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Li Shishi’s retirement is really because he can’t get out of the shadow of losing to Alpha Dog?

Li Shishi’s knot is not AI, but himself. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Hit the blackboard ” (ID: qiaoheiban8 ), Author Zhang Chao. In November, a big event happened in the Go world. Former world champion and Korean chess player Li Shishi announced the end of his 24-year career and officially retired. This decision surprised many people. After all, Li Shishi is only 36.. Read More

The demise of car keys, mobile phones become a substitute

At the moment when efficiency is concerned, the demise of car keys may be a kind of “release” for users. Editor’s note: This article comes from Geek Park , author Zhao Zixiao. On February 22, 2019, the Model 3 set foot on Chinese land for the first time, and six consumers became the first Model 3 owners in the Chinese market. During the delivery ceremony, each car owner received a.. Read More

Interview with Li Hongyuan: Huawei does not know how to deal with it, now it only wants personal freedom

Combining the five core doubts of Li Hongyuan’s dispute with Huawei ​​Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Tencent Deep Web “ (ID: qqshenwang), author Ma Guanxia Xiangxin. The dispute between Li Hongyuan and Huawei has recently set off public opinion. Earlier this morning, Li Hongyuan said to Tencent’s “Deep Web” that he originally intended to communicate with Huawei. Things have developed so far that he doesn’t know.. Read More

Breaking Through the Glass Door: Just Develop Intersectoral Leadership

Being able to ask good questions and seeing them from the perspective of others is a trait that cross-sectoral talents need to have. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “红 杉 汇 ” (ID: Sequoiacap), author Hong Shan. Products and services that are valuable to users have never originated from the single-handedness of one department of an enterprise, but have been the result of multi-department collaboration and.. Read More

The food waste problem is not unsolved, but now we are not doing well enough

This article is from the WeChat public account: interface culture (BooksAndFun) , author: woods people, from the title figure: vision China In September of this year, “Hema Fresh Fresh Discards Large-scale Food” on the social network, and the interface culture has written a comment on this. At the time, there was a notable view that waste was a business’s (and even the whole society) The rational move after weighing the.. Read More

Sesame CEO talks about how to solve the pain points of e-commerce logistics in Canada

It seems that it is selling things, but what it is actually doing is more empowering work. HiTrends report (by Ray) “Why haven’t large domestic online platforms and e-commerce giants such as 58 in the same city, Tmall, and Joybuy made waves in the North American market? Is it because of insufficient funds to invest overseas or operational problems?” HiTrends recently interviewed Faith, the CEO of Canada’s first social.. Read More

Gree completed the mixed reform, the biggest winner is still Dong Mingzhu?

Article from: . After the transfer is completed, Zhuhai Mingjun is the first largest shareholder with 15% of the shares, and Gree’s dealer team background, Hejing Haiguai Investment Co., Ltd., holding 8.91% of the shares is the second largest shareholder, Gree Retired as the third largest shareholder with a 3.22% stake. According to the cooperation agreement, Zhuhai Mingjun has the right to nominate three directors. This number cannot reach substantial.. Read More

Why has zero-knowledge proof technology become the focus of Silicon Valley blockchain research?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Silicon Valley insight (guigudiyixian) , author: Juny, the original title: “block chain again” meteoric rise “zero-knowledge proof Why has technology become the focus of Silicon Valley blockchain research? 》 Picture from: Visual China The concept of blockchain has been around for 10 years since Bitcoin was introduced in January 2009. Even so, what is the blockchain and what can it bring? Many.. Read More

Nissan encounters global sales decline, China becomes best performing market

China’s market sales experienced the smallest year-on-year decline. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: NIU Xiao Tong. Author | Niu Xiaotong Edit | Xu Yang The global auto market is down, and Japanese cars are relatively strong in the global car series, but compared to Toyota and Honda, the situation of Nissan, which is also one of the three.. Read More