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Vanke Liu Xiao: 40 years old, no regrets or confusion

I don’t know how tough. Before I was 40 years old, I had never seen any “mountain”. I didn’t expect life to be the hardest to climb. It was life. ——”Generation Master” In 2019, Liu Xiao went to climb a four-girl mountain peak, 5039 meters of snow-capped mountains, and did not let Liu Xiao feel “conquer”, the whole process is actually filled with the cycle of despair and cheering for.. Read More

Ali Q2 small test: revenue of 119 billion yuan; “double 11” night users will increase by 100 million?

The title map is from Visual China On the first day of November, Ali issued its Q2 performance report for the 2020 fiscal year. The financial report shows that as of September 30, 2019, Alibaba’s second quarter revenue was RMB 119.02 billion, up 40% from last year’s 85.150 billion yuan; among them, the net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders was RMB 72.54 billion. (about 10.149 billion US dollars), an increase.. Read More

Can the Pentium T99 become the advanced stone of the FAW Pentium brand?

In 2020, FAW Pentium will launch at least three new models. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Terence Lee Nan. Author | Li Yinan Editor | Li Huanhuan The Pentium T99 completes an important part of the FAW Pentium layout intelligent network SUV field. On November 1, FAW Pentium T99 officially went on the market. This car is positioned as the flagship.. Read More

Unmarried women’s “frozen eggs” controversy: Should auxiliary reproductive means be fully released?

This article is from WeChat public account: interface News (ID: wowjiemian) , author: Chen Xin, from the title figure: Orient IC In recent days, Wuhan Tongji Reproductive Medicine Specialist Hospital has been controversial because of the release of unfrozen female “frozen eggs”. On October 31, 2019, according to the Beijing News, Wuhan Tongji Reproductive Medicine Specialist Hospital received the first healthy unmarried female frozen egg pass in China. On November.. Read More

Breaking the textbook theory: the number of chromosomes you inherit may not be the same

This article is from WeChat public account:< span class = "text-remarks"> Global Science (ID: huanqiukexue) , author: Sarah Zhang, translation: to Yingzhuo, original title: < /span> “Breaking textbook theory: the number of chromosomes your parents give you may not be the same”, title map from: Visual China According to meiosis and fertilization, the newborn’s chromosome should be half from the father and the other half from the mother. If this.. Read More

History of “Intelligence” in Dongguan City

This article is from WeChat public account: strategic planet (ID: gh_dec3128eacc9) , author: Rational thoughts, questions from the map: Oriental IC Dongguan, connecting Guangzhou to the north and Shenzhen to the south. Before 1985, it was only an agricultural county affiliated to the Huiyang area. In July 1978, the State Council issued the “Trial Measures for the Development of External Processing and Assembly Business”. The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee took.. Read More

After five years of operation, your growth is far less than a newcomer to operate.

You must walk down and look up at the sky. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Bird brother notes” (ID: niaoge8) , author: reed thought. Recently, a BAT friend has been telling me that the company has been operating for five years, but the recent internal promotion has failed. The most depressing thing is that the nominee is a 90-year-old child who has just worked for two.. Read More

Continuous tyrants for 6 days, nearly one year downloads over 7630w, the speed version of the app opened the sinking market to grab the battle

Dislocation penetration or consumption upgrade Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Seven Wheat Research Institute”(ID:Qimaiyanjiuyuan), the author painted. The seven wheat data has been monitored. Recently, the “Taobao Special Edition” has been the top three AppStore list (free), application (free), and shopping (free) for six consecutive days. The reason comes from the “double eleven” that is gradually approaching. Users can log in and use “Taobao Special Edition”.. Read More

Apple out of the haze: the potential of 700 million iPhone users is just beginning to dig

In just two quarters, Apple reversed the decline in performance. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Geek Park” ( ID: geekpark), by Jesse. Apple is coming out of the performance gloom of the past year. In the last quarter of the 2019 fiscal year, Apple came up with a beautiful financial report. Quarterly revenue of 64 billion US dollars, compared with the same period last year, a.. Read More

I can’t do these 5 points, and the books I read are useless.

Even in today’s age of information, reading is very important for arming our minds and nourishing our hearts. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Common sense of management” (ID :Guanlidechangshi), author Qiu Zhaoliang. Shakespeare once said: “Books are the world’s nutritional products.” The Chinese also have the saying that “the book has its own gold house.” There is no doubt that even in today’s age of information,.. Read More