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Bike Sharing 2.0: Entrepreneurial youths exit, Meituan Didi Ali directs adult drama

In addition, Didi also gave Qingju a blood transfusion of US$850 million. In the same month, Haro Travel Chairman Yang Lei revealed in an internal sharing that Haro completed a new round of financing at the end of 2019. Haro has not officially announced this news, and almost dominates every round of Haro’s investment in Ant Financial. The service also kept a low profile. People close to the above-mentioned investment.. Read More

Magic calculation

My parents are a couple with weird personalities. Although this is a bit unfilial, it is true. I still can’t figure out why a hardworking young man like my mother is attracted to my dad? According to Dad himself, when he was young, he was a pity when he was young. I was 30 years old and still hadn’t gotten a family. Later, I met my mother who was visiting.. Read More

It’s all the fault of Xiaosan

“Director Zhang, someone found a man’s thigh in Nancheng Park. I have called Xiao Li and Xiao Deng to the scene.” Captain Wang of the Criminal Police Brigade said on the phone. “Okay, let’s go now.” Zhang Qiang put down the phone, picked up the police cap, and rushed out of the office. Upon arriving at the scene, Xiao Li and Xiao Deng have already drawn the police line in.. Read More

Wolf Dog Mystery

Shang calmed down at this time. He was afraid that his son might bump into him, so he drank Ziwen hurriedly. “Dad, brother, let’s report the crime. We can’t let the mother die and be bullied by a dog, right?” The second daughter was more calm and put forward her own idea.

The darkest day of a Chinese talk show

Today (July 22), after months of hustle and bustle and lively audition, the third season of “Talk Show” finally officially announced its launch. On the same day, Lai Bao’s memorial service was held in Shanghai. At this moment, “Laughing Fruit Culture” is the least willing to be mentioned, and it is also the most difficult memory of people who follow talk shows. It still stayed on the Black Monday two.. Read More

Bloody doll

“Foreign…a doll!” Fortunately, she suddenly fell back and sat down, ignoring the coldness and falling pain in her ass. An uncontrollable scream came from her throat… A beautiful and agile doll is lying quietly in a pool of blood. Its legs may have been removed by a naughty child. His body is stained with blood. It is not a beautiful doll in the hands of children. Behind the doll lies.. Read More

Don’t eat lollipops

The husband and wife were in the house. They were not asleep yet. They only heard the weird woman humming a song that I could not understand. Koizumi suddenly stood up and walked into the house. I kept calling Koizumi to call him back. Hearing the same, kept walking, the man opened the door and brought Koizumi in. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what Koizumi is.. Read More

Unknown Female Corpse

No missing persons were reported in the past ten days, and there were no reports of missing persons in the newspapers. “Xiao Deng replied.

Boring ghost

Dock, and then drag the bamboo raft ashore together. One night, about a week after the girl was drowned, my friend saw his father come down from the reservoir, so he went out to the dock to wait for his father. He was 15 years old at the time, he said When he went to the dock, it should be more than 1 o’clock in the middle of the night,.. Read More