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1919 Eat and drink APP to receive 3 free beer coupons.

WeChat scan code enters the activity page to enter the mobile phone number to receive the beer coupon, then download 1919 to eat and drink APP, like to drink can lick it! Activities link :>&gt ;>>> The new red envelope will be popped up to continue to receive a $10 non-door coupon, and then the wine coupon center will receive a 10 yuan no-door coupon! You can choose to order.. Read More

Tencent video VIP + Suning SUPER members snapped up only 98 yuan / year first appointment 20:00 open

Tencent Video VIP + Suning SUPER member activities during the limited time to buy only 98 yuan / year 399! First make an appointment (reservation can be drawn), officially opened at 20 o’clock on the 17th! PS: If you already have Tencent members, Tencent members will be automatically postponed after handling the joint membership For example: Tencent members have expired on December 1, 19, and the membership of Tencent has.. Read More

Alipay draws three times a day. Lottery flower red envelopes, payment red envelopes, etc.

Alipa draws three times a day. Lottery flower red envelopes, payment red envelopes, etc. Open Alipay search “666” to enter the event interface. Give three lucky draws every day to complete the task and get additional opportunities Sweepstakes takeaway red envelopes, red envelopes, red envelopes, red envelopes, etc.                                  

Haishu House collar 100-1000 yuan surprise coupon package measured 20*3 sheets +40*1 sheets

WeChat scan code enters the article Click on the first picture to enter. There may be some cards on the page. Please wait patiently or return to the page and click again. After entering the page successfully, click on the order Click the words “海”, “澜”, “之”, “家” to receive 100-1000 yuan cash coupons Click “Receive Now” – Jump Page – Receive Cards to view from WeChat Cards Gifts are.. Read More

Make an appointment with Tencent Video and Suning super member to draw a grand prize 98 yuan a key double open to reduce 399 yuan

Mobile phone scan code – log in to Suning Tesco APP, complete the appointment in the appointment activity page, and at 209.8.17, 20:00-2019.8. On the 20th, 23:59 Successful opening of joint members, you can get the lucky draw. View prizes from Suning Tesco APP-My Tesco-SUPER member channel View in the head message notification/super featured event                                  

Alipay receives 2 yuan living contribution red envelope Beiyin activity scan code 2 yuan payment red envelope

Alipay scan code directly to receive 2 yuan living payment red envelope Red envelope in the card package – card coupons to view the use, the actual measurement can be 0 yuan paid 2 yuan electricity bill. Only Alipay real-name users participate in the event until the end of 2011.18.18 Event address: Alipay scan code                                  

China Telecom Business Office APP free to receive 1 yuan call fee seconds to

Mobile phone download “China Telecom Business Office APP” login APP Click My – Red Packet and enter “xbknp” redemption code Click to redeem After the successful redemption, there will be a red envelope and click on the red envelope to have a dollar bill for the basic seconds to arrive. The following is a redemption success chart                                  

Changsha area, tea, please enjoy a cup of tea for free

WeChat pays attention to the public number “Tea Yanyue” in the Changsha area, the old iron free to drink a cup of tea and color -> the lower right corner of the menu bar member center My member -> open card Birthday must remember to fill in August 13 (Year does not matter)-> will give you a free coupon. Any store can choose a free drink.                                  

Jingdong Super Single Return Event Jingdong APP buys electronic e-card cash to small vault

Buy electronic e-cards can be measured, there is no prompt when you buy, you can get cash to buy a small vault Super Returning Rules 1, Event Time: August 12, 2019 00:00:00 – August 20, 2019, 59:59:59; 2, Activity Participation Rules: (1)Participation method: Users can obtain this order exemption or random amount as a bonus by any amount of consumption through the support platform, and each user can get up.. Read More