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Human head in the elevator

I came out of the office building alone after work one night, only to find that the mobile phone was left on the table. I had to turn my head to pick it up, because it was more than two o’clock in the night. All around quietly I don’t see anyone. If it’s not to finish the job at hand, I think I have watched the wonderful World Cup football.. Read More

Corpses appear

The story takes place in Japan. An old lady moved to a traditional Japanese-style bungalow. The old lady is very frugal, so you must be aware of all the expenses in life. In this new house, the old lady feels something wrong. It is the index of the electricity meter. The old lady thinks that the electricity consumption is very saving, but always thinks that the electricity cost is higher.. Read More

Scary coal mine

Financial crisis, the wife’s mine is on holiday for half a year, and she feels at ease to cook at home. Suddenly one day, after receiving a phone call from a colleague, his wife was so upset. Disappointment appeared in his eyes, and suddenly there was a little fear. I asked the wife several times before my wife told me the whole story. An accident occurred at the coal preparation.. Read More

Cross the river

Shui’er has been in the family for a long time. She should be regarded as the kind of ideal girlfriend type girl. She is very beautiful and has a good personality. She rarely hears disputes with others. Remember to see her for the first time at a netizen party. At that time, she was surrounded by many brothers and brothers. I was not embarrassed to talk to her more. There.. Read More

Is amino acid milk powder nutritious?

Amino acid milk powder is a formula milk powder, if some babies are allergic to milk protein, mothers will choose to use amino acid milk powder instead of drinking it for babies, but some mothers will Doubts, is amino acid milk powder nutritious? Amino acid milk powder is nutritious. It is not much different from other ordinary formula milk powders purchased by moms in normal life. They are all nutritious,.. Read More

Basketball kid

A Jian is a basketball fan. Regardless of his homework every week, no matter how busy he is, he has to find time to play basketball with his friends. On this day, A Jian couldn’t rest at home, his hands tickled and he wanted to play again. So he called on the phone to find a match. But his golfers are very busy today, and no one is with him… Read More

Fishing bottle falling

That thing I can’t forget so far. It was a summer. I went to a relative’s house in the countryside as a guest. Because I was bored, I found some children to go exploring in the woods together. In addition to children, there is a cute puppy. Everyone came to the depths of the woods, I always feel weird here, it seems that there is something more, but I can’t.. Read More

Mom and ghost

My mother is an authentic Jiangxi native. When she was decentralized, she was in high school. Because there was a call above to ask knowledgeable youth to go to the countryside and go up the mountain, she also responded to the call and a large group of young people to come to a farm on the outskirts of the local area for further “further education.” My mother was a very.. Read More