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Don’t easily persuade that college entrance examination candidate to repeat the course

This article is from WeChat official account:Vista sees the world (ID: vistaweek), author: Feng Meili, from the title figure: vision China I thought that in the past few days, people have witnessed too many scores against the sky, and they have long been numb to the deeds of the college entrance examination. Who knows the recent news that “boys retake the exam with 699 points after dropping out of Tsinghua.. Read More

“I have left the company for two years, I still dreamed of the former leader”: Whether the company is good or not depends on whether it is PUA type

What employees want to flee is the PUA-type leader. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “LinkedIn HR Elite Exchange” (ID: LinkedInChinaHR), Author Ding Luyao. A few days ago, when my friend Xiaomi was having a dinner with us, she seemed to have committed another anxiety disorder because of the high pressure at work recently, which made her often dream and insomnia. “I don’t know what’s going.. Read More

Lincoln Fraud

   Lincoln, known for his honesty, used methods such as forged admission tickets, denying opponents’ supporters, and making wishes to the electors in order to win the Republican nomination of the “Presidential” candidate in 1860, and finally got his wish. It is said that his wish was indeed fulfilled after he was elected president.    The Republican National Congress is scheduled to be held in Chicago on May 16, 1860… Read More

Yixiang Bak Kut Teh

(1) A pale white fishbone bracelet with faint bloodshot lines on it. Zhuang Xiaoxian felt familiar, holding the bracelet in her hand, cold and seemingly not warm. She was electrocuted suddenly and threw the fish bone bracelet out. The bracelet fell on the wooden floor and made a tinkling sound-she remembered seeing such a bracelet somewhere. That was when she was finishing her remains in the funeral home, there was.. Read More

Medvedev’s 16-year-old vow

 Jace was born in a scholarly family in St. Petersburg, and his father was a university professor. Although his father’s salary is not low, because a dozen people of all ages depend on his father, his family is not rich; although he does not go hungry, he is often stretched.    He still remembers that on his 16th birthday, his father said to him “Jace, happy birthday”. The so-called birthday.. Read More


In the night with only a few stars, the brightness of the moonlight is still so indifferent, only half of the face of an owl under the treetop is reflected clearly, and its expression is now half of the dark and moonlight faces. It looks a little weird, its eyes are always staring in a certain direction on the opposite side, as if watching a long and interesting soap opera… Read More

The ancients went to night work

  ”Working at sunrise, resting at sunset” was the rule of life followed by the ancients, but in ancient times there were also people who needed to work night shifts, such as watchmen and doormen, as well as monks. Let’s take a look: “The moon is falling and the sky is full of frost, Jiang Feng’s fishing fire is sad, and the Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, the bell arrives at.. Read More

The Sino-Indian conflict is actually self-help? Watch the miraculous Ah San’s anti-humanity salvation behavior

Video index: 1.31/Introduction to Indian Nationals 8.24/China-India conflict and reasons India, a magical country. Some time ago, the Sino-Indian border sparks continued. Fortunately, it has now subsided. Compared with the epidemic, the response of this incident among the Chinese people is actually good. The reason is…no impact. But the impact on India is very big: they boycott Chinese goods and remove Chinese apps. Anti-China sentiment is particularly high. Let’s find.. Read More

Dentist in the night alley

(1) Who says handsome can’t be eaten? Tong Xiaole, who is so handsome in appearance, loves to eat this bowl of rice. This person is loved by others, but can refer specifically to women. The eldest and younger sisters in the company rub their heads on him whenever they have a chance, taking the opportunity to wipe oil. Of course, this oil can’t be wiped for nothing, go out to.. Read More


  At 1:25 on April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein, the “father of relativity,” died in Princeton University Hospital, New Jersey, at the age of 76. The writer Paderney described the scene like this: “The news of Einstein’s death immediately shocked the world. The quiet town was suddenly crowded with reporters and celebrities in the scientific world, just like the death of a prophet. The scene looks like the death of.. Read More