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From Buffett’s interview with Jay-Z, it can be seen that billionaires always have many similarities

The only unique thing that makes a person a person is his thought. Editor’s note: To become a billionaire, you must first have a billionaire mindset. A few years ago, Buffett and Jay-Z were interviewed by Forbes. From the dialogue, we can find many similarities between the two. The original title of this article is “Jay-Z & Warren Buffett’s Interview Reveals-Billionaires Think Alike”. Looking at his appearance, Jay-Z is a.. Read More

​Busy traveling with IPO, is it okay to take orders nearby?

Tick, who claims to be “fully compliant and really smooth”, is secretly making low-cost online car-hailing by “nearby orders.” Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Galaxy Business Bureau “(ID: galaxybiz) , author: Yao meters force. In January 2019, a Dida user named Juanjiao wrote an article titled “The Thrilling Way Home of Dida Hitchhiking” in his personal official account. In the article, she recalled that she.. Read More

Market News | Xiaoju Charging and Jingu shares have obvious gaps in charging piles

Under the high growth rate, there is still a huge gap in new energy vehicle charging piles. Recently, Didi’s Xiaoju Charging announced with Zhejiang Jingu Stock Co., Ltd. (“Jingu” for short) has reached a strategic cooperation and established a partnership to establish a joint venture for the construction of new energy vehicle charging stations. Develop layout cooperation in business areas. According to the announcement of Jingu Shares, its wholly-owned subsidiary,.. Read More

Market News | New industry standards for convenience stores are about to be finalized, and “community group buying” is included in the standard

Iteration of community convenience stores also needs industry standards to guide. On November 24, the China Chain Store & Franchise Association released two drafts for industry standards, “Classification of Convenience Stores” and “Convenience Store Service Categories and Operation Specifications”. Seek feedback from society. This is also the first revision of the two industry standards since their establishment in 2012 and 2014. In the past few years, as people have put.. Read More

Luckin is not dead, a textbook sample

Another look at Ruixing. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “New Retail Business Review” (ID: xinlingshou1001), author : Yan Kai. Original title: “Luckin is not dead, what is the biggest “political correctness”? 》 “Luckin’s brand equity value is still there, but isn’t it a good business card?” Is Ruixing still a treasure topic in the Internet world? Some people talked about it, saying that it is.. Read More

The new blue ocean of self-service equipment? “Iwo Wash” uses self-service laundry to cut into local life services

Self-service equipment With the support of the Internet of Things technology, self-service machines have entered people’s daily lives, allowing consumers greater flexibility and autonomy in choosing time and place for purchase, such as subways. , Self-service food and beverage vending machines, shared charging treasures in shopping malls, shared bicycles and shared umbrellas on the street. Take shared bicycles as an example. Its daily use frequency can reach 4-5 times. Recently,.. Read More

Whose fan circle is filled with water, who breaks Douban’s heart

“You trample on the efforts of others and run into other people’s space to make a mess…” Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account ” 20 Club “(ID: quancaijing_20she) , author: Zhao Li Beware days, editor: Yang Jia Luo Lixuan. “It’s going to be a big mess, and it’s out of the circle. But the editor circle can’t get down and can’t do the 227 battle.” A.. Read More

Internet giants are eyeing the vegetable basket

The emergence of community group buying brought everything back to the original point, and now the giants are standing on the same starting line again. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “Alpha Workshop Research Institute” (ID: alpworks), of: bovine Chu Yun. In 2020, there will be a peculiar situation in the Internet industry, and various giants have deployed fresh food group buying business. Ali (BABA.US, 09988.HK).. Read More

I was careless! Those young people who don’t speak martial arts have contracted me for a year.

A moving mortal song. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account” to coffee think tank “(ID: laikazk) , author: YH. Editor’s note Why do so many young people like to watch videos on station B so much? Because you can see too many common people’s stories here. One by one, warm and live individuals tell about the big and small events happening around the people, kind and.. Read More

The low-key broadcast of “His Royal Highness Wolf” is very popular, “destocking” becomes a gold line for listed film and television companies

In 2020, there is no doubt that there will be two heavens for drama production and production companies. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “read entertainment” (ID: yiqiduyu) , Author: Zhao Two knives. 2020 will mean a long winter for many industries, but for the drama market, while the cold wind is blowing, there are also opportunities for spring to bloom. Xiao Zhan finally unveiled his.. Read More