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Autopilot is accelerating the layoff of truck drivers

From Shanghai’s deep-water port logistics park, through the Donghai Bridge, to the Yangshan Port terminal, a total of 72 kilometers, which is a famous logistics ring. On this ring line, SAIC heavy trucks that have obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Network’s open road test license are actively carrying out demonstration operations of self-driving freight with AI, 5G, V2X car communication and other related technologies. It needs to face a variety of.. Read More

A dad said that the “noise” function of Apple Watch improved his son’s autism

This year’s Apple Watch Series 5 update is not big, even the processors updated every year have not improved performance, the screen always bright function is considered to be a few bright spots. In fact, compared to hardware upgrades, the software changes are even more. This year’s watchOS 6 brings a lot of fun features, of which my personal favorite feature before the release is environmental noise detection. Of course,.. Read More

Free unlimited speed! Collaboration artifacts that 300 people can use, you can’t miss

A product called “Uncle Wen”, what do you think he is doing? Is it a housekeeping service, composition teaching, or… But when I tell you that Uncle Wen is a cloud storage product with 20G free space and unlimited speed, will you smile and feel that this is used for documents? Lost and “unbeatable” uncle is quite cute. Transfer files without signing in Open the web interface of Uncle Uncle,.. Read More

The listed market capitalization is the super parent company, which is the sad and happy story of the 31-year-old WPS.

After Jinshan Software and Xiaomi were listed in Hong Kong, Lei Jun finally borrowed Jinshan Office to round out the A-share bell. On November 18, Jinshan Office landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Kechuang Board at an issue price of RMB 45.86 per share. The opening price rose to RMB 140, closing at 126.35, an increase of over 175%. Many reports classified Jinshan Office as the third listed company controlled.. Read More

Is the pollution of a space trip equal to 395 transoceanic flights?

As space travel is included in the future of humanity, rocket launches will become more frequent, and Musk is planning to send us to colonize Mars with 1,000 rockets. But before that, we may have overlooked a problem: Can space travel bring harm to the planet? Travel site Champion Traveler The results of a new analysis indicate that the answer to this question is yes. ▲ Image from: Theguardian Our.. Read More

Vivo S5 Figure Tour: Mint Green Aurora, encountering a diamond-shaped four-shot and minimum aperture screen

On November 14th, vivo launched the S5, a four-camera phone featuring a “minimal” and “natural” look. The new machine, regardless of color matching, the overall texture processing design is actually more inclined to female users, vivo also added a lot of more self-timer related functions in the camera, making this positioning and goals more clear. In terms of packaging, the vivo S5 uses a gradient dark blue design that is.. Read More

What can 5G be used in addition to speed measurement? Huawei made a new attempt

What is the hottest application in the 5G era? The answer is SpeedTest (a network speed software). About what 5G can do, research institutions, terminal manufacturers, and the media are thinking about this. The three characteristics of 5G have high speed, low latency and wide connection. The three can be used separately or have multiple features, and there are new applications. For example, high-rate downloads will be fast, low-latency games.. Read More

Do traditional watches, or do Apple Watch?

The dispute over the square, from the beginning of the birth of this category of smart phones, is in turmoil. Recently, the millet watch on the dial is controversial. In order to give enough persuasive reasons, Xiaomi also emphasized to the user at the press conference that Xiaomi watches were decided to adopt a rectangular design based on screen utilization and interaction ease of use. We also commented on the.. Read More

Ford’s first pure electric SUV came, and entered China in 2021.

Ford also began to enter the field of pure electric vehicles. This morning, Ford launched the first The first pure electric SUV – Mustang Mach-E. This is Ford’s first expansion of the Mustang family in 55 years, and it can be seen that Ford is paying attention to this new car. First take a look at its appearance. As a new member of the Ford Mustang family, this new car.. Read More

Without the “404” error, there is no World Wide Web today.

This article comes from the 36-year-old compiling team, the translation team, the translator boxi, and the love fan is authorized to publish. Hypertext links are the foundation of the World Wide Web. But without the 404 error, the Internet we are familiar with will not have the scale and prosperity of today. Jesse Dunietz reviewed the birth history of the 404 error and gave it a philosophical high rating: 404.. Read More