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Dream of tall buildings: Ghost black fox

One time when hanging out with friends, he suddenly looked up at a tall building in the distance and said, “Hey, the man on the top of the building looks like me!” We all looked up. Looking at the building, I didn’t see anyone on the top of the building. When he was about to scold him for making jokes, his face became very frightened. “Oh, great, I jumped down!”.. Read More

Taxi ghost stories Author: Mu available

Author: Mu available from: Ghost Stories 1 wardrobe mirror orange is a taxi driver, he loves it Job. Taxi riders always like to say something in the car, sometimes indignant, sometimes sighed, sometimes absurd… Oranges are passionate about their stories, and for him, a taxi is just a little chat. Oranges got up very early today, and at four o’clock in the morning, he had already drove in a.. Read More

Haunted Adventure Author: Gong Ji away

Little A and classmates went to the haunted house for an adventure that day. When I got up, I heard strange laughter. She was timid and stepped back. The classmates laughed at her. She walked in front of her face and saw a coffin. The dummy that suddenly appeared in the coffin scared her. She screamed back, and suddenly her classmates also screamed. , Xiao A asked the classmate what.. Read More

Wedding of three people: the new Retro

Susu is about to get married. Fiance Cheng Hui met at work. He is a senior executive of another company. Relatives and colleagues are envious of her finding such a good home, and her parents also recognize Cheng Hui very much. The wedding preparations are proceeding in an orderly manner, everything seems to be filled with a happy atmosphere. It’s just that Susu occasionally sees a bit of sorrowful sadness.. Read More

Author of a red sky: a pillow people

(1) When is the end? Pei Yong looked up and looked away. There was nothing under the grey sky. In this empty land, Pei Yong didn’t know how far he had gone. He wanted to find a stone chair and sit on it for a while. It should be raining soon. Pei Yong is very afraid that she will be drizzled. It is not a joke to catch a cold… Read More

Crime of Love: big sleeves shrouded

“The most gentle is to bow down, just like a lotus flower is very shy.” The new girl in the office chanted the poem softly, and her sparkling eyes seemed to sweep across his face as if indifferently. Zhang Qiang’s soft spider web, twisted around him. His heart is like a leaf, swaying in the spring breeze… One year later, he married this shy girl and thought, since then, life.. Read More

How can the zoo stroll around, this is a serious matter

How to tell whether a zoo is good or bad has no concept. △Children who carefully observe animals in the zoo/ TripAdvisor Because she loves animals, Flower Eclipse chose to do bird dialect research at the university. For the first time, she seriously visited the zoo. “I suddenly realized that how did the animals in it live so miserably?“ At the end of 2018, the erosion spent four months in.. Read More

Foreign ghost stories: damn people

The eyes on the vicissitudes of the face were pale blue, and gradually narrowed, while also showing the evil fierce light. I don’t know if he lost money or Bonn. Kuroda picked up the cards and prepared to wash again. I stood up and said, “I won’t play anymore tonight…. “Go to you,” Kuroda said: “Three people can’t play well. “You two play. Kaul said: “I’ve played enough. “ Hei.. Read More

On the back of the hand: Guagua

He is a killer, a skilled killer. The long-running serial murder of headless corpses in the city is his masterpiece. The police have been busy for half a year, but they have no clues. Of course, he did it, how could he be caught? His killer is not in vain. If he wants to do it, he will do his best. Even if it is a murder… It’s also evil,.. Read More