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Zhang Jianzhong champion

   Wen has no first place and Wu has no second place. The No. 1 in Wu Ke is roughly understandable. He knocked everyone down and stood still, even if he won the final victory. What about the champions in liberal arts? Those who enter the palace exam are all masters. Among thousands of beautiful articles, how do you distinguish between gold, silver and bronze awards? Some people prefer plums,.. Read More

Mei Lanfang’s advertisement

 Mr. Mei Lanfang first arrived in Shanghai in the 1930s. Although he was a great singer, it was difficult to become famous in Shanghai.    At that time, newspapers had to rely on advertising revenue to survive in order to survive. But the advertisements at that time were either overblown or said that a certain product of Lai had any special effects. The introduction of the performance also said that.. Read More

Soong Ching Ling’s “Food Diplomacy”

A silk scarf and a white Xingliang shirt said: “This is a small gift I brought you two from Shanghai.” The two of them were so moved that they didn’t know what to say. After a while, Xu Xiaobing said embarrassedly: “Thank you, Vice Chairman Song, neither of us have anything to give you…” Soong Ching Ling immediately interrupted him and said, “I hope you will not be polite with.. Read More

The emperor who beat twenty

  Why is the emperor extravagantly spanked, what is it? At the beginning of the Jin Dynasty, the family background was too thin, and even the palace was built as quietly as the bandits. In the spirit of economy, Jin Taizu Wanyan Aguda solemnly made an oath with the officials: The property in the treasury can only be used during war. If someone breaks the oath, no matter if he is.. Read More

Lincoln Fraud

   Lincoln, known for his honesty, used methods such as forged admission tickets, denying opponents’ supporters, and making wishes to the electors in order to win the Republican nomination of the “Presidential” candidate in 1860, and finally got his wish. It is said that his wish was indeed fulfilled after he was elected president.    The Republican National Congress is scheduled to be held in Chicago on May 16, 1860… Read More

Medvedev’s 16-year-old vow

 Jace was born in a scholarly family in St. Petersburg, and his father was a university professor. Although his father’s salary is not low, because a dozen people of all ages depend on his father, his family is not rich; although he does not go hungry, he is often stretched.    He still remembers that on his 16th birthday, his father said to him “Jace, happy birthday”. The so-called birthday.. Read More

The ancients went to night work

  ”Working at sunrise, resting at sunset” was the rule of life followed by the ancients, but in ancient times there were also people who needed to work night shifts, such as watchmen and doormen, as well as monks. Let’s take a look: “The moon is falling and the sky is full of frost, Jiang Feng’s fishing fire is sad, and the Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, the bell arrives at.. Read More


  At 1:25 on April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein, the “father of relativity,” died in Princeton University Hospital, New Jersey, at the age of 76. The writer Paderney described the scene like this: “The news of Einstein’s death immediately shocked the world. The quiet town was suddenly crowded with reporters and celebrities in the scientific world, just like the death of a prophet. The scene looks like the death of.. Read More

Yuan Shikai gave three orders to defend Tibet’s sovereignty

  Yuan Shikai, a “thief of the country”, was once called a “traitor” because of the “21 Articles”. However, when he became the interim president of the Republic of China, he issued three orders to defend Tibet’s sovereignty.    On March 10, 1912, Yuan Shikai became the interim president of the Republic of China after Sun Yat-sen. On April 22, he clearly declared in the Presidential Decree: “Now the five.. Read More


   We are like a line of poetry lost in a poem, we always feel that it rhymes with other lines of poetry, we must find them, otherwise it will not fulfill its mission. This pursuit of the unreached realm is the greatest impulse in people’s hearts, and it contributes to all the best creations of people. Man seems to feel deeply that there is a barrier at the root.. Read More