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/> Suddenly, Dad felt that he was returning from tremor to illusory unreality. He tried hard to calm himself down. But he suddenly felt that there was a line of sight from the most unlikely place to shoot him. His gaze moved down from the dry bridge not far ahead…the steering wheel was making the wheels straight forward…the speedometer showed 90 kilometers per hour…


  There are many legends about the crossroads, saying that the crossroads lead to two worlds: one is the world and the other is the world. The story starts with this rumor: It was a small village closed to the outside world many years ago. The village was peaceful and peaceful. Happiness and peace, a world longing for that. No matter how happy it is, it also avoids it. This.. Read More

Microsoft strategy reset: “The end of an era”

/p> Follow-up development is well known to everyone. Microsoft’s combination of software and hardware is not going smoothly. Microsoft’s software advantage on the PC side has not been copied and transplanted to the mobile side and hardware side. Windows Phone could not attract the leading mobile phone manufacturers, attracting third-party developers to build a complete service ecosystem, and finally went to bed in 2017. Surface series hardware, which was launched.. Read More

Dark woods

At the age of sixteen, I went to a weird place and couldn’t tell what was going on. I was walking on the barren hillside, quiet and no trace, this is the only way my grandmother’s house must pass. There are a lot of grave circles, I have traveled many times, and I am not afraid. But this time something strange happened, I was confused at that time, and suddenly.. Read More

Hangzhou Broken Bridge

I traveled from Hangzhou to Hangzhou for a month and a half. I specially picked up a rainy day and went to the West Lake to see the broken bridge. The broken bridge is still there, and the residual stone is bare. I don’t know for thousands of years. Looking at the West Lake in the rain and the broken bridge in the rain, I faintly saw the legendary White.. Read More

Will there be any movies in China in 2020? Yes, it’s even tougher than “You’re Young”

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Is developing terahertz frequency band business, “Beijing Xinxin Technology” focuses on millimeter wave microwave field | Chao Technology

Main IC design, test, module and system development 文 | Siyu Edit | Lian Jia ( Figure | “Beijing Xinxin Technology” The millimeter-wave microwave technology is widely used in communications, radar, radio and television networks, aerospace, ships, power, energy, transportation, medical, biological, military and other systems. The 5G era and the Internet of Things technology have made microwave millimeter-wave integrated circuits New demands have been raised. Recently, 36Kr learned about.. Read More