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68 yuan PDF Expert big upgrade: more powerful, free download

On the first two days, the well-known PDF application PDF Expert ushered in the most significant update in years! The app, produced by Readdle, is hailed as “a must-have PDF app for iPad users” and “a desktop-quality PDF experience on iPhone and iPad.” What surprises did this update bring us? Value is not worth updating? For most users, the biggest change in this update is that the app becomes a.. Read More

Sonos will launch the first portable speaker and finally support Bluetooth connectivity.

This fall, we will welcome Sonos’ first portable speaker. Sonos has always been home-based, with its sound quality and superimposable “Multi-room Audio” sound system. ▲ Multiple products from Sonos, image from PocketLint Specifically, if you buy two Sonos devices, you can put them in different rooms at home and enjoy audio content in different spaces at home. In addition, the Sonos device itself is a “whole” device with built-in streaming.. Read More

Venture Capital Weekly Vol.29 | Comprehensive CRO company “Bao Sai Tu” won over 500 million D round of financing; medical health track is hot, hardware circuit financing incidents significantly increased; and 7 interesting companies

Venture capitalist’s weekend readings Editor’s note: Venture Capital Weekly is a new column, updated every Sunday at 9:00, to comb the venture capital users for a week of venture capital hotspots, do not miss any venture capital that deserves attention dynamic. In the weekly report, we focus on new projects, new trends, and new ideas – the A round and the previous entrepreneurial projects, which are used to present the.. Read More

Why not go to Jinma, the next step for young directors and independent films?

There are always opportunities for people who have dreams and artistic pursuits. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Rhinoceros Entertainment” (ID :piaofangtoushijing), author of the island, editor, Park Fang is authorized to publish. The debate about Golden Horse has not stopped for a few days. In the morning of August 7, the National Film Bureau sent a message: Suspending mainland films and personnel to participate in the.. Read More

Net Red 2.0 Gold Evolution History: From individual characteristics to “technical technology” multidimensional upgrade

It’s a day of luck, and it’s always red. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “All Media Party” ( ID: quanmeipai), author Tencent Media. Today, the image of blogger/host has become a new hot topic. There are more viewers watching the YouTube channel than ever before, and the yearning for the YouTube anchoring career is stronger than ever. Before you go in, let’s take a look at.. Read More