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Ghost cave

Youshendidong Li Tiemin stood in the corner of the subway station, waiting for Ah Xin. Every Tuesday, it is A Xin’s day off, and he always waits for her at the subway station. They have known each other for two or three months, and they have a good relationship with each other. Axin is an employee of an advertising company, while Li Tiemin is an out-and-out otaku, and the two.. Read More

The dirtiest and most messy Chinatown in the world, where the Chinese are doing everything possible to return to China

This article is from WeChat official account:Incomparable Research Institute (ID: buuuxiangji) , author: rich adamantyl, FIG head source: YOUTUBE “Grandma, grandma”, the Indian vegetable vendor on the side of the road greeted the passing old lady in standard Hakka dialect. The old man with a tureen sat on a wicker chair, leisurely watching the dark-skinned Indian pass by his door. The dust raised by the road casts a filter on.. Read More

White wedding invitation for the bride

Early that day, as soon as I arrived at the company, the courier sent a wedding invitation. Lin Ye smiled bitterly. It was the wedding season. This month, she has attended three weddings. Needless to say, it must be It is a “red bomb”. However, the design of the wedding invitation is in line with Lin Ye’s intention. It is not tacky red, but elegant white. The face of the.. Read More

Throw me next life

It’s this car. “My husband walked up and called the driver down. Old lady Liu said carefully, “No, this is not the driver, but the car is indeed the car!” “ Asking carefully, the driver said, “This car belongs to my cousin. He died of illness a while ago.” My cousin had a hard life. He was thrown in front of my aunt’s house by his birth mother. My aunt.. Read More

Lonely child

“My eyes are uncomfortable.” The soreness in my right eye made me cry. “How did you get it, which eye?” a middle-aged woman turned her head and asked with concern. But I don’t know her, yes, I have never seen her. “Right eye, sour.” I don’t know why I would answer a stranger’s question, but subconsciously told me that this person is my mother. The middle-aged woman took out a.. Read More

Dark park

  After school late at night, a few classmates and I were walking on the way home. They chatted loudly while I was playing with my mobile QQ.   We separated at an intersection, leaving only me and Xiao Hei, “Chen Yang, let’s take a shortcut back from the park!” Xiao Hei said.   I looked at the pitch-dark park with no one: “It’s not so good, it’s so late,.. Read More

Ghost chess friend

Secretly Nahan. He observed carefully and finally discovered a mystery: on the old man’s chessboard, there would be an extra horse in the air. He clearly remembered that he had already eaten the opponent’s two horses, but there was still one on the chessboard, which immediately turned him into a disadvantage. But he didn’t even see the old man doing something ridiculous. He grew a mindful, and quietly put all.. Read More


(1) “Last night I had a dream. A man had an affair with a woman. This man’s girlfriend found out. As a result, the man and the woman Killed his girlfriend.” “Why do you have such a strange dream?” “How do I know, do I just did it.” “What happened after that?” Xiao Jing opened the hot water valve, and white mist was looming in the morning in the deep.. Read More

Big room and second room

The joke rushes into the night and somehow broke into a deserted meadow. After walking for a long time, a light finally appeared in front of me. He stepped forward excitedly and saw that it was a family. Someone in the room is talking. Duan came up and knocked on the door. The one who came out to open the door was an old man with the appearance of an.. Read More