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   There is no son outside Li Yuanwei, a large family, but only three beautiful daughters. The host naturally likes archery. Therefore, the requirement to find a son-in-law is that archery is great.   The eldest daughter and the second daughter were screened many times and found Ruyi Langjun. Only the youngest daughter has not been found.   Looking at the appearance of the elder sister and her husband’s love and love… Read More

Stray dogs on campus and the first rays of sunlight

   A university has always been a big headache for stray dogs on campus.   In addition to sometimes barking at people unintentionally, some dogs will also run to the classroom during class and then lie in front of the podium. The bell rang during the school day. The students also entered the classroom one after another, when they saw a stray dog ​​wagging their tails and swaying into the classroom… Read More

Watermelon is crazy

Liu Jinping in Z City and his brother Liu Yinping just got a car of watermelon from the wholesale market on the day, and they had a car accident on the road. They were hit by a big truck and the watermelon on the car suddenly rolled. Ground. The injured Liu Jinping struggled out of the deformed cab and looked back. He saw his brother was still stuck in the.. Read More

A box of cigars

   A defendant was involved in a large amount of lawsuit. One day, he said to his lawyer: “If I lose this lawsuit, I will be completely bankrupt.”    “Right now, your destiny is in the hands of the judge.” The lawyer said helplessly.    “If I give the judge a box of cigars, do you think it will help?”    “No! The judge is very upright in moral conduct.. Read More

Eat shit, love to talk shit

  I am a substitute teacher. I was assigned by the principals of primary and secondary schools to teach at the teaching point. At the same time, there was a female substitute teacher who ate at home every morning and then went to school. At noon, I cooked my own food and wanted to be lazy.      Eat lunch at school at noon, rice is taken from home, and food must.. Read More

A bad comment sent Yang Liping to the hot search: people who dare to stick to themselves are destined to bear a lot of pressure

There is only one kind of success in this world, and that is to live this life according to one’s wishes. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Glass Language Professional Beauty” (ID:crystal_words) , Author Zhao Xiaoli. 01 A few days ago, the dancer Yang Liping cooked a hot pot on a video platform. The idea is to eat hot pot with flowers. It was a very.. Read More

Boy, check out soon

   It was a dark night with high winds. I unfortunately ran into a character who made the whole river and lake people frightened by the wind-“Big Devil”.    Where is he sacred? I don’t know, and all the people in the rivers and lakes don’t know.   Me——Qiankun Soul Chaser, is a gang master who has disciples all over the country and has hundreds of thousands of people. It is.. Read More

Che Ling

The car followed him all the time. He is fast, and the car is fast. He is slow, and the car is slow. He was a little worried at the beginning that the car would rob him, maybe he would suddenly rush to the front when people were scarce, making him caught off guard. However, the car followed him for more than an hour, and there should be many opportunities.. Read More

Once you have power, why do people change?

Personal power actually affects our ability to resonate with others. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Harvard Business Review” (ID: hbrchinese), author HBR -China. A senior executive named Steve worked with me. He received feedback from his boss that his work style after he was promoted was annoying. The boss said that unconsciously, as long as he attended the meeting, the atmosphere would be suffocating. Steve.. Read More

Drive carefully and pay attention to safety

   The wind and waves went through all the hardships, and I finally got my driver’s license. Touching my book, the idea of ​​driving is getting stronger and stronger. Although I have just taken the book, I have no experience of driving alone, but I have a certificate. Anyway, my own car can’t drive more than I am.    My husband also urged me to practice on the road, and.. Read More