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Morning Post 丨 macOS Catalina officially launched / noise reduction version AirPods or will be equipped with four colors / Luo Yonghao: will not buy a hammer new machine

MacOS Catalina official release This morning, Apple officially pushed users to the system update of the new macOS Catalina official version. The new system adds features such as “screen time”, “find”, “slave” and will be able to easily port iPad apps to Mac via Project Catalyst support developers. New AirPods or have four color combinations After the online exposure of the parts map, foreign technology blogger Mayur Gadhiya also exposed.. Read More

Six years ago, this “Oreo” mobile phone made a new height of taking pictures.

This article comes from the WeChat public account “Geek Choice” (ID: GeekChoice), who is the author? Big hero, poke here to view previous videos of the Geek Museum. Love Fan is authorized to publish. < Section> Lumia 1020 from inside to outside With a clear Nokia style, this camera-like phone is awesome after the debut, but perhaps it is not good luck, it did not let Nokia usher in its.. Read More

iPad’s future virtual keyboard, there may be a real touch

Will the physical keyboard of Apple devices disappear in the future? The USPTO recently released Apple’s patent application brings us this possibility. The patent is about a new type of haptic system. The system uses a type called Static Pattern Electrostatic Haptic Electrodes technology that allows people to abandon physical keyboards and make virtual keyboards on the screen It has a real touch. Specifically, this technology works by placing electrodes.. Read More

Apple acknowledges that some iPhone 6s will not boot due to hardware failure and provide free repair service.

The iPhone 6s/6s Plus, which was released in 2015, is the oldest iPhone model supported by iOS 13 recently released. However, there have been some problems with this series recently. Apple released the model on October 4th. Free maintenance plan. “Apple has determined that some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices may fail to boot due to a component failure.” Apple is at declaration writes. Don’t be too happy… Read More

Mobile phone typing is getting faster and faster, and it’s already catching up with the speed of typing on the keyboard.

In the era when touch-screen phones have not become mainstream, people have developed a working style using physical keyboard typing, and we have also formed muscle memory for many efficient shortcut keys. In the early years, the BlackBerry was able to rise in the mobile office space because it used a full keyboard layout similar to a PC on the phone, so that users could easily handle their mail without.. Read More

Can Microsoft Surface Duo redefine dual-screen phones?

The Surface Phone, which has been around for many years, finally appeared on the Microsoft Conference a few days ago, but people are new to this Hardware doubts have not diminished. It’s officially named “Surface Duo”, equipped with two separate 5.6-inch screens on the left and right, connected by a hinge hinge in the middle, which is a tablet computer that can be turned into a mobile phone when stacked… Read More

Japan hosted a funeral for pagers in their 50s

This article comes from the Public Game Research Institute (ID:yysaag), the author is blank, and Fan Fan is authorized to release. On September 29th, there was a special funeral at Akihabara Station in Japan. The theme is “Gratefulness,” and the object of the memorial is a pager with only 50 years of history – a pager. As the only remaining pager operator in Japan announced the end of the service,.. Read More

Shaped like a hair dryer: the future AirPods may be like this.

Apple introduced AirPods that support wireless charging earlier this year, but despite this, netizens feel that this update is simply a simple feature, not really a “update”. So netizens began to shift their focus to the next generation of AirPods, which is Apple’s third pair of true wireless headsets. After all, as the saying goes, “Apple’s new products have to be bought every generation,” even with headphones. For the design.. Read More

Artificial Intelligence 70 years, AI Top Ten Milestones

This article comes from the public media (ID:quanmeipai), author Tencent Media, Ai Faner was authorized to release. Recently, artificial intelligence hot search: Facebook hits the pain of modern people “what to wear today”, launches Fashion++, and adjusts clothing through algorithms; American writer Andrew Kaplan will use dialogue AI technology and digital assistant equipment Realizing “Eternal Life” on the cloud; ZAO uses deepfake technology to change the face of the video,.. Read More

Today’s smart glasses are the prototype of future glasses.

In the past, glasses were used by humans as a tool to protect or assist in eye observation. We resisted sunlight and we have sunglasses; /span>Clear things, we have myopia, reading glasses. And today, glasses have been given the power of smart wearables, like Siri, Google in AirPods Assistants in Glass, they are gradually becoming the smart assistants closest to the human brain, an “invisible brain.” Recently, we received two.. Read More