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I’m going to be grandpa if I don’t get married

   My current girlfriend is a very considerate person, and Xiaoxian and I can understand the past without explaining to her. Everyone has a past. I will take Yaya to discuss a period of life. We cherish this fate. I will also teach her some ways of thinking to avoid detours. Because of our big age gap, I think I will leave a bit earlier than her. If she is.. Read More

Mandela’s health regimen

   Former South African President Mandela is 91 years old this year, and he was still active on the world political stage a few years ago. Someone once said Mandela: “What power makes you full of vitality?” Mandela replied: The spirit of fraternity plus a strong body.    In fact, Mandela can live long and healthy, besides his fraternity and tolerance, it is very important that he insists on physical.. Read More

The diet of leaders

The cook has served in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for 36 years. He believes that joining the International Royal Kitchen Association can regularly exchange information in different countries and absorb the latest cooking information, which will help design new dishes.       Obama and his family have an easy-going diet       Cristeta Comerford, the only female chef among Obama’s 7 chefs, also came to Hong.. Read More

Read six characters to raise the five internal organs

The specialty is known as “the king of dried fruits”, and it is also called “ginseng fruit” abroad. Millet is rich in nutrition, and contains 5.7 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 25 grams of starch, and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, fatty acids and carotene per 100 grams of fresh products, which can provide 186 calories Kilocalories.   In dried fruits, chestnuts.. Read More

Don’t lose your phone

br>    I couldn’t help but laughed angrily: threatening me, what can you do to me? Isn’t it just a mobile phone? I don’t want it.   At this time, the police phone also called. “We have seized the bank card you mentioned, how can there be any money, bravado, and interfere with our work!”    I quickly explained that the owner of the bank card is a thief, please catch.. Read More

Generous gift

It costs 10,000 yuan. To tell you the truth, this sofa cost 25 thousand. “   Wang Weiguo screamed: “You dare to buy a sofa with more than 20,000 yuan! Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, how much money are you greedy?”    Why do you scold someone when you ask someone to do something? Wang Xiaoming was terrified. Manager Zhang was not annoyed. He even counted his income to Wang Weiguo with.. Read More

This is my husband

 Section Chief Ding is a lesbian, but she is in a position to do so. Years of eating have helped her develop a habit of drinking alcohol. Not drinking for a day is like losing her soul.    On this day, a friend of mine needs to ask her for something. After the matter was settled, according to her wishes, she had a banquet at the Tianwaitian Restaurant at noon… Read More

Special talent

 The annual publicity day has come again, especially the chief director Jiang has just arrived. This is a major event in the bureau. In fact, publicity days are held every year. It is nothing more than setting up two tables to read two manuscripts, sending out some lists and taking a few photos. But the newly appointed Director Jiang made an unprecedented proposal to truly reflect the active participation of.. Read More

Can’t be wrong in the future

 I introduced a partner to my cousin not long ago. After getting along for a while, they found that the two were very close to each other. After that, both parents met in the hotel. Both parents are very talkative, and they even talked to the Internet during the exchange. The cousin saw that the two families are keen on these things, so she asked their QQ account to establish.. Read More

The United States has experienced several divisive crises

   Articles by former senior U.S. government officials predicting that the U.S. will disintegrate in 2017 are widely circulated on the Internet. Although such predictions are regarded as strange talks, they have always been spread in the market. Looking back on the history of the United States for more than 200 years, in addition to the famous Civil War, the United States has also experienced several secession crises. Separation is.. Read More