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Jingdong Kaixue is divided into millions of scholarships~~

Jingdong’s school season is divided into millions of scholarships. The team scraps scholarships, which can be withdrawn to the small vault, similar to the cat’s stack of cats. Start teaming at 9:00 every day and credits after 22:00. A class can add 100 peopleNote: After entering the class, the book in the middle can still be 600 points, the props are paid a penny, and the credits are doubled. It.. Read More

WeChat I will be the MAXUS national custom mobilization to divide 20 yuan cash prize

WeChat pays attention to the public number: I am MAXUSClick on the menu bar II – Wonderful Life – New D60Click on blue tweet Font[Click here to enter D60 smart car] Enter Smart Customization–More points I have to–The lower right corner seat layout-Private customization-Interior-Equipment-Personality-Strict selection-Customization Then click [Generate Beautiful Picture] on the right side–Lower left corner [View reward task] and then click the bottom [National Customization General Mobilization 20 Yuan.. Read More

Jingdong discount small program to browse the product red envelopes pro test 0.5 yuan shopping can be cashed

Open WeChat–Discovery–Small program search【Jingdong Offer】Into the small program click in the middle of the [Tianjiang Dahongbao] Every time you browse 3 items, you can take a red envelope.About 0.5 Yuan red envelope red envelope is valid for 2 days in the Jingdong discount small program shopping can be cashed                                  

Alipay launches the calorie limit fast charge service, can transfer to the balance treasure to earn income

Some of the invited members of Alipay Huayu can experience the “Flower Credit Fast Charge” service launched by Alipay PS: Simply put, the amount you spend can be transferred to the balance treasure. But not everyone has this qualification at present. Only some invited users So when you can transfer money into the balance treasure, you can use this one-month interest-free repayment method to deposit the balance treasure to earn.. Read More

10:00 Mengniu SVIP member system Lucky shake a cash red envelope

Go to the homepage and you will see [Lucky Shake] Pick up your mobile phone and grab the red envelope – please go to – my – red envelope; check or withdraw. Start at 10 am every Sunday and go to the point! Get cash red packets and seconds to account Limited time is limited to first come first served; after shaking                                  

China Mobile and Powder Club pump more than 300MB of traffic

WeChat search pays attention to the public number “China Mobile and Powder Club” and then responds to the keyword: Robot You can draw the lottery flow. Xiaobian pro-test 300M traffic is distributed within five working days Event Address: WeChat Search “China Mobile and Powder Club”