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Medical AI big data: landing bottlenecks, commercial breakthroughs and drug development

Introduce the latest progress in the field of drug discovery, and look forward to the current status of some cutting-edge technologies and new drug discovery processes. Wen Shuhao: AI is an inevitable trend in drug development, but we must still be cautious. Because the main problem of artificial intelligence is the generalization ability of the model, such as some new targets, or some difficult targets, or some drugs without sufficient.. Read More

“I’m smart and beautiful, why not get promoted?” The story of Cai Kangyong in The Story of the Wonder reveals the root cause of stagnation

Rather than envy each other, make a choice for yourself. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Li language professional beauty” (ID: crystal_words) < / a>, author Zhao Xiaoli. Write in front: The last two days of watching the latest issue of “The Legend of Qi Bi”, the debate was centered on the topic “should tell the child that the fairy tale is false”. When the instructor.. Read More

Nail VS corporate WeChat VS Fei Shu, the corporate service market staged a “fairy fight”

Management or collaboration? The path is divided into several aspects. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Deep Sound” (ID: deep-echo) / a>, Author | Zhao Yu, editor | Ding Zhiren, original title: “Don’t think about a startup company, this B-side cake belongs to” BAT “” Key points ▪ With the accelerated development of ByteDance’s Flying Books, the new version of “BAT” has gathered at the corporate collaborative.. Read More

The Star Star Evening News | Station B released the 2019 annual barrage: “AWSL”; Nintendo Switch National Bank version was released, priced at 2,099 yuan; Didi announced the “123 national carpool day” transcript: 680,000 passengers experience carpooling for the first time

s: // “target =” _ blank “> Qualcomm: Appeal to the Supreme Court on South Korea’s $ 873 million antitrust fine Qualcomm said it will appeal the Seoul High Court’s decision to the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Earlier, the Seoul High Court issued a ruling, upholding a ruling of 873 million in antitrust fines imposed by Qualcomm due to Qualcomm’s unfair business practices in patent licensing and baseband chip sales… Read More

Listed companies issuing coins, what about today? The chairman resigned, the actual controller was arrested, and the currency price was zero …

This article is from the WeChat public account: a blockchain (ID: yibenqkl) , author: ratchet pizza, from the cover: Oriental IC Recently, the announcement of the resignation of the chairman of Yizhi has brought the listed company Chenxin Technology to the spotlight again. This company that changed its name is a well-known “dark stock” of A shares. It started by selling seafood, and later transformed the game. It also hit.. Read More

“Stand meeting”, why is it sometimes invalid?

The stand will only really work when the product is about to be released. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sequoiacap” (ID: Sequoiacap) , author Hong Shan. In the early morning of the working day, in 10-15 minutes, everyone gathered in a circle to answer questions like “what did you do yesterday”, “what do you plan to do today” and “what obstacles did you encounter?” This is.. Read More

Kitten Lil Bub who keeps tongue out shuts her mouth, NASA says “See you in the universe”

This article is from public number: WeLens (ID: we-lens) , Lens is a cultural communication brand dedicated to discovering creation and beauty, exploring the value of life, and transmitting the warmth of humanity. Picture from: Oriental IC A lot of people’s love for cats can be said to reach the peak, and the most obvious manifestation is the presence of cats on social media. No one can hide the temptation.. Read More

Case study chat product trilogy: core model, auxiliary model and growth model

The game design model can be divided into three parts: core model, auxiliary model and growth model. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Product dog gathering place ” (ID : Johntalking) by John Watermelon. The game design model can be divided into three parts: core model, auxiliary model and growth model. The core model is the lowest level, just like the MVP version in the product,.. Read More

Ola VS Uber: the war of war from India to London

Power makes people lazy, absolute power makes people absolutely lazy. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “brain polar body” (ID: unity007) , author | Tibetan fox. In the countdown to 2019, the annual meetings of domestic Internet companies that sell miserably or chicken blood will also be scheduled. Obviously, the Indian company next door does not have such a New Year atmosphere and is still struggling for.. Read More

National Bank Switch has regrets, but it is still an active attempt

Tencent’s cooperation with Nintendo is like a large-scale serial, from the first half of the year, to the first participation in ChinaJoy, the world’s most profitable game company, and the world’s oldest and best-known game company (the A) The cooperation fully embodies what is called “good things and more grinding”. Finally, on December 4th, the National Bank version of the Switch was officially announced. At this point, the “Three Royals”.. Read More