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“Qiong Edition” iPhone became popular, and shopping merchants sighed

0″ data-img-size-val=”994,576″> “There are indeed consumers who believe that a large number of businesses will go to Hainan to buy Apple products, and then to Huaqiangbei and other digital distribution centers.” Brother said frankly that he had a similar idea at first, but after carefully studying the tax exemption policy of Hainan Islands and the related purchase cost, he finally dispelled this idea. “Look, there is a 100,000 yuan tax.. Read More

User portraits, it used to be so, look at a case in life

Students who do data analysis should have confidence in themselves. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Grounded Air School” (ID:gh_ff21afe83da7), author: Chen grounded gas. Read this article for reference: Want to make a good user portrait? Learn this basic operation first Some students asked: I see users blowing portraits everywhere, but I have never seen real examples. Today we come to a practical example of using.. Read More

The gold line of educational institutions: those barriers to competition that are difficult for capital to “crash”

To cultivate. You cannot rely on 200 people within 2 months to complete what we have done in the past 10 years, because the thinking of 200 people is fragmented and there is no way to issue a truly effective and valuable operation plan in the short term . And all SOPs need to complete the corresponding tests, adjustments and optimizations, which is also the work we have invested the.. Read More

Young man in bull stocks: call me when I run

Just run? “ Only the post-80s Buddhism has no waves. After the stock market crash in 2015, the post-85s farmer Liu Ye said that the stock market was red for a day, but he did not have any fluctuations in his heart. The stock trading software on his mobile phone even forgot his password. The stocks recommended by people to the Cangcang have not been flat today. . 1, after.. Read More

Don’t have to look down on Intel just because Intel lost Apple’s customer

In the field, the goal is to reach 40% market share with its new 10nm products in 2021 (current market share can be negligible, which marks it has entered a new field). Of course, this is consistent with the adoption of 5G. Intel confirmed the demand for the product during the April earnings conference call. Today, the entire network market is worth more than $20 billion, of which Intel is.. Read More

Zhang Yiming quietly doing LP

Now it has become one of China’s short video giants, and it has been battling with Douyin under ByteDance for a long time. Zhang Yiming and source capital Cao Yi: “In the beginning, you voted for me, and now I also support you” All along, Zhang Yiming’s well-known identity is not only the founder of the world’s largest unicorn, he is also the LP of source capital. He and the.. Read More

“Flinto Learning Solutions” received US$7.2 million in Series B financing to launch new pre-school education solutions in response to the outbreak

Provide learning and education services based on games and activities “Flinto Learning Solutions” official website According to foreign media reports YourStory, recently, The educational startup “Flinto Learning Solutions” received $7.2 million in Series B financing, and the investors in this round of financing were Lightbox Ventures. In September 2013, “Flinto Learning Solutions” was co-founded by Arunprasad Durairaj, Shreenidhi Srirangam and Vijay Gandhi. The company mainly provides games and activities-based learning.. Read More