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What is the experience of working in a mental hospital?

This article is from WeChat official account: simple psychological (ID: janelee1231) , author: lakes edge , The title picture comes from: “Although it is mentally ill, it doesn’t matter” Netflix recently launched a high-scoring original drama on the subject of mental illness. The name is very gentle: “Although it is mentally ill, it doesn’t matter” (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay). Kim Soo Hyun (Gangtai), who returned after 5 years,.. Read More

Are people with cold palace ectopic pregnancy easy?

Many women suffer from backaches, cold hands and feet, and fatigue, especially during menstrual periods. In fact, most women suffer from dysmenorrhea. As a result, we must pay attention. Cold palace causes great harm to the body, so is it easy for people with cold palace to get ectopic pregnancy? Cold uterus does not cause infertility, it is not the cause of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is caused by inflammation… Read More

The least profitable university major has been found

ng> From the perspective of graduation salary, liberal arts students have obvious disadvantages. There is no liberal arts major in the top ten salary list for half a year after graduation, and only the liberal arts major of “finance” in the top ten salary list three years after graduation can also apply. Almost all majors with the lowest salaries are liberal arts majors whether it is half a year after.. Read More

The most mysterious case in China has been “broken” countless times in the minds of folk Conan

This article is from the official account:Vista sees the world (ID: vistaweek), of: means to listen, the first map from: “Sherlock” stills The truth about Ms. Lai’s disappearance in Hangzhou is still a lot of doubts after a whole day of confusing and confusing. According to the latest report from the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau just now, Ms. Lai’s husband is believed to be suspected of committing a major crime,.. Read More

Is there no pain in the cervix?

The cervix is ​​a very important part of the female body. If uterine problems are found, it may affect the women’s menstruation and fertility. Many young women do not take good care of their bodies and cause cervical diseases appear. Everyone knows that there is no obvious pain when touching the cervix, so is there no pain in the cervix? There is no pain in the cervix, because there is.. Read More

Immigrating to Mars, the advance team may be such a humble creature

The function provides nitrogen nutrition to the fungus, so the mutual relationship is produced. Where can we see lichens? You can’t see lichens in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. But when we go to the wild, we can see lichens on tree trunks, branches, building surfaces, and even glass surfaces. In some special environments, such as arid desert areas or some high-altitude areas, we can see that after some animals die,.. Read More

Why don’t girls have a beard

Nowadays, some young people prefer to dress more neutrally in their daily life. Therefore, some people are used to distinguishing these young people by beard when judging their gender. Think of this as the most obvious difference between boys and girls. In fact, some people are very puzzled about the issue of beards. Why don’t girls have beards? The growth mechanism of human hair is mainly regulated by the nerve.. Read More

After playing like this for two more years, the brokerage report will really not be read by anyone

r> Secondly, before the era of mobile Internet, detailed, reliable, and time-sensitive professional research was very scarce; whether investors or listed companies want to have a continuous and in-depth understanding of the industry, they can only rely on the seller Researched-even if the quality of the seller’s research is not high, you have to bear it. “Master, to be on the safe side, you should take a look at the.. Read More

“Professor Lobster” Jordan Peterson’s “Twelve Rules of Life”

Will young people cry when they are rejected by McKinsey? Because their parents did not allow them to fall off the skateboard. Life is not safe—or at least, always living a safe life will not make us live better. We can’t prevent children from entering our world, so what about letting them become part of the world? 12. When you meet a cat on the street, touch it If there.. Read More