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Secret AI training insider: In addition to experts who help AI evolution, there are countless office workers around the world.

Iv> The scenes that Metz sees don’t look much like the future we imagine, or at least the automation future you might imagine. The office can be a call center or payment processing center, one of which is located in an old apartment building in the middle of the low-income residential area in western Kolkata, crowded with pedestrians, tricycles and street vendors. In Bhubaneshwar, where he visited, and other cities.. Read More

Morning Post | Apple’s original content investment has exceeded 6 billion / China’s first self-cultivation of cloned cats born / Jingani arson suspects or refused retaliation for submission

Apple has invested more than $6 billion in original content Products, according to the Financial Times, Apple’s spending on original TV shows and movies has exceeded $6 billion. Earlier reports said that Apple hopes to spend $1 billion on original content, but it has now exceeded its budget. According to the report, this is Apple’s efforts to catch up with Netflix, HBO and Disney. The report said that the drama.. Read More

Even if you want to play the vibrato, do you have to watch the drama?

On August 10, 2016, Taobao was on the second floor. This content section, which needs to be pulled down outside the main scene, is different from the normal product display. It displays a video with a complete storyline, and a product recommendation with a higher relevance to the content is attached to the end of the video. It seems that the process is getting longer and selling is more efficient… Read More

This little program that uses sound to explain the story has spent many days and nights with me.

Because of a cat, I opened a paradise office. The story originated when I was 22 years old. At that time, I bought a cat because of my work needs. The name is Laden. The appearance of this cat looks cute, but the inside is like a bear. Children, often messy, irritating teeth. Although Osama bin Laden’s behavior is sometimes rude, sometimes it’s really tricky, such as staying with my.. Read More

The smartest unmanned car in the world underestimates the “obstacle” of people.

Waymo, the leader in autonomous driving technology, has created the world’s smartest unmanned vehicle. It is also considered to be Alphabet the biggest financial opportunity outside of Google, part < A href="">Wall Street analysts even gave a future valuation of more than $200 billion. But Waymo may underestimate the role of “people.” ▲ Image from: Jesse Rieser for Fast Company Waymo at the main test site in Phoenix, Arizona Severe.. Read More

After 5 years of gestation and 4 billion at the box office, “Which” proves that a good movie is the biggest bonus.

5 years, for the Internet industry, the sea of ​​sang. It took five years for the movie “Where the Devil’s Angels Come into the World” from idea to line in the theater. On August 14th, the total box office of “Where” has reached 3.654 billion yuan, surpassing “Red Sea Action” and becoming the 4th place in the total box office of Chinese movies. On August 19th, “Where” broke the box.. Read More

After the phone number is leaked for an hour, your personal information can be checked.

Pg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1148px) 100vw, 1148px”> ▲ Image from: Development Software and Application Mobile The New York Times said that the phone number is actually a stronger personal identity than your name. They asked Fyde, a mobile security company in Palo Alto, Calif., to demonstrate that when the phone number leaked, At the same time, there is a lot of information about this process. Fyde’s security researcher Emre Tezisci is.. Read More

Adobe’s emoji report: Email themes using emoji, more people will open

emoji is probably the most well-built Babel in human history. This new language has been used by Internet users all over the world and has become a cultural phenomenon. Recently Adobe released their first Emoji Trends Research Report and came up with some Interesting conclusions. The report believes that emojis can bring joy, remove obstacles, and encourage people to share their thoughts. Why do we use emoji when chatting? Of.. Read More

Going out with battery to connect to the base, Sonos’ first portable wireless speaker exposure

As early as August 11, the Internet speaker brand Sonos submitted a new device certification application to the US Federal Communications Commission FCC. Two new products, codenamed S17 and S23, appear in the certification file, of which S23 may be Sonos Connect, the next-generation wireless connectivity kit from Sonos. ▲ Sonos Connect (right) This kit can be used to connect some devices without wireless connection (such as vinyl record players,.. Read More

Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo form a mutual alliance to break the barriers to cross-brand file transmission

In the past, as an Android user, you need to download a quick pass app for the other half to share photos? Whether it was time to reduce the file transfer from 10 seconds to 1 second, and specifically choose the phone model that everyone is using? This invisible file transfer barrier greatly hinders the convenience of transfer between Android users. It is only a moment to complete the transfer.. Read More