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The Lost Water Margin Hero

Wu Song hits the tigerWu Song went to Jingyanggang and met a hungry white-eyed big tiger with a hungry eye. If he got a treasure, he grabbed the camera and was a crazy shot, and he shouted excitedly: “I finally got it What a tiger!” Echoes echoed in the valley for a long time. The tiger was not happy, and said, “Hey, what are you yelling at? You have to.. Read More

Wine Baogong

When Xiao Bao retired, he just caught up with the director of the village committee. Xiao Bao’s grass-green military uniform with no shoulder badges made the eyes of the villagers in Qingquan shine. Xiaobao became the director of the village committee of Qingquan Village. Qingquan Village is a large village with more than 300 households, and the surnames live together. Those petty thieves and prostitutes quarreled with each other, and.. Read More

Color-changing door

The old man Liu, the guard, has encountered troubles recently. This matter is of great importance. It cannot be said to others, nor can it be solved completely at once. This happened from a Monday night. On Monday night, old man Liu inspected the office building as usual, and closed the big iron door of the office building, but after lying down, I always felt that something was wrong. At.. Read More