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Starting | Establishing a dual industry service system of “medicine supply chain + “medicine + medicine + insurance””

The core competitiveness is medical big data, and data will become core resources and barriers. Through pharmaceutical big data, we can better understand the market and better serve users. Qiu Zhongxun pointed out that with the gradual migration of pharmaceutical market share to the retail side, pharmaceutical production and R&D companies have also seen the value and potential of data for sales, and has also launched technical solutions to.. Read More

New ability: the function of sharing the circle of friends in the small program starts gray testing

Didn’t expect to hide mystery? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Xiao program observation” (ID:yinghoo-tech), author: Miss bean professor. The small program page is shared to the circle of friends, and finally tested in the grayscale of the Android system. In the group of multiple developers, the news of “word of mouth” is spreading at the speed of light, and their strength deduce their expectations of.. Read More

Laoganma is old

I am the aunt who rides the wind and waves. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Woncheon Business review “(ID: ycsypl) < /a>, author Yu Kexin, Ren Xiaojiu. Dong Mingzhu and Tao Huabi both said the same thing: “If it were not for the death of her husband, there would not be my today.” Suffering is a watershed moment in life, but these two women started.. Read More

Forefront | Institutional Perspective: Domestic game companies’ income stability will increase, and valuation hubs are expected to move up

Domestic game companies are at a faster stage of development, and the valuation has more room for repair. The impact of the housing economy under the impact of the epidemic is prominent, and the interest in the game sector continues to rise. The current market discussion of game companies mainly lies in whether the valuation of the game sector still has room for further improvement. At present, the domestic market.. Read More

Forefront丨Hong Kong stocks of China Telecom opened flat, gaining an additional stake in BlackRock during the year

Since this year, BlackRock has accumulatively increased its shareholding and reduced its shareholding in China Telecom twice. July 8 news, the latest equity disclosure information of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shows that on July 2, 2020, China Telecom (00728.HK) was awarded BlackRock, Inc. . (Hereinafter referred to as “BlackRock”) increased its holdings of 17.434 million shares, with an average price of 2.2186 Hong Kong dollars per share and involving.. Read More

WeChat Mini Program supports sharing of friends, what other functions are worth looking forward to?

Android first, IOS follow-up update Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Shili Village” (ID:shilipxl) , author: End of the World live in ten villages. Original title: “Come on! The applet supports sharing circle of friends! 》 The little program 4 years after going online can finally send a circle of friends. This should be one of the most anticipated features for applet developers. There are few.. Read More

Forefront 丨 Meituan launched “Meituan preferred” for the sinking market, and Xiaoxiang changed its name to the grocery shopping department

Meituan set up a “preferred business unit” to enter the community group buying track, which is under the responsibility of Chen Liang, senior vice president and member of S-team. It was learned that Meituan Dianping (hereinafter referred to as “Meituan”) issued an organizational adjustment announcement today, saying that it will set up a “preferred business unit” to enter the community group buying track, and is responsible for the senior vice.. Read More

After making the novel into a WeChat dialogue, our DAU broke 5 million丨GGV asks GGV

Interaction, how to form interaction between users through content. Many functions of Hurry are provided to meet the needs of users, including “comment”, users can comment on each sentence of the novel separately; Co-writing function of friends in real time; , Users can perform lines through video; then to the current video. We continue to iterate through products to meet the needs of more users, make products more interesting and.. Read More