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Female ghost ride

It’s not easy to see them again. ” In the past month, I went to Beijing Dongcheng People’s Daily Press to discuss my novel publishing. After I finished my work, I passed Dongzhimen, and suddenly remembered the beauty that Li Ying said. , Suddenly moved her lascivious heart, and decided to witness it with his own eyes. So he called Li Ying and said, I want to inspect your high-level.. Read More

Buried people

There is a town called Xiaotangshan in the northern suburbs of Beijing. During three years of natural disasters, Xiaotangshan people ate wild vegetables and gnawed bark, almost eating people. There is a 16-year-old girl named Tan Xiaohong in Tan Sai who was almost buried alive because of a greedy egg. On that day, the only hen of the Tan family laid an egg. Tan Xiaohong, who was so hungry, saw.. Read More

Ghost driving

On this day, Kong Jiakuan suddenly received a call. A person who claimed to be Zhong Awol said that he saw a ghost driving under the Anhui Bridge. Kong Jiakuan and Zhong Alang met in detail at a coffee shop outside Andingmen. Zhong Alang is in his thirties and is a bookseller. He said that he lived near Wuluju and sent his six- or seven-year-old daughter to the Asian Games.. Read More

Datun ghost prostitute

1 In the past few years, many people knew that there were many street prostitutes near Datun, not far north of the Asian Games Village in Beijing. At that time, Datun was still a village in the city. In addition to the local Beijing natives, there are all kinds of people from all over the world. Every night after 90 o’clock, driving or taking a bus from Datun Road, often.. Read More

Female ghost has an appointment

The “Kyoto Ghost Talk” written by Kong Jiakuan was published in the “Beijing Social Life News” one after another, which caused a great sensation. Although it can not be said that Luoyang paper is expensive, many readers in Beijing regard it as a topic after tea. Among the readers in Beijing, Kong Jiakuan’s name is almost the same as that of Pu Songling, who was strange in Liao Zhai. Therefore,.. Read More

Horror Theater

That day, I went to the cinema to watch a horror movie at midnight. I have to say that nowadays horror movies are becoming less and less scary, so I have to choose to watch at midnight, a time that can increase the atmosphere of horror. The horror movie started to show. Facing one horror picture after another, I have a feeling that I can’t help but want to laugh… Read More

Beautiful legs

After Niu Wu was laid off, he bought a Jialing motorcycle, worked at the subway station, and became a motorcycle driver. This is outside the Fifth Ring Road. There is still a long distance from the subway station exit to the Tiantongyuan community, and there is no suitable bus. Therefore, people often choose to ride light and flexible. Niuwu has an unspeakable hobby and likes beautiful legs. When idle, it’s.. Read More

Toilet ghost

Xiao Yuan likes her female colleague Xiao Zhou, but Xiao Yuan is already married. Xiao Yuan can’t chase Xiao Zhou, but can only fall in love with her heart. When having sex with his wife, he fantasizes that the woman under him is Xiao Zhou. Once, Xiao Yuan saw that Xiao Zhou was going to the women’s toilet, and suddenly he got a good idea, and then went to the.. Read More