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true story

This story starts with a very famous fortune teller, who is very fortune telling, so many elderly people like to call him fortune telling. There is an old grandfather, he is the old accountant of a grandfather’s department, he is the best Despise those fortune tellers who don’t count themselves and don’t count their families. At that time, he went out to exercise every day before dawn. One morning, when.. Read More

Old house story

At the end of last year, in the old town of our county. There are old houses. The old houses I mentioned are all over a few decades. Private houses have been renovated. Some houses belonged to the former landlord’s house and were given to confiscated houses. One of the houses is private, and now it has been converted into 4 floors. The thing I said happened on the fourth.. Read More

Xiao Bing and Xiao Na: Beautiful Girl AI with Crossing Fate

“>Xiao Na’s last Weibo is a lottery draw. Picture 丨 Weibo@Microsoft小娜 Xiao Bing, with 5.12 million followers, is like an internet celebrity girl, active on all major social platforms, and has various identities such as anchor, poet, and singer. On June 29 this year, Xiao Bing was also successfully graduated by the Music Engineering Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music and was awarded the title of “honorary graduate” in 2020… Read More

Qualcomm President: Are we a stabilizing force in the field of technology, or are we optimistic

On July 13, Qualcomm President An Meng posted a video on social media, saying that this year Qualcomm ushered in an important milestone-the company’s 35th anniversary and has become the world’s leading wireless technology innovator. An Meng also said that although there are still uncertainties in the current environment, Qualcomm is still optimistic. Over the years, Qualcomm has become a stable force in the field of science and technology between.. Read More

Never pee on the grave

When I was in junior high school, the school was in the town, separated from my family by a village. From home to school, there is a fairly wide rural dirt road. The dirt road is very high, and beside it is a large pond. The uphill slope of the pond is a graveyard. People who died in nearby villages are usually buried here. The cemetery is quite old. There.. Read More

My Buddha is willing to cross the new media people

I heard that young people are very busy recently…in addition to eating melons on the Internet, they are also thinking of forming a group to become a monk? ? It turned out that Hangzhou Lingyin Temple was recruiting new media editors again. In fact, the Buddhist world has always been very keen on new things. Twenty-five years ago, when young people were still typing on computers and playing mine-sweeping games,.. Read More

You can earn 1,000 pieces of sideline by brushing videos, I advise you to give up

There is never an easy thing in the world, and lying down to make money is simply not realistic. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Weixiaowei” (ID: Weixiaowei6), author Wei The main creators of small vitamins. I sent an article before the Dragon Boat Festival to remind everyone to remember to put their money in financial products and lie down to earn holiday income. Some students.. Read More

Dare to challenge Indian snacks, you are a ruthless person

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Nine lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly), author: old artist, title figure from: YouTube screenshot Recently, our street vendor economy is in full swing, but in South Asia on the other side, there are several happy and some worried. It is estimated that there are more than 10 million street vendors in India, 30% of which sell street food, but since the epidemic, most of the.. Read More

July and a half

At that time, I was in junior high school, and the school had arranged self-study sooner or later. Together with our children as big as me, I forced myself to get used to this early morning and late night life. Summer is coming slowly, and the July and a half people say quietly. Suddenly one day, I refused to eat or snack, and I didn’t want to drink water all.. Read More

Can adults drink milk powder?

Baby can’t grow without the nutrition of milk powder, some babies with insufficient breast milk need to be fed according to the stage formula milk powder, the stage formula milk powder can be more targeted to supplement baby nutrition But, sometimes too much milk powder will make milk powder squeeze too much, then, can adults drink milk powder? Adults are advised not to drink milk powder, because milk powder contains.. Read More