monk named Zhu Chan in the Shuanggui Hall of the famous Buddhist temple in Liangshan, Sichuan, known as the head of the Zen Forest in Shu, which was the tenth generation abbot. He was addicted to calligraphy and painting when he was young. He turned his hair into a monk when he was twenty years old, and he struggled with.. Read More

Debt collection

  Lai Zhongliang is a small boss, nicknamed “Laipi”. He always borrows money and does not pay it back. When Lai has more than one account, the accumulation is very impressive.    There is a migrant worker named Xiao Han. He worked for Lai Pi for half a year, but by the end of the year, Lai Pi owed him two thousand dollars.    Xiaohan came to Lai Pi’s house that.. Read More

Beaten taste

   Taxi driver Zhao Ming was grumpy. On this day, he suddenly received a call from his son Xiaoguang. Xiaoguang cried on the phone: “Dad, I am at the door of the school, someone beats me!”    Zhao Ming Anxious, drove to the school after a few minutes of driving. At first glance, Xiaoguang was wrestling with a child who was almost tall. Zhao Ming was furious, so good boy,.. Read More

Cheating wife

  Wife’s life is fine, a penny can spend two and a half, someone gave her an old mobile phone, but no mobile phone card.    On this day, we saved the motorcycle and traveled to all the mobile phone stores on the street, and finally found the most affordable mobile phone card. It is free within 200 text messages.    came out from the mobile phone store, I asked my.. Read More

Very bank robbery

  The bank’s eight windows only opened two. At least a dozen people were queuing in each window, and the two long chairs were full. There is only one entrance to the Treasury. I stopped by the door and no one could run away.    I unzipped the jacket to reveal a metal block wrapped around my waist, held the mobile phone in my right hand, and connected the mobile phone.. Read More

Please show your driver’s license

That afternoon, I went to discuss business with Manager Huang. The negotiation was very smooth. After signing the contract, I had a good time with the client.   After the banquet was over, manager Huang and I came to the parking lot. When I saw Manager Huang walking a little unsteadily, I asked him if he could. If not, he simply took a taxi. Who knows that Manager Huang is not.. Read More


  Mr. Zhang, who makes tofu in Maple Tree Village, loves to bet and raise bars. He is a famous dog. This morning, as soon as he entered the village, the business came. When he saw that he was in a hurry, he said, “I’m in a hurry, please, don’t give it away.” Zhang Laohan was not happy when he heard this: ” I have sold tofu all my life, and.. Read More

A bad luck

 One day, I spent the night in an abandoned car. The car has no motor, steering wheel and wheels, and no locks, so it must be an abandoned car.   Why should I talk about these in detail? Because of a traffic accident. At night I saw an imported car flying on the highway, a Cherokee Jeep. The broken car where I lived was still in place, parked in a gutter.. Read More

Peeping and the Internet Age

   A guy has a voyeurism. After work that day, his wife sent him to the market to buy fish. When he passed a building, he glanced at it casually, and he was suddenly excited: the curtains of a family on the first floor were not fully closed, and a young couple was hugging Together…    He looked around: No one, leaned against the wall, took out a small mirror,.. Read More


   A young man drove to a car gas station in Israel. After the gas tank was full, he paid the bill, bought a bottle of soft drink, and stood outside the car door and drank. At this time, he saw two people working by the road: after one person dug a pit to a depth of two or three feet, he went on to dig another pit; the other.. Read More