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Spirit keeping

Before He Qiao and Meng Po’s Soup Soup, you have to go home and see, but after seeing what you haven’t done, you can see the relatives last.

Lost weirdness

This was still in 2007, when I was just starting to do things in Jinan. In winter, we go to Jiahua Supermarket, the one near Quanfu Overpass on Beiyuan Road. Walking out of the supermarket with his girlfriend, it started to fog. There are not too many pedestrians on the road, probably because the weather is too cold. We live in a rented private house on the North Street of.. Read More

Legend of Xiangou

As a result, the plaintiff did not finish speaking, and the county magistrates and government officials laughed! how is this possible? So I got another result that disturbed the public hall and hit the club!But it is said that the lawyer’s ending is not good, but unfortunately did not hear the final result. Was taken to another world by grandpa. It is also a great regret!

Chen Rui, Station B: Most domestic animations can’t be recovered, but Station B will continue to do

More than 10%. Station B was originally a community of animation enthusiasts. Our wish is to be able to watch animation happily at Station B. Now we have not only fulfilled this desire, because we are already one of the world’s largest animation playback platforms, we have also penetrated into the upstream of the Japanese animation industry and made animations available to fans all over the world. “

News report

The 60-year-old Laohan Hotel is called Miss. The Miss was her own daughter. She was shocked on the spot and died without treatment! A few days ago, I read news reports that there was an old man in his 60s who went to Jinan, Shandong to visit her daughter who was studying at the university. When I arrived in Jinan, my daughter stayed in the hotel because she hadn’t reached.. Read More

Yin Yang Tong Zhai

A few days ago, I saw construction in some places and dug a lot of dead bones. There are also some funeral items and the like. It seems that there are so many things now, and there are many buildings built on it. From now on, many spiritual events are mostly related to these. Many people think that when people die, it’s like turning off the lights. It’s no big.. Read More

College student playing bird

This man was the first college student in the village of grandma. It was really not easy for a college student in the early 1980s. When I went to my grandma’s house, they were still boasting that he had been studying hard since he was a child, learning how to be good. When we were kids, we all did slingshots. I also had one. I played crazy everywhere. In fact,.. Read More


A few children roamed about in the bazaar, swimming in the crowd like a loach. Suddenly, the headed child bumped into the oncoming person in the chase. He lowered his head violently and was about to slip away, but he was dragged down by a gentle voice: “Do you want to see tricks?” />All the children gathered, and the man hurriedly took a small puppet out of his pocket. Read More

Longevity noodles

Today is his old lady’s birthday. He bought a little braised vegetables and a noodle and went home. “This old immortal, I will be dragged to death by her if he doesn’t die” he thought hard in his heart. The moment I stepped into the house, I began to put a smirk on my face: “Mom, you have a long life today, I will cook a longevity noodle for you!”.. Read More


At the gate of the community, an old lady came suddenly to sell breakfast and dinner. The old lady is about seventy years old, skinny, with some hunchbacks and some shrivels, which never attracts attention in the crowd. She often tells people who come to buy things, call me my mother-in-law in the future. No one knows the origin of the mother-in-law. For such an ordinary lady who sells refreshments,.. Read More