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The Secret History of Mountain Village Ghosts

I only tell things, not comment. Why did it come and why did it go. No one knows. Please comment. (1) July 15th of the lunar calendar, the wind is tight, the sky is full of clouds, there are no stars and no moon, and the Beidou moves south to a few feet. Everything is inappropriate. When I was a child, the ghost door was wide open, and the ghosts.. Read More

Nightmare in the chat room

Because you don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. I follow this folk rule and I am never afraid of such things as gods, ghosts and ghosts. Folk princes call “ghosts” dirty stuff, which is weird to say. For a period of time, chatting at night always encountered a very strange MM. Thinking of this matter, I remembered the experience of those days. I.. Read More

Don’t try horror legends

Have you ever heard a legend that at 12 midnight, picked up the phone and dialed 12 0s, so that you can lead to the underworld (that is, hell, ghost world). Because I often stay up late on the Internet, I often get upset, Sometimes it’s always distracting. One night, I remembered this horror legend at 12 midnight somehow. So, with curiosity, I decided to give it a try, and.. Read More