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The truth about suicide

The seventh day of July, the seventh day of the world. All festivals related to love are also the peak period of suicide. The moment she leaned over, I just got under the bridge. She spread her arms softly and spread her wings. The long black hair was blown away by the wind, like a light and dark cloud. The pure white skirt shines brightly in the sun, spreads in.. Read More

Girl with two braids

“We are all wooden people, we can’t talk or move!” Students in a middle school classroom play games in groups of three to five. A student in “Haha” couldn’t help laughing, so he was fined to buy the big white rabbit toffee for everyone to eat. “Ding Ding–” The bell of the class sounded harshly, and several students stopped the “Woodman” game and reluctantly sat back in their seats. Although.. Read More

Wicked people have bad results

There is a guy who is very rich. Because he is rich, he has many hobbies, such as keeping pets. He has three German Shepherd dogs, one of which has been ranked in the competition organized by the Shepherd Dog Association. He also likes playing, and he has to devote one day to the golf course every week. He also likes to play with women—of course all men like to.. Read More

Truck driver Lao Zhang

Zhang is a truck driver. He sends stones to neighboring counties every night and pulls sand back from another road during the day. It takes more than four hours from the stone factory in the mountain to the neighboring county. There are very few vehicles on this road. The headlights were high and low, and the road in front of them was white and flowery, and farther away, there was.. Read More

Meet a ghost on a train

br/> Ah! I didn’t know until later. This woman was killed by a train. Wearing a skirt. At the time of discovery, the upper half was left. friends. Go down the road. Especially at midnight. Don’t be blind.


I have two masks. I bought them because they look so horrible. Before that, a friend came from Thailand and brought me their mask, which is a head, like a human, like a beast, painted in various colors, Green-faced fangs, big mouth of blood basin. But I don’t think it’s scary at all, and even treat it as a toy. So, what do these two faces look like? They are.. Read More

Westward Journey

Because of my low birth background, and because of my weak body, I have a deep sense of fear in my heart, and has been with me since childhood. This world is so powerful that sneezing may kill me. I am a man with a tail in my tail, and I always worry about the sneeze next to me. But the dream gave me a chance to change. Now, I.. Read More

Cable car horror

Climbing up tightly, screaming: “Quickly put another rope down” I looked down again, and the cable car was shaking under great pressure. My heart seemed to be stuck in my throat. At the moment when the rope was thrown down, the cable car made a violent noise and fell, and I could clearly see his smile. Instead of the kind of frightened expression, so calmly…c2(); Back to school, I cried.. Read More

July 14th

Recall that it was July 14th of that year’s lunar calendar, and A Feng had a good lunch break because he knew he had to burn something for his ancestors at night. At night, Afeng was still the same as in previous years, and he took the candle paper money to burn alone, or by the open-air garbage station in the back alley of his old building. The night was.. Read More