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Dialogue freight platform “cargo pull”: App is the base camp, the small program is the new leader

“Looking for goods and looking for goods,” this sentence was more and more known in 2019. If you are in Guangzhou, you will see the orange van passing by inadvertently, with the slogan and the words “cargo”. The rapid development of the mobile Internet has continuously refreshed the traditional industry trading methods, and logistics and freight transportation has become more efficient and convenient like Drip. Lala is a platform that.. Read More

Morning Post | iPhone or join the screen fingerprint in 2021 / Maske’s Starship is the fastest in August flight test / Secrets ushered in the history of the first transgender model

Guo Minghao: iPhone will use the screen fingerprint in 2021 Yesterday, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingxi released a report stating that the iPhone will begin to adopt screen fingerprints in 2021. Guo Mingxi believes that Apple is interested in using the screen fingerprint on the iPhone, and will not give up the old Face ID. Therefore, on the new iPhone of 2021, there will be a situation where the fingerprint.. Read More

“Dong Che Zhou Bao” domestic small steel guns leading the 03+ listing / Didi established the automatic driving company / Wei Lai sold FE team “blood”

Bumping face FF91, the first production car release of Chinese Express On July 31, Chinese Express released the new luxury intelligent pure electric brand Gaohe HiPhi, and the brand’s first mass production model car HiPhi 1 global launch. The official said that Gaohe HiPhi 1 enhances the connectivity of cars, roads and cities. More than 500 sensors are deployed throughout the vehicle, and the 5G+V2X communication network is standard for.. Read More

Pull back, also began to tide? ! Will you start this time?

I finally saw a pair, liked because of high value, and then I was surprised to find that it was a shoe for pull back. The recent release of this pair of shoes, before seeing the shallow back to the Logo, its value has been unbearable. “Which shoes is it?”, “Is it sold?”, “How much is the price?” The body of the shoe is made of white, and the classic.. Read More

Apple Card Customer Agreement: Prohibition of jailbreak, not for betting and virtual currency

Although we can’t use the credit card issued by Apple in a short time, Apple Card has always been a lack of attention as Apple’s thinnest product. Recently, the Apple Card credit card was announced on the Goldman Sachs website Customer Agreement once again caused concern. Although the number of people who have “jailbroken” is much less than before, the agreement has still banned cardholders from “jailbreaking”. If you make.. Read More

GoPro, which just launched the new software, re-registers the new device. Is this ready for the new machine release?

Recently, GoPro submitted a device registration application to the Federal Communications Association FCC . The new device registered this time is likely to be an update to GoPro HERO7. Based on the camera information blog PhotoRumors coverage, GoPro This registered machine model is “SPJB1”. As you can see from the registration information, this new GoPro machine supports Bluetooth and 5G Wi-FI. The standard is similar to the previously released GoPro.. Read More

Unlimited packages that people love and hate are canceled.

The “unlimited traffic” package of the three major operators has not been lacking in the market for several years, but it has also caused a lot of squandering due to the fact that the traffic limit is exceeded. However, in the future, you may not even have the opportunity to spit. No, because the unlimited traffic package is likely to be history. ▲ Image from: Sina The first thing to.. Read More

The past July is the hottest month in human history.

In July 2019, we spent the hottest month in human history. This news has been world weather The organization was released last Thursday, confirming the fact that the global climate is accelerating warming. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a news conference that the global average temperature in July this year has exceeded the record of the hottest month in history, 1.2 degrees higher than the pre-industrial period, already very.. Read More

France’s “Iron Man” is completed across the English Channel, and equipment is expected to be used in future anti-terrorism operations.

Humans can finally fly in the air like Iron Man, but the reality of “Iron Man” is not The American billionaire, but the French inventor Franky Zapata (Frank Zapata). ▲Image from: BBC Beijing time on August 4th, 40-year-old Zapata passed the air jet device Flyboard Air The speed of 106 miles per hour (170 kilometers per hour) successfully crossed the 35.4 km of the English Channel, which took 22 minutes,.. Read More