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Forefront | Zuckerberg’s new trick, Instagram recruits Tik Tok celebrities heavily

Tik Tok’s internal and external troubles. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s Instagram offers rewards to Tik Tok creators who have millions of followers to persuade them to use Instagram’s new short video service Reels. According to people familiar with the matter, potential rewards for some creators will reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and those who agree to only post videos on Reels will get more paid. Reels.. Read More

Which is the best online dating? Uninstall me if you fall in love

Author: Lexie, head – Source: “Modern Love” The epidemic that has lasted for more than half a year has affected all aspects of people’s lives. Global online dating increased by 182% in early March. Singles with social constraints are turning to online dating in a record number. The advent of social software for dating and strangers has changed our way of finding people, and people are increasingly accepting online dating.. Read More

Can the Xiaopeng P7 escape the “wrong” of domestic electric vehicles?

“What brand of electric car is yours? It looks pretty!” “Xiaopeng P7.” “Imported? How much is it and how is the battery life?” “Domestic. About 200,000-300,000, 600-700km.” “Oh… it’s okay.” The above are the conversations that often appear between the author and the onlookers who are in their 60s and 20s during the test drive P7 commute and when they go to a community in West Third Ring Road to.. Read More

Man eating soft meal

Zuo Zhiwei walked out of the bathing center, refreshed. The massage lady was so beautiful, she served him comfortably. It was four o’clock in the morning and he was going home. Originally, he wanted to stay in the bathing center for one night, but his father called him and asked him to go home immediately, saying that he was in a hurry. When he got home, he asked his dad.. Read More

Burning 10,000 GPUs from Microsoft, this group is determined to smash everyone’s jobs

This article is from the official account:qubit (ID: QbitAI), author: Xiao investigation, the title figure from: vision China 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In addition to the new crown epidemic, this year may also be the “first year of Skynet.” Because in this year was born “the most significant human invention after Bitcoin”, the destroyer of graphics cards-the most versatile AI model in history. Now you just.. Read More

Zhang Ershu Expelling Ghosts

I found a wooden stick from somewhere, and when I entered the house, I smashed it indiscriminately, still cursing uncleanly. Those ghosts who saw Second Uncle Zhang were not afraid of them, and even if they were really frightened, they were so frightened that they never dared to stand out again, and that female ghost had no ideas. It’s really okay if you don’t take it seriously. Zhang Ershu put.. Read More

Is menstruation normal at 11 years old?

Menstruation is a unique feature of women’s physiology, and it is also very important. If a woman has menarche at a certain age, it means that her reproductive system has begun to develop and she has fertility. But some girls start menstruating at the age of 11. Is menstruation normal after 11 years of age? Under normal circumstances, a girl’s menstruation at the age of 11 is normal. A girl’s.. Read More