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A truth scarier than a ghost story

1. A mother, because her husband no longer loves her and has an extramarital affair, the mother is angry with their only son, because she is studying chemistry, one night, this mother spreads under the quilt of her child It was full of white phosphorus, and soon her son ignited to death, and finally the mother committed suicide. This murder is unforgettable, but it is because of the cruelty of.. Read More

Hair ah hair

Xiaomei came out of the hospital. The current medicine is really good. It is painless and convenient. This is the fourth abortion for Xiaomei. It is because Wang Jian doesn’t like to wear a condom. The US President ran to the hospital. [br] Next time if you don’t bring it again, I won’t be with you. Xiaomei muttered softly, and then he asked a taxi to go home. [br] Wang.. Read More

The three-legged dragon king told by the elderly

When I was a child, my grandfather once told me about one thing. Although I was not very old, I was very curious, so I remembered these things deeply. Let’s not gossip, let’s get to this question… My grandfather traveled north and south when he was young. After a lot of wind and waves, he was more courageous. Later, after he became a family, he lived a life of farming.. Read More

I understand the truth, but I still have a bad life, what should I do?

what? From the stimulation of the reward circuit and dopamine. So, what do we mean when we say that a person is “full of passion” and “full of energy”? It means that he has a good reward loop feedback loop that can continuously stimulate dopamine, provide him with motivation, stimulate and push him to continue to act. This is the physiological basis for him to constantly “change” and “grow”. What.. Read More

A brief history of the five major families of autonomous driving in Silicon Valley

Owned, Volkswagen once supported Aurora and so on. At present, it seems that this is a win-win situation. It has solved the urgent need for money-burning autopilot startups, and it has also met the strong demand of traditional car companies for autopilot technology and electrification: this year, whoever is at odds The cutting edge of cutting-edge technology is almost equivalent to being completely abandoned by the times. Cruise was.. Read More

How deep is the water in the foreclosure

img_000″ data-img-size-val=”842,383″> With so many people paying attention, the foreclosure naturally has an extremely attractive advantage First of all, it is cheap. The starting price of foreclosure is only 30% off the market price! Most people think of buying a foreclosure property. The biggest factor is to take advantage of it. As the saying goes, if there is a price, don’t take it, a bitch Foreign auction houses are generally.. Read More

The post-90s who are only “30” this year, are all worried about losing their jobs?

Released the first “New Career Online Learning Platform Development Report”: It shows that the talent gap for new careers will exceed 30 million in the next five years! What’s interesting is that in this report, age has not become an obstacle for some middle-aged talents to pursue new careers. Data from Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security & Dingding “New Career Online Learning Platform Development Report” Phenomena 4: Recently.. Read More