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At night, the classroom in the elementary school was brightly lit. I walked into the classroom of my pre-school hours, and there were many small students sitting in it. While I was looking around the surrounding environment, another person as old as me came in and asked me if I came to attend the class. I have no such expectation, I just want to sit in the classroom. “Can I.. Read More

Weird dream

Show up. Just when I was panicking, a flashing QQ headshot appeared in the sky. I pointed my right hand at the headshot, and a black line appeared on the gauze in my left hand. “Wait a bird will send you to a safe place.” At that time, a black spot appeared in the sky, which was getting bigger and bigger, and was a brown-black-and-white flower and bird. The giant.. Read More


Since moving, I have recently suffered from insomnia. So, at night, they went out to wander outside. Every time around 2 am, it will pass by the abandoned teaching building. In this sleepless city, there is such a remote and quiet place. The dim road, only a few dilapidated street lamps. Curiously, the classroom on the left side of the stairs on the top floor of the teaching is sometimes.. Read More


The truth of the matter is not important, and the name of the master should be omitted, but I believe everyone will have an answer after reading it. So please don’t discuss the authenticity of things, thank you. The purpose of writing this article is to hope everyone understands the world better and hopes to strengthen the belief of some people. In addition, there is a saying that it is.. Read More

Woman in white in dream

I used to live in a beautiful coastal city in the south. For the time being, I don’t want to reveal the name of this city. During the second year of high school, due to some economic reasons, my family and I moved from our original house to relatives in a temporary dormitory in another old urban area. This dormitory building is relatively dilapidated and is located in an alley.. Read More


Graduated, we are finally free! In order to spend this long summer vacation, Lan, Xiaosha and I decided to experience life in the country. On this day, we got up early and ran to the train station. Our first stop was a small town. We rested there for one night before taking the car to Xiaosha’s grandmother’s house in the country. There are a lot of people on the train,.. Read More

Roland Lan becomes higher

Roland Lan married the pillar! The pillar is too short for him. A few meters tall is really short. In the words of a pillar, climbing a wife at night is like doing with a child. Roland Lan is kind, trying to please her husband. The pillars are indifferent. The pillar is smoking at night, smoldering smoke. “Pillar, you see me taller, I’m taller, come and see me!”“You can’t bite.. Read More

The ghost of the hotel

I heard about haunted things in hotels and hotels. As I said earlier, these places are crowded and mixed. Therefore, it is easy to breed a lifetime accident, causing the Yin Ling to stay in place. However, it cannot be ruled out that some of them may have hallucinations because the parties are not used to staying in unfamiliar places, but there are more cases that cannot be explained scientifically,.. Read More

Build a national integrated circuit integrated industrial base, with investment in Lingang chip project exceeding 160 billion yuan

On June 29, at the 2020 China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Semiconductor Industry Development Summit Forum, Weng Kaining, Vice President of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Co., Ltd. stated that the total number of chip manufacturing projects in Lingang New Area With an investment of over 160 billion yuan, the new area will take the opportunity of building “Dongfang Xingang” to build a national integrated circuit industrial.. Read More

old lady

There is also a very scary story in our village. The night in the countryside is always dark. People usually don’t go out after 9 o’clock, and occasionally a few people who walk at night also go together, but There is still an inevitable time for a single person to go out. It was a good night with a moon. It was a little late for a teenage child to.. Read More