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Countdown to the storm

This article is from WeChat public account: sprout NewSeed (ID: pelink) , author: Charlotte, title figure from: vision China (Group Storm CEO Feng Xin) “From the peak to now there are only a dozen employees left, and the Storm Group is lost in the storm.” A paper announcement once again exposed the embarrassment of the storm walking on the edge of the abyss to the spotlight. Newseed December 3 news… Read More

Forefront | WeChat official responds to the issue of the leaked original image, your privacy is “streaking”

Privacy Policy. Typical problems are “the user is not clearly informed of the purpose of the information when collecting sensitive information, although the personal information is not provided separately and obtained the user’s consent,” automatically check the agreement “,” the user agrees to authorize upon login “, There are unreasonable disclaimers such as ‘at your own risk’ and so on. ” According to the China Consumers Association report, there are.. Read More

Here comes a new generation of subways, using black technology from supercars

Carbon fiber has always been a favorite material for many supercars. This fiber with a carbon content of more than 95% is lighter than aluminum alloy materials, but stronger than steel. It can maximize the speed and performance of cars. Today, this technology is also used in subways. ▲ Ferrari 488 Pista with carbon fiber body. Picture from: wheelsage According to Guangzhou release report , “Next Generation Carbon Fiber Metro.. Read More

Now is the best time for Meituan to acquire Didi

This article is from WeChat public account: The Prophet Church (ID: gudaolundao) , the title picture comes from: Visual China This article is divided into six parts, I hope to inspire everyone: Meituan ’s ladder, talk about the relationship between Didi and the past pattern of Meituan; The potential environment of the acquisition, what kind of situation Didi is facing; Did you get rid of hunger completely, and talk about.. Read More

For health, you should quit these 3 common foods

“Nothing to eat” is important. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends. Editor’s note: People have limited food every day. If you eat a lot of things you shouldn’t eat, there is no stomach to eat what you should eat, and your body will become worse and worse. This article.. Read More

“Figure Technologies” will receive another US $ 103 million in Series C financing to launch a currency market product

Blockchain-based financial services business. According to the documents submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US fintech company Figure Technologies is about to obtain $ 103 million in Series C financing. As of February this year, Figure Technologies has received $ 120 million in equity financing. These investors include RPM Ventures, DST Global partners, Ribbit Capital, DCM, DCG and partners at Nimble Ventures and Morgan Creek. According to.. Read More

Why cloud gaming will become the Internet’s infrastructure in the next decade

At the beginning, you encountered the problem that you should buy the machines of the National Bank, Hong Kong Bank, Japanese Bank, and American Bank? Big head instantly, give up trying. Cloud games can solve all these problems. Cloud games do not require large-scale local storage, do not need super-good local computing capabilities, and may not even need to have a console in the traditional sense. What is needed is.. Read More

If you give AI a story, you can turn it into a comic. This AI from the People’s Congress Microsoft and Beiying wants to inspire filmmakers.

I have AI, do you have a story? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Quabit ” (ID: QbitAI ), The author Guo Yichen. Seeing pictures is always easier than reading words. For example, it is easier and easier to read a novel adapted from a novel than to read a text version of a novel. So how do you automatically turn a story into a comic?.. Read More

Shopping center “Ski fever”: ice and snow consumption propped up by a family of three

This article comes from WeChat Public number: RET Ruiyi De (ID: retweixin) , the original title: “Ski fever in shopping malls is spreading. What kind of customers are supporting snow and ice consumption?” “, The title picture comes from: Vision Perspective China Ice and snow sports have grown rapidly in recent years, jumping from niche sports to becoming one of the most popular sports for middle-class families. The arrival of.. Read More