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Family has a daughter

   likes to read Wang Zengqi’s books. Last year’s “World Reading Day”, a reporter from “Sanxiang Metropolis Daily” visited and asked who my favorite writer was, and the answer was: Wang Zengqi. Yes, this old man is really not simple, calm and calm, and writing in style, and once the ordinary square characters are combined, he has a sound, a color, a rhythm, and a lot of things that can.. Read More

The smell of sunlight

   is the big sun again. Dry out the winter clothes and quilts in the cupboard, making the balcony lively. Seeing the sun shining on the snow-white, red and willow green fabrics, there is a blessing of security and happiness.    When I was young, I was very close to the bedding that had seen the sun. As long as you close your body, it’s like hearing a lullaby and.. Read More

Asia-Pacific military exercise: the ocean cannot cover the beacon smoke

Provoked speculation and associations “against China”. U.S. Navy experts revealed that the purpose of this exercise is actually to guard against emerging military forces in the Asia-Pacific region, including China. The US media also pointed out that in the history of the Pacific Rim series of exercises, the former Soviet Union was originally targeted, but now it must be infused with “new ideas”, that is, to “guard the security of.. Read More

The historical truth behind the Changde Defense War

The Central Bank, the heads of the delegations divided areas, guarded a house, made the last resistance, pledged to die, and wished victory. Long live the 74th Army…”    This is the last message sent by Yu Chengwan to the commander-in-chief Sun Lianzhong. At that time, the city was overwhelmed by fire, and the Japanese army had already rushed into the city from all sides. Yu Chengwan also took up.. Read More

Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance

   Yuanmei is a gold medal trainer of a fitness club. She is young and lively, gentle and lovely, and has many suitors around her.    As the saying goes: “The big man should be married, and the big girl should be married”. This is a very natural thing, but Ke Yuanyuan has recently encountered an upset.    This weekend, Yuanyuan and her good friend Lin Yu attended the university.. Read More

Resignation Coup

   My friend opened a company and asked me to be the vice president. Naturally, the remuneration is three times my current salary. My friend said, you immediately quit and come and help me. The company just opened and needed manpower. I thought about it for a few nights, and decided to quit this comfortable but invisible job and help my friends create a career together.    The next day,.. Read More

Life is profitable from happiness

  Which class is the most popular at Harvard University? It is an elective course: “Happiness Class”. The number of attendees surpassed the ace class “Introduction to Economics”, which was taught by an unknown young lecturer named Tal Bin-Shahar, PhD in philosophy and psychology. The “Organizational Psychology” and “Leadership Psychology” courses he opened at Harvard were ranked first and third in the “Most Popular Courses” respectively. The number of electives per.. Read More

Bamboo Zen for Cixi Portrait

   In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a Buddhist monk named Zhu Chan in the Shuanggui Hall of the famous Buddhist temple in Liangshan, Sichuan, known as the head of the Zen Forest in Shu, which was the tenth generation abbot. He was addicted to calligraphy and painting when he was young. He turned his hair into a monk when he was twenty years old, and he struggled with.. Read More

Debt collection

  Lai Zhongliang is a small boss, nicknamed “Laipi”. He always borrows money and does not pay it back. When Lai has more than one account, the accumulation is very impressive.    There is a migrant worker named Xiao Han. He worked for Lai Pi for half a year, but by the end of the year, Lai Pi owed him two thousand dollars.    Xiaohan came to Lai Pi’s house that.. Read More

Beaten taste

   Taxi driver Zhao Ming was grumpy. On this day, he suddenly received a call from his son Xiaoguang. Xiaoguang cried on the phone: “Dad, I am at the door of the school, someone beats me!”    Zhao Ming Anxious, drove to the school after a few minutes of driving. At first glance, Xiaoguang was wrestling with a child who was almost tall. Zhao Ming was furious, so good boy,.. Read More