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Little-known modern spy

As the Cold War is drifting away, the bonds of globalization are getting closer, and the wish for peace has become the reality of most people’s lives. The so-called “humanity’s oldest occupation” seems to be far away from our lives, and even gradually fades away. People’s sight. However, the once heated incident of US and Russian spies once again tells us that although the Cold War has ended and the.. Read More

The future of the US and Russian navies

   In recent years, whenever the Russian Navy has held large-scale military activities, it has always sent out cruiser formations. Among them, there are not only the small number of aircraft carriers and weak capabilities, but also the long-term love of cruisers. In fact, among the navies of the world today, only the United States and Russia have guided missile cruisers. Because the two countries have chosen different paths in.. Read More

Very quotes

 I am young and I need your guidance, but I don’t need your guidance.    I have brushed shoulders with a person countless times, and my clothes were abraded and there was no spark.    Tired is the feeling of a person on the plate after eating the food on the plate.   The road to success is always under construction.    Gentlemen, please don’t discharge me, the child’s father has.. Read More

Boss and husband

   The boss and husband are both people who depend on survival, if you choose one of them, it will greatly increase the risk.    There is only a boss without a husband, you will be lonely; only a husband without a boss, you will be empty.   About time  I basically spend 50% of my time on my boss and my husband.  To accompany the boss during the day and.. Read More

Umbrella Lohas makes it easy for me to make millions

   Meng Ranran is a cheerful Shanghai girl. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, she applied to a clothing company as a designer. Unexpectedly, he was laid off after just three months of salary. After staying at home for a while, she decided to open a clothing store by herself. She took out all her savings, borrowed 8,000 yuan from her parents, and made up 20,000.. Read More

Transfer a sip of wine

   In an abandoned old manor, a Taobao man named Brown dug up a jar of wine. Judging from the mud seal on the jar, it is at least two to three hundred years old.    This is the most expensive liquor in the early days of France!    Brown was very happy, and immediately took the jar of wine home. The news spread quickly. Many wealthy people came to.. Read More

Doll Travel Agency

 If you can’t fulfill your dream of traveling to Prague, let your doll replace you. In Prague, the staff of “Doll Travel Agency” will arrange a perfect trip to Prague for your beloved doll, help it to take photos with Prague landmarks, and send you all kinds of dolls in the journey via email every day.” Seeing and hearing” and “feeling”. If your doll has special habits, for example, it.. Read More

New words for entrepreneurship

 The company is a place of right and wrong, the shopping mall is a place of right and wrong, businessmen are right and wrong, making money is a matter of right and wrong, and the age of change is an age of right and wrong. There is nothing right and wrong in so many right and wrong, which requires people to have very good and stable values. Right and wrong.. Read More

How to sell a dessert to 170,000

   48-year-old Michael Matthew is the chef and owner of a high-end restaurant in Manhattan, USA. Due to fierce competition and difficult operation of the restaurant, Matthew decided to save the restaurant with his own wisdom.    After some market research, Matthew realized that his restaurant is too ordinary, there is no place that can impress people and make people remember. He thought of creating a highlight to attract attention,.. Read More

Successfully hide in the corner

   In the 1970s, Sony Electric was very popular in Japan, but received a cold reception in the US market. Sony’s only product in the US market, Sony’s color TV, is actually regarded as a “gross brand” and no one cares about it. The persons in charge of sales promotion activities sent by Sony to the United States all returned without success.    Sony vowed not to give up the.. Read More