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Wind traveler, no deep space price reduction, there are 6 limited-free apps waiting for you to come down

In addition, there are 4 games on the Steam platform, as well as 4 games on the Switch platform and 3 discount games on the PS4 platform. Want to buy as soon as possible! iOS app WeekCal iOS | ¥18→0 WeekCal is a versatile calendar app that you can set up on demand, whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google Calendar. Piligram iOS | ¥12→0 Using AI to make multi-segment.. Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series released by the Bank: two models top selling 8,000 yuan

On the afternoon of August 21, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ 5G was released in Beijing. For the case that it has been reported overseas, and it has already been published and even the evaluation has been released, this conference is the most noteworthy information. Almost the price. That says the price directly: Galaxy Note 10 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM Price 6599 yuan Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 12GB RAM +.. Read More

High-pixel cameras are not necessarily useful, but they affect the form of the phone.

Sams earlier this month, Samsung released the 100-megapixel camera sensor (CMOS) ISOCELL Bright HMX, the world’s first product to break through tens of millions of pixels, and Samsung’s 64 million pixels The second high-pixel CMOS introduced by ISOCELL Bright GW1 in conjunction with Redmi. Although this product has not been officially applied, it has become Xiaomi and Redmi’s external publicity, “Millet’s first 100 million-pixel ultra-clear camera” is like the “price-performance.. Read More

Sony will launch a new machine next week, two micro-singles will be updated soon

In August, camera manufacturers are working hard. Sony images of several new products have been sent continuously, and a new wave of new products will be ushered in next week. Image Information Blog SonyAlphaRumors SAR Represented , Sony will release two 6 series machines this time. According to SAR reports, Sony will hold a new product launch event between September 29 and September 30. This release may be the two.. Read More

After 4 days of Samsung Galaxy Note10, I was completely conquered by this screen.

The evolution of smartphones has evolved from the past to the present, centering on a screen. 8 years ago, Samsung set off a wave of mobile phone screens with a Galaxy Note that was so big and shocking. The precise control and advance layout of the “big screen mobile phone” also made Samsung successfully sit on the top spot of global smartphone manufacturers. But now, in this moment, all the.. Read More

Use AI to change the test paper? The swearing paper can also score high scores.

According to the survey, the artificial intelligence paper scoring system based on natural language processing has been officially introduced into the scoring work of official exams by at least 21 states in the United States. Moreover, the full moon is not only foreign, but the “machine assessor” in China has already been put into the examination room. As early as 2016, China Education Testing Center and the University of Science.. Read More

Canon will re-issue a new machine. This time it will be updated with SLR and EOS M.

On August 20th, Canon’s latest promotional video was exposed. The new machines that appeared in the promotional video include the recently released Canon EOS M anti-EOS M6 Mark ii, and the mid-range EOS SLR camera EOS 90D. According to the Camera Information Blog CanonRumors Report, Canon will release the EOS M6 Mark ii on August 29th or August 30th. EOS 90D two new cameras. As you can see from the.. Read More

Yahoo is really a magic company

This article comes from the public number (ID: techread), author Yu Xi, Ai Faner authorized release. Yahoo is really a magical company. Throughout its life from the rise to becoming a giant until the micro-package, the “product killer” evaluation has always been well deserved. What do you mean, no matter how arrogant the product is, if it is acquired by Yahoo, it will quickly fade away from the aura and.. Read More

Automated delivery robots will enter 100 US universities

More than 100 universities in the United States To start unattended delivery. The $40 million Starship Technologies, Inc. is planning to work with more than 100 universities in the United States to promote robotic delivery services on campus. This San Francisco-based startup has automated robotic delivery testing in more than 100 cities in 20 different countries since the launch of the robot in 2018. The robot has traveled 4 million.. Read More