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When will the “Himalayan” appear in Southeast Asia? (under)

When does Southeast Asia start its own “Podcast” first year Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account 7:5 degrees” (ID: Asia7_5), author Jenice. Because of the length of the content information, we divided the content of the article into upper and lower parts. This article is the lower part. You can click When will South East Asia appear “Himalayan”? (on) for review. Next you will read: Performance of.. Read More

The front line | Glory wisdom screen release, support Hongmeng’s big screen ecology just started

In the design of hardware and software, the glory and wisdom screen has a lot to offer, but at present its application ecology has just started. On August 10th, the glory wisdom screen was officially released. The glory wisdom screen is Huawei’s first TV product and the first product equipped with Hongmeng system. This product uses a 55-inch full screen, 94% of the screen ratio, the thinnest part is only.. Read More

Today, every Apple Store has become an AR art gallery.

The August of Apple fans belongs to AR and art. Everyone can see AR art exhibitions and personally write their own AR designs. From today, Apple and New York New Museum collaborate on the AR (Augmented Reality) Art Exhibition “[AR] T Walk” was officially launched in five cities: San Francisco, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In this exhibition, you can see the imaginative American artist Nick Cave re-imagining.. Read More

The glory wisdom screen equipped with Hongmeng came: video call, thousands of miles of family are close at hand

The equipment equipped with Hongmeng OS is coming. It is the wisdom screen of glory. After the Huawei Developer Conference released Hongmeng OS one day, glory released the glory wisdom screen in the same place and in the same place. In order to facilitate everyone to understand this product, I have put together a few highlights of the smart screen: Has a 55″ 4K UHD screen Equipped with Hongmeng OS.. Read More

The front line | “Headline search” is really coming, the war with Baidu is completely started

Bytes are robbing Baidu’s cash flow (advertiser budget), but only robbing Tencent’s traffic and user duration (brushing the headlines instead of WeChat friends circle public number) The headline search is just a prelude. A few days ago, it was learned that the headline general search engine has been quietly launched. The URL is The slogan of the headline search is “search for what you want to search for”, while.. Read More

The applet can be opened on the PC side, so that you will not be interrupted when you work.

The computer version of WeChat is actually a lightweight enterprise office software. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Know the program” (ID: zxcx0101 ), author Liu Lingge, Jiang Hongchang. On August 9th, the program found that WeChat began testing the new ability of “PC side support to open small programs”. Users don’t have to worry about the phone when they receive a small program on their computer… Read More