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Tesla is profitable for the fourth consecutive quarter, Musk is one step closer to Jobs

In 10 years, Tesla’s market value has risen nearly 176 times. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Connect Insight” (ID: lxinsight). Author | Liu Miao Miao Edit | Water Sheng On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, dressed in jeans, a black top and sneakers, stood in the center of the stage. Holding the first-generation iPhone in his hand, he said excitedly, “Today Apple wants to reinvent.. Read More

Sisters who go with the flow

As an entry point, let the sisters discuss and adapt, to show the wisdom and thinking that the sisters have matured over the years. What interpretations do different sisters have? What kind of aesthetics and values ​​will be conveyed? How do they blend the softness and strength, emotion and reason of women in their performances? The “riding the wind and waves” that everyone wants to see is not that older.. Read More

The value of private cars is prominent, and the epidemic makes 17% of professionals want to buy a car

style=””>34% of auto industry respondents’ attitude towards new energy vehicles is “understand, but don’t consider buying” The report shows that in terms of car purchase preferences, elite groups and those who are proficient in cars prefer imported cars; 39% of male professionals prefer joint venture cars, the highest proportion . In contrast, women’s car buying preferences are not concentrated. In 2019, there are frequent new forces in car building. Under.. Read More

What to do if static electricity occurs in winter

I believe that many friends have encountered static electricity in winter. For example, when they touch other people, or touch some metal objects, they will be suddenly electrocuted. After electricity, it will produce a slight tingling sensation. It is fine once or twice occasionally. If it is often charged by static electricity, it is not a good taste. Then why is there static electricity in winter and what to do.. Read More

Code is more valuable than a car, and Tesla’s software revenue reaches tens of billions a year by relying on “cruel”

The fatal accident caused Tesla to fall into doubts about the safety of autonomous driving for a long time. In 2018, Tesla’s Model X crashed into a roadside ramp with Autopilot turned on and killed the driver. In 2019, a car owner took care of a dog in the back seat under Autopilot and rear-ended a police car… Although the image technology will mature sooner or later, Musk is indeed.. Read More

8 interesting ideas that influence the digital future

Several people do not believe that COVID-19 will have such a profound impact on the world. But the world has indeed changed. Another example of this prejudice has to do with our increasingly digital world. Our actions and interactions with each other are now more online than ever before. This trend will not stop, on the contrary, it will accelerate development, and our lives will be changed as a result… Read More